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PowerPoint Module

PowerPoint Module



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Published by bjornpederson
This is the PowerPoint Module for our Adventures in Classroom Technology website.
This is the PowerPoint Module for our Adventures in Classroom Technology website.

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Published by: bjornpederson on May 04, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PowerPoint Module 1
Subject Areas
:Presentation software
:Inserting graphics, pictures, and clip artUsing hyperlinks to sources inside and outside the presentationDesigning an effective presentationsIncorporating a nonlinear aspects into a presentation
Teaching Standards (Minnesota)
Standard 4D Enhance learning through the use of a wide variety of materials and humanand technological resourcesStandard 6H Use effective communication strategies in conveying ideas and informationand in asking questions;Standard 6K Use a variety of media communication tools, including audiovisual aids andcomputers, including educational technology, to enrich learning opportunities.Standard 7E Plan instructional programs that accommodate individual student learningstyles and performance modes(Also addresses standards: 1A, 1B, 1E, 2E, 2G, 3I, 3K, 5A, 5O, 8I) 
Presentation assignment
Over all task:To produce a presentation for the introduction of their classroom for students and parenton open house night and/or first week of school. 
PowerPoint Module 2
Research Question 1:
What makes a good presentation?Read "Powerpoint is evil.pdf" and "PowerPoint Presentations_ The Good, The Bad andThe Ugly.pdf"
In Learning Groups:
1.Using examples from your own past classes, what are some ways in which the presentations could have been improved?2.What are some of the positive aspects of past presentations that you remember?3.Which matters most when using PowerPoint as a presentation tool, the rawinformation or the delivery?4.PowerPoint has been around for a number of decades, what are some other meansof presentation that are afforded us through today's technology?
Creation Break:
Using only pictures and drawings, create a four slide presentation that tells about your weekend.Post this in the collaboration section and allow comments.
Peer interaction:
Once the students have posted their presentations, they should view other student's four slide presentations published to the site and comment on what they think the presentationrepresents, through comments, stories, or presentation responses.
In collaborative groups, students are to produce a ten slide presentation focusing on someaspect of student life (university or k-12) using only graphics, pictures, or drawing tools.The pictures may be found on the internet or taken around campus using digital cameras,or scanned photos. In addition to the presentation, each group will turn in an outlinedescribing why they choose the graphical and pictorial representations used for each slideof the presentation, as well as a summery of what the aspect of student like they weretrying to communicate was.*Peer Assessment:Each group will view at least two other group projects and determine what the aspects of student life were portrayed. Per project viewed, the group will identify three areas the project excelled in and three areas the project needs to be improved on.
PowerPoint Module 3
Research Question 2:
What is the fine line between too much information and too little information in a presentation?Watch the "How not to make a PowerPoint" in the tutorial section of the Logistics area.
In Learning Groups:
1.Given the graphic only stories presented, what would text have done to the presentations?2.What benefit does text provide to a presentation?3.How do you determine how much information is presented with text?4.At what point is there too much text on a single slide?
Collaborative Groups:
Examine the various products produced in class (the slides describing the weekend)1.If text was added to a selected presentation, determine what the minimum amountof text would be per slide and add those to the presentations.2.After the text has been added, as a group decide if the design of the slide shouldchange to better fit the text in the presentation.3.Determine if any animations or other transitions will add to the overallunderstanding of the material presented.4.Post your presentation with the new addition of words along with the original presentation for other groups to comment on.5.Select another group’s modified presentation and original material, retell the story presented in the modified presentation and identify the added elements to the presentation.6.Read the retold story and comments and assess if the text usage was beneficial tothe presentation.
In collaborative groups, add to their initial graphic only presentation text that will guidethe direction of the presentation, but do not detract from the graphics / pictures. Whencompleted, the presentation is posted and the groups will discuss and comment on at leasttwo other presentations. 

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