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Published by Colby76
Dennis J. Kucinich Full Issues Book.


Dennis J. Kucinich Full Issues Book.

The Silence Dogood Edition updated 06.21.2007

Word file 155 Pages w/ Table of contents/page numbers. Drill Holes for 3 Ring Binder. Great for Meetings/Table/Door to Door.

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Dennis J. Kucinich Full Issues Book.


Dennis J. Kucinich Full Issues Book.

The Silence Dogood Edition updated 06.21.2007

Word file 155 Pages w/ Table of contents/page numbers. Drill Holes for 3 Ring Binder. Great for Meetings/Table/Door to Door.

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Published by: Colby76 on Sep 26, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I want to inspire America to take anew path, a different direction.
I envision an America which has the capacityto reconnect with the heart of the world; anAmerica which proceeds in the worldoptimistically and courageously. An Americawhich understands that the world isinterdependent, that it is inter-connected, andthat what we do today impacts futuregenerations.I want to break the shackles of fear whichhave deprived our citizens of rights. We needto change the way this country valueshumanity, so that instead of fear and lies, wecan live our lives based on principles of peaceand hope. We need to regain the trust of theAmerican people and we need to have agovernment which trusts the American people.It's time for America to resume its glorious journey; time to reject shrinking jobs andwages, disappearing savings and rights; timeto reject the detour towards fear and greed. It'stime to look out upon the world for friends,not enemies; time to counter the control of corporations over our politics, our economy,our resources, and mass media.It's time for those who have much to helpthose who have little, by maintaining a progressive tax structure. It's time to tell theworld that we wish to be their partner in peace, not their leader in war. Most of all, it istime for America to again be the land wheredreams come true, because the government ison the side of its people.Dennis J. Kucinich
Silence Dogood Edition Updated 06.21.2007
Detailed Issues Menu
Ten Key Issues
Universal Health Care
International Cooperation: US outof Iraq, UN in
 PAGE 6 
Jobs and Withdrawal from NAFTAand WTO
Repeal of the "Patriot Act"
 PAGE 11
Guaranteed Quality Education, Pre-K Through College
 PAGE 12
Full Social Security Benefits at Age65
 PAGE 14
Right-to-Choose, Privacy and CivilRights
 PAGE 17 
Balance Between Workers andCorporations
 PAGE 18
Environmental Renewal and CleanEnergy
 PAGE 20
Restored Rural Communities andFamily Farms
 PAGE 22
Campaign Issues
Campaign Finance
 Page 24
Campaign Reform and IRV
 Page 25
Electronic Voting
 Page 26 
Media Reform
 Page 28
Open Debates
 Page 29
Crime/Law Issues
 Page 30
Death Penalty
 Page 31
Drug War
 Page 32
Gun Laws, Gun Rights & Violence
 Page 33
Mandatory Minimum Sentences
 Page 34
Marijuana Decriminalization
 Page 35
Economic/Financial Issues
Corporate Power
 Page 37 
Economic Justice
 Page 38
Farm Policy
 Page 39
H-1B and L-1 Visas
 Page 41
Jobs Programs / Infrastructure
 Page 42
 Page 45
Minimum Wage
 Page 46 
Outsourcing Jobs
 Page 47 
Public Services
 Page 48
Small Business Growth
 Page 49
Social Security
 Page 51
 Page 53
Workers' Rights
 Page 55
Environmental Issues
Clean Air
 Page 57 
Clean Water
 Page 59
Electronic Waste
 Page 62
 Page 64
 Page 65
Forests and Logging on Public Lands
 Page 67 
Genetically Engineered Food
 Page 69
 Page 70
Nuclear Safety
 Page 73
Organic Farming
 Page 74
Family/Social Issues
The Arts
 Page 76 
Children's Issues
 Page 77 
Domestic Violence
 Page 79
Page 81
 Page 83
 Page 84
Predatory Lending
 Page 85
 Page 86 
 Page 89
Health Issues
 Page 90
Complementary and Alternative Medicine
 P. 91
Mad Cow Disease
 Page 92
Medical Marijuana
 Page 93
Medicare Bill
 Page 95
Mental Health
 Page 97 
Prescription Drugs
 Page 98
Universal Health Care
 Page 100
International Issues
Aid to Africa
 Page 103
Cuban Embargo
 Page 104
 Page 105
International Cooperation
 Page 106 
The Kucinich Plan for Iraq
 Page 108
Page 113
Middle East
 Page 114
Sweat Shops
 Page 116 
 Page 117 
World Hunger
 Page 118
Military/Defense Issues
Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty
 Page 119
Department of Peace
 Page 120
Depleted Uranium
 Page 122
The Draft
 Page 124
Military Budget
 Page 125
National Security
 Page 126 
Nuclear Weapons
 Page 127 
 Page 128
 Page 129
 Page 130
Weapons and Non-Proliferation
 Page 132
Race/Ethnicity Issues
Affirmative Action
 Page 133
African American Issues
 Page 134
Native Americans
 Page 136 
Arab Americans
 Page 139
 Page 141
Racial Discrimination
 Page 142
Rights Issues
Animal Rights
 Page 143
Civil Liberties
 Page 144
DC Statehood
 Page 145
Disability Rights
 Page 146 
Immigrants' Rights
 Page 147 
LGBTQ Rights
 Page 150
Patriot Act
 Page 152
Reproductive Rights
 Page 153
Voting Rights
 Page 154
Water as a Human Right
 Page 155
1. Universal Health CareDennis Kucinich is the only PresidentialCandidate with a plan for a UniversalSingle Payer, NOT FOR PROFITHealthcare system.MEDICARE FOR ALLThe plan in embodied in HR 676 theConyers-Kucinich bill, written by DennisKucinich & John ConyersThe plan covers all healthcare needs,including dental care, mental health care,vision care, prescription drugs, and long-term care - at NO extra cost!Kucinich's plan, HR 676, is supported by 78Members of Congress, 250 Union Locals,and 14,000 physicians and is endorsed bythe New Hampshire Democratic Party. 
"Health care is an essential safeguard of human life and dignity and there is anobligation for society to ensure that every person be able to realize this right." 
Cardinal Joseph Bernardin, ChicagoArchdioceseOur health care system is broken, and H.R.676, the Conyers-Kucinich bill, is the onlycomprehensive solution to the problem. It isalso the system endorsed by more than 14,000 physicians from Physicians for a NationalHealth Program. Nearly 46 million Americanshave no health care and over 40 million morehave only minimal coverage. In 2005 some41% of moderate and middle incomeAmericans went without health care for part of the year. Even more shocking is that 53% of those earning less than $20,000 went withoutinsurance for all of 2005. In fact, the NationalAcademy of Science's Institute of Medicineestimates that 18,000 Americans die each year  because they have no health insurance.The American health system is quite sick.Pulitzer Prize journalists Donald Barlett andJames Steele, in their stunning analysis of thehealth care industry, Critical Condition (2006Broadway Books), insist that "... U.S. healthcare is second-rate at the start of the twenty-first century and destined to get a lot worseand much more expensive." Considering thefollowing facts from Tom Daschle's article for the Center for American Progress: "PayingMore but Getting Less: Myths and the GlobalCase for U.S. Health Reform":
Americans are The Healthiest Peoplein the World.
Citizens of 34 nations livelonger than Americans.
The U.S. is the Best Place to Get Sick.
The World Health Organizationranked the U.S. 37th in the world for health system performance. Countrieslike Australia and the United Kingdomrank above the U.S. Americans havelower odds of surviving colorectalcancer and childhood leukemia than3

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