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Hometown News - March 2010

Hometown News - March 2010

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Published by davidhvoss

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Published by: davidhvoss on Mar 03, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1711 Grant StreetHopewell, VA 23860 www.nazluthchurch.com
by Pastor Voss
The Hometown News is apublication of Nazareth EvangelicalLutheran Church.Member of the LutheranChurch
Missouri Synod.
Inside this issue:
Operation Barnabas 2Deacons Report 3Pray for One Another 6Lenten Schedules 9
From the Pastor’s Desk
Hometown News
It wasn’t long ago that we were cele-
brating the birth of our Savior. It was atime of joy, happiness, and warm tradi-tions. How quickly we have jumpedinto a more somber mood
at least liturgically and in song. During Lent,
the Church’s worship intentionally as-
sumes a penitential character. We omit 
the “Alleluia” in our liturgy, the color
purple (often associated with peni-tence) is used, and certainly the ser-mons focus on the cross of Christ where we cannot escape the reality of 
Christ’s death for our sin.
—from “Hark theHerald Angels Sing” to“From depths of woe Icry to thee” in just 8weeks. That’s a reel flip
of the switch on us!If we take a step back for a moment and look at the bigger picture,the church calendar issomewhat reflective of the Christian life. Onesecond, we are higher than high
weare confident in the LORD, confident inlife, and moving forward clicking on allcylinders. Then, like a flip of a switch,we are consumed with trouble. Maybe
it’s a physical ailment. Maybe were
under spiritual attack. Whatever thereason, our yelling is no longer in cele-bration, rather it is a cry for help! Oh
boy! “Lord, from depths of woe I cry tothee!”
 Whether you are confident or con-fused, Lent is a time that God uses tostrengthen us in our faith throughWords that point us to the depths of woe:the Cross of Jesus. By leading us to thecross, God points us back to our Baptism.In the ancient Church, the weeks leadingup to Easter were a time of preparationof the candidates who were to be bap-
tized. The relationship between Christ’sdeath and resurrection and man’s death
and resurrection in Baptism were clearthen, as they are now. God confirms thisthrough Saint Paul,
Or don't you know that all of us whowere baptized into Christ Jesus werebaptized into his death? We were therefore bur-ied with him throughbaptism into death inorder that, just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we too may live a
new life.” 
- Romans 6:3-4
Because we are Baptized,we can say to anyone,
even the devil himself, “Because of myBaptism I’m always living in the light of Christ!”
When Jesus spoke again to the people,he said, "I am the light of the world.Whoever follows me will never walk in
darkness, but will have the light of life.” 
 John 8:12
 We live in a post-resurrection world.Christ has won victory for us, so in thelight of Christ, go ahead, yell,
“Alleluia!”, yes, even during Lent. Any-
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Hometown News
Operation Barnabas
 Helping LCMS congregations encourage military families
Summarized from an article printed in
, a publication of LCMS World Missions, spring 2009
Each year, thousands of families experience firsthand the reality of our nation‘s ongoing conflict
against terrorism as loved ones serving in the Armed Forces are sent overseas. Congregational min-istries can help these families and their loved ones make it through the anxious times of separationthat a military deployment brings. However, it is not always easy to know how to reach out tothese families in ways that are helpful.In response to this challenge, Operation Barnabas was created as a resource for congregations andpastors. It is a program of Ministry to the Armed Forces, which operates directly under LCMSWorld Mission.Mandated by delegates to the 2007 LCMS conventionwho asked that the church address the needs of militarychaplains and other service men and women, Opera-tion Barnabas supports Lutheran chaplains and reservesoldiers returning home from de-ployment. Named forthe apostle who accompanied St. Paul on his first mis-sionary journey, Barnabas means
―son of encourage-ment‖.―Operation Barnabas seeks to train
an equip congrega-tions to reach out to all military families, includingthose who are not yet members of the congregation, in
order to show Christ‘s love to
those who are scared
and hurting‖, shared Chaplain Mike
Moreno, a Navy chap-lain who directs Operation
Barnabas. ―You can
let them know they are not alone and that they have ourdeepest appreciation. Support them and give them the greatest fit of all
the rich Gospel of JesusChrist.
―The Gospel is deep and gives us strength, but chaplains and pastors are human beings who get
tuckered out. They need a little down time to reconnect with their families and catch their breath.
All too often, reservists ‗fall between the cracks‘ and may not get the help and resources they de-serve.‖
Operation Barnabas trains counselors who are a resource to congregations considering ways tosupport the military in their communities. The Operation Barnabas counselor is an LCMS pastorwith military experience. He can help congregations address such issues as:What happens in a military deployment?
What are the soldier‘s and family‘s needs before, during, and after deployment?
 How can the church support those needs?Currently, 27 counselors have been trained. Resources for the counselors have been underdevelopment since 2007, with an updated Web site created in 2008,www.operationbarnabas.org. The site contains resources for military families, congregations, counselors, and reserve chaplains.
There are a host of resources, including a congregation guide and Chaplain Moreno‘s blog.
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MARCH 2010
Deacon's Meeting, 8 Feb. 2010 
The Deacons met on Monday, February 8th, 2010. Present were Karen van Worth,Thelma Klein, and Bonnie Foxx.Karen opened the meeting with the reading of Psalm 121. The minutes from the pre-vious minutes were read and approved.We discussed:- How to get people to volunteer to organize Lenten dinners- Visitation & people concerns- How often to update and republish the Nazareth congregational address book.We agreed it should be updated as often as people submit address/phonechanges. Karen is currently working on a complete revision.- The Kohler scholarship - as far as we know, the only person attending collegenext year will be Casey Davis.We also asked the men of the congregation (represented by Steve Foxx) if theywould like to provide breakfast for the Easter sunrise service. They graciouslyagreed.We closed with the praying of the Lord's prayer. Next meeting will be March 15th.Respectfully submitted,Bonnie Foxx
Publishing the Hometown News online is convenient in manyways. From an editing perspective, we just need to upload thefile, but, more importantly, it is convenient for the reader (you
always know where it is and you can‘t lose it). There is an-
other major advantage to publishing online: over the long-term, it will equate to a massive cost sav-ings by saving on printing, paper, and postage. This is why we would like for all members and friends,if possible, to read the Hometown News online. Also, consider that if you would like a printout, youcould always print a copy out at home.By the 3rd of every month, an online version of the newsletter will be available on the church
website at www.nazluthchurch.com. Simply click on ―Hometown News‖ on the home page of our
We understand that not everyone has a computer or even wants to read an online version.
 We willcontinue to mail a paper version to all members and friends who wish to continue to receive apaper copy, but you must sign up for this. Please call or e-mail the office to notify us that you would like a paper copy provided to you.
Contact karenvanworth@nazluthchurch.com or 458-7994 to sign up to receive a paper copy.

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