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Published by CelesteGracey

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Published by: CelesteGracey on Jun 28, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dr. Mary Alice HeuschelSuperintendent Contract 2010-2013Page 1 of 5
This agreement is entered into by and between the Board of Directors,
hereinafter called the “Board” of 
Renton School District No.403, King County, Washington, hereinafte
r called the “District”, and Dr. M
aryAlice Heuschel, herein
after called the “Superintendent.”
The Board, in accordance with its action at itsofficial meeting on the, June 23
, 2010, does hereby employ Dr. Mary Alice Heuschel as Superintendent.WHEREAS, the District and the Superintendent desire to enter into a contract whereby theSuperintendent will perform services as such for the District for a period of three (3) years, July 1, 2010through June 30, 2013, on terms and conditions acceptable to both parties; andWHEREAS, each year of the contract shall include 260 work days minus paid holidays and paidvacation days for an actual work year of at least 220 days; andNOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual covenants and agreements hereinafter contained, the parties agree as follows:I. EMPLOYMENT: In consideration of an annual salary of $178,634 for the period of July 1, 2010through June 30, 2013, the Superintendent agrees to faithfully perform the duties of theSuperintendent of the School District as prescribed by the laws of the State of Washington and by thepolicies, rules, and regulations made thereunder by the Board, the State Superintendent of PublicInstruction, and the State Board of Education. The annual salary shall be paid in twelve (12) monthlyinstallments in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Board. The Board hereby retains theright to adjust the annual salary of the Superintendent in subsequent years of the contract, and saidsalary adjustments, made in the form of a contract amendment, will not reduce the annual salary for the previous year.II. DISCHARGE: The Superintendent agrees to devote her time, skill, labor and attention to the dutiesof the Superintendent of the School District. During the term of her agreement, the Superintendentwill be subject to discharge for cause, provided, however, that the Board shall comply with allconditions of her contract and with all applicable provisions provided by Washington State law.III. ORGANIZATION OF STAFF: Subject to the requirements of any applicable state laws or regulations, the Superintendent shall have the authority, following consultation with the Board, toorganize, reorganize, and arrange the administrative and supervisory staff in any manner, which, inher judgment, best serves the District. The responsibility for selection, placement and transfer of allpersonnel shall be vested in the Superintendent, subject to approval by the Board.IV. COMPLAINTS, CRITICISMS: The Board, individually and collectively, will refer promptly allcriticisms, complaints, and suggestions called to its attention to the Superintendent for study andrecommendation.
Dr. Mary Alice HeuschelSuperintendent Contract 2010-2013Page 2 of 5
V. OUTSIDE WORK: The Superintendent may, with prior approval of the Board, undertakeconsultative work, speaking engagements, writing, lecturing or other professional duties andobligations which do not conflict with the duties specified in her contract. The Superintendent shalluse vacation days for such activities unless the Board agrees otherwise in advance.VI. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: The Superintendent shall continue her professionaldevelopment and may participate in relevant learning experiences, including attending professionalmeetings at the local, state and national levels (with prior approval of the Board). Tuition and coursefees will also be provided by the District (with prior approval of the Board). Travel expensesassociated with such meetings will be reimbursed in accordance with District policy. TheSuperintendent has available the same days paid at per diem for professional development andincentive applicable to executive level employees. VII. PROFESSIONAL DUES, CIVIC ORGANIZATION DUES: The District shall pay theSuperintendent
’s annual dues for membership in the American Association of School Administrators
(AASA), Washington Association of School Administrators (WASA) and another association chosen by the Superintendent, and approved by the Board. In addition, the District shall pay theSuperintendent
’s annual dues to one local (secular) civic organization of 
her choosing and reimbursecosts associated with participation in the organization.VIII. EXPENSES: In lieu of other expense reimbursement for in-District travel, the Superintendent shallreceive $800 per month to defray costs incurred in using her automobile for official travel. (Pursuantto RCW 42.24.090, it is the determination of the Board that this means reimbursement is less costlythan providing an automobile to the Superintendent.) It is expected that the Superintendent willparticipate in civic and business affairs of the community. The attendance at various community
events shall be integral to the Superintendent’s duties, and the District shall reimburse costs associated
