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The Shape of Jazz to Come

The Shape of Jazz to Come

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Published by imphilm

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Published by: imphilm on Jul 06, 2010
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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THE SHAPE OF JAZZ TO COMEWritten byPhil Matarese
INT. JACK’S APARTMENT - MORNINGA small one-bedroom in an unnamed city. A somber JAZZ tune isplaying, something a person could wake up too. Stacks andcrates filled with Jazz records dominate the room- making itnearly uninhabitable. Other than the records, the apartmentincludes- a mattress with sheets haphazardly thrown on it, asad kitchen table with a half-drank bottle of wine, a smallcloset with a lone tweed suite jacket, and of course a recordplayer- incidentally the best looking thing in the room.Jack, a 30-something bookish fellow, mopes around his smallplace. He dons the tweed jacket- a tight fit. He peeks aroundone of the crates and pulls out a colorful looking record. Hehalf nods at it and puts it in his messenger bag.EXT. SHANICE’S BLOCK - MORNINGThe JAZZ MUSIC picks up, taking on a happier tone. Jack walkshalf a block down the street and knocks on a door. The dooropens. RUSS- an 8-year old boy is smiling. Jack pulls therecord out of his bag. Russ is enraptured by it’s colors anddetailed graphics.Behind Russ approaches SHANICE- a lovely, petite dark-skinned woman also mid-30’s. She smiles deeply at Jack. Russdisappears into the house- transfixed by his new gift.SHANICEDid you just give him 
Bitches Brew?
JACK(shrugging)He can’t read, can he?She shakes her head, smiling. They embrace each other andshare a heartfelt kiss. They chat for a bit, then Jack headsdown the block out of frame.INT. NEWSPAPER HEADQUARTERS - DAYJack sits in a cubicle on the outskirts of the workforcebullpen. On the outer-wall of his cubicle we see “Jack Bare-“The Bare Essentials””, his weekly jazz column for the paper.He has pictures of great jazz musicians hanging up, as if hissmall cubicle was a teeny-bopper’s bedroom. He is wearinghuge headphones hooked up to a more contemporary recordplayer cramped next to his desk. He is typing away furiouslyon a computer screen.On break, Jack eats a sandwich at his desk. His coworkers arein cliques- sports guys, business guys, literary types.
They are all dressed better than Jack. He is the bottom ofthe totem pole. He looks around at these cliques.He turns his headphones up louder. A calm comes over him- hereturns to typing.EXT. SHANICE’S BLOCK - EVENINGJack exits a city bus and walks up the block happily. He seessomething that slows his stride.TROY- a mid-30’s African-American male is sitting in front ofShanice’s house in a very nice car. Troy is nicely dressed,along with some expensive accessories (see also: bling). Russkisses Shanice and runs into the passenger seat of the car.Jack approaches Shanice’s stoop. He waves to Troy who barelynods back. Troy’s car takes off fast. Jack turns to Shanice- who has donned a waitress-like outfit.JACKWhere’s Russ going?SHANICEOh, Troy’s just gonna watch him  while I’m at work.JACKI could’ve watched him.SHANICEOh, you’re sweet. But I think Russshould spend a little more time with his father. (beat) You wannacome in for a little?JACK(muttering)Guy drives like an asshole.INT. SHANICE’S HOUSE - EVENINGJack enters the house. He seems slightly perturbed.JACKI still don’t get what you saw inthat guy anyway...
SHANICE(with an eye roll)
Jack? I was young, we all make poor decisions.2.

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