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Ostara Ritual

Ostara Ritual

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Published by leslie

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Published by: leslie on Mar 18, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ostara Spring Welcoming
March 21
 Written By: Willow WispItems needed
1 Gold Candle-represents the God1 Silver Candle-represents the Goddess1 Green Candle-represents fire and agricultureSimple Rose powder Incense-represents air (Recipe below)Bowl of Water-represents waterSmall amount of salt-represents earthWandCakes & Ale (your choice)
Set up
Gold Candle Rose Incense Silver CandleSalt Green CandleCakes & Ale Water Wand
Within ReachRecipesSimple Rose powder Incense
2 parts Rose petals-for Ostara1.
Grind into a fine powder with a mortar and pedestal.2.
Sprinkle on a charcoal disc in a fire proof bowl.
Pre Ritual Instructions
(anything that needs to be done before doing the ritual, if a ritualbath is recommended, or a specific ritual meal, any tools that need to be created before theritual)Ritual Bath is to be done before this ritual.
Items Needed
Bath SachetHoneysuckleIrisViolet
Put all ingredients into bath sachet and tie tightly. Place in running water.
Circle Casting
Holding your wand out in front up and starting in the east and moving clockwise direction tothe south see a yellow light going around you in a circle as you move on to the west andnorth and at each corner stop and say:
“As I cast this
circle around,
Bring in spring in a bound.”
Repeat above two more times and with each turn see your yellow light getting brighter, thensay:
“This circle is cast and I am welcoming Spring.”
 Corner CallingEast
Light incense and say:
“Watchtowers of the
, element of air, Hail and Welcome!”
Light Green Candle and say:
“Watchtowers of the
south, element of fire
, Hail and Welcome!”
Hold up your bowl of water
“Watchtowers of the
west, element of water
, Hail and Welcome!”
Hold up your salt and say:
“Watchtowers of the
north, element of earth
, Hail and Welcome!”
Light Gold and Silver candles and say:
“May the Green Man and Persephone please join me on this night to welcome spring to
my home.
Hail and Welcome!”
 Ritual workItems Needed
SaltWaterWash ClothMix salt and water together and then dampen wash cloth. Wash your face, neck, hands, arms,etc. all the way down to your feet. Say:
“As I wash my (body part) I am purifying myself for
spring. I am cleaning my soul,body, and mind

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