with participation in such activities. In recognition that the Superintendent may be required to attendcivic and community functions on weekends and holidays, the Superintendent is awarded ten (10)optional working days which will be included at her adjusted per diem rate of her annual base salary.IX. SICK LEAVE: The Superintendent shall be granted twelve (12) days of paid sick leave each year for illness, injury and emergencies to be used pursuant to district policy and law. Unused sick leave shallaccumulate from year to year to the limit provided by law. Sick leave shall be eligible for buy back asprovided by state law and if permitted for other employees of the school district.X. VACATION: The Superintendent shall receive twenty-six (26) days of paid vacation per year.Vacation days shall be taken at reasonable times and the Board President shall be notified of theparticular time being taken, in writing, in advance of the vacation days to be used. Unused vacationdays may be accumulated from year to year up to a maximum of forty (40) days. Salary for up tothree (3) unused vacation days may be paid to the Superintendent at the end of any full year at the per diem rate in existence that year. The per diem rate is calculated by subtracting the twenty-six (26)annual vacation days and the fourteen (14) District-recognized holidays from 260 and dividing theresulting figure into the gross base annual salary for the Superintendent to equal 220 days. No morethan a maximum of 30 days (240 hours) of unused vacation days may be cashed out in any year uponretirement or termination at per diem on a first in, first out basis. The Board may make financialadjustments to avoid penalty, legal restraint, or excess compensation billing for the Washington StateRetirement System.
Dr. Mary Alice HeuschelSuperintendent Contract 2010-2013Page 3 of 5
XI. BENEFITS: The Superintendent shall receive full paid medical, dental, vision and other insuranceprogram coverage for herself and her eligible dependents. The Superintendent shall receive thenumber of paid holidays consistent with school district practice and state law. The Superintendentshall be entitled to all the other benefit plans applicable to executive level administrative employees asare incidental to their employment relationship with the School District, including, but not limited to,leaves, retirement program, choice of tax-sheltered annuity plans, group life insurance plans anddisability plans.XII. TRANSPORTATION: The District will reimburse the Superintendent for all business travel outsidethe District at the current mileage rate recognized by the IRS if the Superintendent is using her ownvehicle.XIII. ANNUITY/DEFERRED COMPENSATION PROGRAM: The Superintendent shall be eligible toparticipate in a tax sheltered annuity/and/or deferred compensation program; such annuity/deferredcompensation program to be selected by the Superintendent. The annual salary set forth under EMPLOYMENT above shall be augmented by District funds in an amount equal to $20,000 (twentythousand) to be applied to the purchase of her annuity and/or deferred compensation program. It isintended that all amounts so applied will be excludable from the gross income of the Superintendentunder sections 402(g), 403(b) and 457(b) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended.XIV. PERFORMANCE AWARD: By June 30, up to a $10,000 performance award will be available eachyear of the contract based upon accomplishment of agreed-upon performance goals, established jointly by the Superintendent and the Board before the previous October 1
. If the Board andSuperintendent are unable to agree upon the goals or achievement or non-achievement of the goals,the Superintendent shall be awarded $5,000 for the year in lieu of a performance award.XV. MEDICAL EXAM: The Superintendent agrees to receive a comprehensive medical examinationduring every other year of the term of her contract, with the cost of the examination first coordinatedwith the District provided medical insurance and any remaining cost paid by the District. Astatement by a qualified physician, certifying to the medical fitness of the Superintendent for the dutiesrequired of the position, shall be filed with the Board after such physical examination, whichstatement shall be treated as confidential information by the Board.XVI. RESIDENCE REQUIREMENT: The Superintendent agrees to maintain a permanent residencewithin the Renton School District boundaries during the life of her contract.XVII. EVALUATION AND EXTENSION OF CONTRACT: The Board shall evaluate the
Superintendent’s performance by devoting all or a portion of 
at least one meeting, no later than March15 of each contract year, to discuss the working relationship between the Superintendent and the
Board, along with the Board’s evaluation of the Superintendent’s performance. The Board, by
March15, will inform the Superintendent of its percepti
on of the Superintendent’s performance. No later 
than March 30, the Superintendent shall inform the Board regarding her intention for employment inthe following year.
The Board evaluation of the Superintendent’s performance shall reference annual go
als and objectivesfor the Superintendent which shall be discussed and agreed upon by the Board and Superintendent, byOctober 1 of each year, for the coming school year.

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