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Functional Analysis Notes - Ward

Functional Analysis Notes - Ward

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Short lecture notes on functional analysis by T.B.Ward of the University of East Anglia. Suitable for undergrads. Assumes few prerequisites.
Short lecture notes on functional analysis by T.B.Ward of the University of East Anglia. Suitable for undergrads. Assumes few prerequisites.

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Published by: Niflheim on Feb 26, 2010
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Functional analysis lecture notes
T.B. Ward
Author address:
School of Mathematics, University of East Anglia, Norwich NR47TJ, U.K.
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Course objectives
In order to reach the more interesting and useful ideas, we shall adopt a fairlybrutal approach to some early material. Lengthy proofs will sometimes be leftout, though full versions will be made available. By the end of the course, youshould have a good understanding of 
normed vector spaces 
Hilbert and Banachspaces 
fixed point theorems 
and examples of 
function spaces 
. These ideas will beillustrated with applications to differential equations.
You do not need to buy a book for this course, but the following may be useful forbackground reading. If you do buy something, the starred books are recommended[1]
Functional Analysis 
, W. Rudin, McGraw–Hill (1973). This book is thorough,sophisticated and demanding.[2]
Functional Analysis 
, F. Riesz and B. Sz.-Nagy, Dover (1990). This is a classictext, also much more sophisticated than the course.[3]*
Foundations of Modern Analysis 
, A. Friedman, Dover (1982). Cheap andcheerful, includes a useful few sections on background.[4]*
Essential Results of Functional Analysis 
, R.J. Zimmer, University of ChicagoPress (1990). Lots of good problems and a useful chapter on background.[5]*
Functional Analysis in Modern Applied Mathematics 
, R.F. Curtain and A.J.Pritchard, Academic Press (1977). This book is closest to the course.[6]*
Linear Analysi
, B. Bollobas, Cambridge University Press (1995). This book isexcellent but makes heavy demands on the reader.
Chapter 1. Normed Linear Spaces 51. Linear (vector) spaces 52. Linear subspaces 73. Linear independence 74. Norms 75. Isomorphism of normed linear spaces 96. Products of normed spaces 97. Continuous maps between normed spaces 108. Sequences and completeness in normed spaces 129. Topological language 1310. Quotient spaces 15Chapter 2. Banach spaces 171. Completions 182. Contraction mapping theorem 193. Applications to dierential equations 224. Applications to integral equations 25Chapter 3. Linear Transformations 291. Bounded operators 292. The space of linear operators 303. Banach algebras 324. Uniform boundedness 325. An application of uniform boundedness to Fourier series 346. Open mapping theorem 367. HahnBanach theorem 38Chapter 4. Integration 431. Lebesgue measure 432. Product spaces and Fubinis theorem 46Chapter 5. Hilbert spaces 471. Hilbert spaces 472. Projection theorem 503. Projection and selfadjoint operators 524. Orthonormal sets 545. GramSchmidt orthonormalization 57Chapter 6. Fourier analysis 591. Fourier series of 
functions 592. Convolution in

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