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islami hukumat

islami hukumat

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Published by wasim_j
6th century
6th century

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Published by: wasim_j on Mar 02, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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History of Islam :- Muslim Empire Chart
Islam is a religion, flawless system, code of living for entire mankind. After establishing afirst Islamic state which was based on absolute Quranic ideology the muslim ummah levy aseed of prosperity and success. Islam has given them a natural ability to grow and whenthey grew an entire mankind has grown with them.
 No.DynastyStateHeadThrownBeginningEndingTotalPeriod1khulfai-Rashideen 4Medina11 Hijri 40 Hijri29 Years2Umayyad14Damascus41 Hijri132 Hijri91 Years3Abbasid37Baghdad132 Hijri656 Hijri524 Years4Umayyad (spain) 23Qurtaba138 Hijri422 Hijri284 Years5Al-mehmoodia(spain)12Maalka407 Hijri439 Hijri32 Years6Al-mehmoodia(spain)2Al-Jazeera431 Hijri450 Hijri19 Years7Al-Abbadia (spain)3Ashbeeliya414 Hijri484 Hijri70 Years8Al-Zar-e-aah (spain)5Ghaarnata403 Hijri483 Hijri80 Years9Al-Jahoriya (spain)3Qurtaba422 Hijri461 Hijri39 Years10Zon-noniya (spain)3Taliteela427 Hijri478 Hijri51 Years11Al-Amireeyah(spain)7Zalfeesia412 Hijri478 Hijri66 Years12Tajibee (spain)9Sarqousa410 Hijri536 Hijri126 Years13Maluk Daniah 2Daniah408 Hijri468 Hijri60 Years14Bani Nasr-Ghaarnata629 Hijri897 Hijri268 Years15Al-Darsa (Africa) 10Morocco172 Hijri375 Hijri203 Years16Al-Ghalibah (Africa)11Tunis184 Hijri296 Hijri112 Years17Zaireeya (Africa)8Tunis362 Hijri543 Hijri181 Years18BunuHammad(Algeria)9Algiers438 Hijri548 Hijri110 Years
19Marabitoon (Algeria)6Morocco448 Hijri541 Hijri93 Years20Al-Mohidoon(Africa)13 NorthAfrica524 Hijri668 Hijri144 Years21Banu-Zayaan(Africa)9-633 Hijri796 Hijri163 Years22Banu-Mareen(Africa)29Morocco591 Hijri875 Hijri284 Years23Al-Shurfa (Africa)25Morocco951 Hijriuptillnowuptill now24Al-Toluneeya(Africa)5Egypt254 Hijri292 Hijri38 Years25Akh-shediya (Africa)5Egypt323 Hijri358 Hijri35 Years26Fatimaaid (Africa)14Qairo297 Hijri568 Hijri271 Years27Ayubeeyah (Africa)45Qairo/Syria564 Hijri648 Hijri84 Years28Mamuleek-ul-Bahair30Qairo/Syria648 Hijri762 Hijri114 Years29Banu-Hafs23Tunis625 Hijri941 Hijri316 Years30Mamuleek-ul-Burjee24Qairo784 Hijri922 Hijri138 Years31Khid-Yoyeah10Qairo1220 Hijri1372Hijri152 Years32Ziadeeyah5Yemen204 Hijri409 Hijri205 Years33Yaghforeeyah10Sana247 Hijri345 Hijri98 Years34Najaheed8Yemen412 Hijri553 Hijri141 Years35Saailheeyah3Sana429 Hijri495 Hijri66 Years36Haamdaniyah8Sana496 Hijri569 Hijri77 Years37Mehdeeyah3Yemen554 Hijri569 Hijri15 Years38Zareeyah8Adan476 Hijri569 Hijri93 Years39Rasoole-Yah17Yemen628 Hijri858 Hijri232 Years40Ayube-Yaan 6Yemen569 Hijri625 Hijri56 Years
(yemen)41Tahireeyah4Yemen850 Hijri923 Hijri73 Years42Al-aymatul-araseeyah17Sana280 Hijri700 Hijri460 Years43Al-aymatul-sana-Medina1000 Hijriuptillnowuptill now44Haamdaniyah9Masul317 Hijri394 Hijri77 Years No.DynastyStateHeadThrownBeginningEndingTotalPeriod45Mardaseeya7Halb414 Hijri 472 Hijri58 Years46Aqileeyah11Masul386 Hijri489 Hijri103 Years47Marwaaniah5Syria380 Hijri489 Hijri109 Years48Mazeedeyah8Al-hilah403 Hijri545 Hijri142 Years49Dalfeeyah5Kurdistan210 Hijri285 Hijri75 Years50Sajeeyah4Azerbaijan268 Hijri318 Hijri50 Years51Alveeyah5Tabristan250 Hijri316 Hijri66 Years52Tahreeyah5Khurasaan205 Hijri259 Hijri54 Years53Safareeyah3Persia254 Hijri290 Hijri36 Years54Samaneeyah10Turkistan261 Hijri389 Hijri128 Years55Khanat Ellak 26Turkistan320 Hijri560 Hijri240 Years56Zaideeyah 6Jurjan316 Hijri434 Hijri118 Years57Hasnu-eeyah3Kurdistan348 Hijri406 Hijri58 Years58Bovee Yah 27Iraq320 Hijri448 Hijri128 Years59Kakoovee2Kurdistan398 Hijri443 Hijri45 Years60Salajikah51WesternAsia429 Hijri700 Hijri271 Years61Danishmandiah5Maliteah490 Hijri560 Hijri70 Years62Atabekah Boree 6Damascus497 Hijri549 Hijri52 Years

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