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Love Systems Insider: Seduction at Her Place

Love Systems Insider: Seduction at Her Place

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Published by Love Systems
BigBusiness Shares Four Tips for Seduction at Her Place
BigBusiness Shares Four Tips for Seduction at Her Place

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Published by: Love Systems on Feb 23, 2010
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Love Systems Insider
Date: July 2009
Hey guys,Logistics is a big part of Love Systems, especially once you get good.“Logistics” means social and physical context.
SOCIAL CONTEXT mostly means who else is there and what they’re up to (your friends, strangers, her friends who want to leave, her friends who want to hook up withyour friends, etc.).
PHYSICAL CONTEXT mostly means where you are (crowded mall, your bedroom,etc.). As you keep getting better at Love Systems, you’ll smoothly create logistical situations that loadthe dice in your favor and change or deflect situations that don’t help you. (Also, as you can readin theLove Systems Triad, being able to change the logistics without being awkward is anattraction tool in itself.)Because logistics are so important and because a lot of you are gearing up for the PlayboyMansion advanced bootcampin a couple weeks or theLove Systems Super-Conference inOctober , I wanted to do a couple logistics articles here.Kicking it off for us is the notorious Love Systems expert “Big Business.” This is the same guywho casually and effortlessly took home the first beautiful girl he saw in an A-list New York nightclub – with a shocked magazine reporter looking on!Check out that article, entitledPay for Play.So, I couldn’t think of anyone better to handle this article – how to make seduction work if you’re at her place (instead of yours, which is usually better):
Four Tips for Seduction at Her Place
- By Big Business
When I first moved to New York City, I learned about the canyon between “city people” (wholive on the island of Manhattan) and “everyone else.”One thing about city people is they don’t like to leave Manhattan, and definitely not to go all theway to Queens with some guy they just met. It’s no big deal, except I live in Queens and go toManhattan a lot.Once I started learning Love Systems, I was actually able to pull beautiful women home to my place in Queens. But in the meantime, I also got good at making things work by going back toher place, which is why Savoy asked me to write this article.
1) Find out where she lives.
This step seems obvious, but you'd be surprised how often it is unintentionally left out. Whenyou know where a woman lives, you can plan ahead to deal with the logistical problems you’regoing to hit later.Does she live near the venue? Does she have a roommate? Is she in a dorm? Do you know of acool bar/after hours joint near her place? When you want to bounce her back there, are yougoing to drive, walk, or take a cab? Even if you end up with a phone number + date instead of going home with her, this info will be useful for when you go out again.Here are a few scenarios to consider, and ways I've figured out how to deal with them.
When there is a separate bedroom to retreat to, sacrificing a few minutes of conversation to win over the roommate(s) will make your being there a lot morecomfortable. After they trust you, you can use any nonsense reason to bounce your girlto her bedroom. "Bet my room is cleaner than yours," is one example.
Cab ride:
If she lives a cab ride away, be sure to keep up the momentum in the car, andcontinue to build up physical intimacy. If you were touching her arm in the bar, touchher leg in the cab. If you were about to make out in the bar, make out in the cab. Avoidcabs with bucket seats that make physical contact impossible.
If there's a security guard, you can go through the lengthy (and vibe-killing) process of giving him your ID and signing in, or you can tell the girl to slide her card
through and sneak in behind her. You get points for being resourceful, and it's exciting because it seems like you're doing something wrong.
Shared bedroom:
There are public bathrooms in dorms and hotels that I have foundvery accommodating when dealing with shared room situations. Be sure and scan for them when entering, and when it's time to bounce to it, tell the girl that you're "taking her on a field trip." 
2) Amp up the physical tension.
This is a huge topic that lots of Love Systems instructors have gone into incredible detail on, butthe general principle is important. If you can get a girl sexually excited, then she's going to wantto bring you to a place where you can have sex as quickly as humanly possible. At Love Systemswe teach everything you need to know to accomplish this goal, from framing the conversationsexually to escalating things physically, but in the meantime here are a few quick pointers to getyou started:
Always end a touch or kiss before they do/want you to.
Drop the topic of sex into conversation (in a light, joking way) as quickly as possible.
Start touching the way you'd touch your boss and build to the way you'd touch agirlfriend. 
3) "Let’s get you home."
It’s easy to think of reasons to give a woman why she has to come back to your place. Keep itsimple. "Let me show you that book I was talking about," is perfect. It gives her plausibledeniability and doesn’t tip your hand.It’s harder to do this with her place. "Do you want to take me home with you?" makes yousound like a stray dog, not a man. "Let's go to your place" is totally cliche thanks to every moviefrom the 1970s. "Let's get out of here" is great if it’s obvious and explicit that she wants to havesex, but if you're still flying a bit under the radar or her friends are around, you're going to needsomething a little more subtle.Instead, take the lead with "let's get you home." It’s a little dominant, it shows you know how tolead, but it also doesn’t trigger state breaks. If her friends are around, it implies that you are justgoing to make sure that she gets home safe. She shouldn't feel any pressure since there's really

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