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Published by brunin_1992

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Published by: brunin_1992 on Jul 03, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ObjectDock 1.11 Freeware [3/2/2005]-----------------------------------This program is provided AS-IS.I understand that I am downloading unsupportedfreeware software. That means I will not tryto obtain technical support from Stardock. I alsounderstand that this program makes no claimsto accurately emulate or represent itself as areasonable facsimile of any docks on otheroperating systems.Thousands of icons, images, and zoomers areavailable free from http://www.WinCustomize.com.Be sure to checkout the docklets there as well!-------------------------Basic instructions / FAQ:-------------------------- Right click items on the dock to customize them- Files and folders can be dragged onto the dock to createnew items. This includes special folders like "My Computer".- You can drag items off the dock to delete them or right-clickon them to delete via menu.- Click the "Configure ObjectDock" item or right-click a blankarea of the dock to access Dock Properties.- ObjectDock can read PNG image files, as well as 32-bit iconfiles in both Windows XP and Windows 2000. Images to be usedin items can be put anywhere off the ObjectDock folder. ObjectDockwill search its folders and all of its subfolders of it for images.It is recommended that you use subfolders to categorize your images,like the included Crystallized and LaST subdirs under theImages directory.- The Windows taskbar can be turned on or off via the dock settings dialog.- Images can be assigned to windows based on the .EXE that they are runningor the "class name" for the window. The more specific class name takespriority over the program file name in the event images have been set to both.(e.g. one for the mail program, and another for an email window)- The dock will track mouse movement even if another window is maximizedover the dock.- You can configure ObjectDock via command line arguments. Replace n with anumber (see descriptions for info) for the new status desired:objectdock.exe -ahn (turn on/off autohide, n=0-off, n=1-on, n=2-toggle)objectdock.exe -psn (side position, n=0-bottom 1-top, 2-left, 3-right)objectdock.exe -pan (alignment position, n=1-left(top) 2-middle 3-right(bottom))objectdock.exe -mn (turn on/off mouse effect (magnification), n=0-off, n=1-on, n=2-toggle)- ObjectDock includes options to adjust the position of the dock, its alignment,

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