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Midtown Brews Program Index 07-06 to 07-09

Midtown Brews Program Index 07-06 to 07-09

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Published by: Institute for Open Economic Networks (I-Open) on Jul 29, 2010
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Midtown Brews Schedule
By Betsey Merkel
Open Source Economic Developmentlooks at five areas of investment: Brainpower; Innovation and Entrepreneurship Networks; Quality,Connected Places; Dialogue and Inclusion; and Branding Stories.
Guest(s) Link Description
TBATopics TBA, listed in random order:Intersections of economicdevelopment and urban design
Online collaborative communities,ED & social software technologies:G Nemeth, guests
Storytelling: Frank Mills, Josef Reyes,Tim Devin
OH Energy Portfolio: StefanieSpear, Elisa Young, Gov/Privatebusiness leaders, guests
Business Renewable EnergyInvestment: S Spear, guests
The Role of Foundations in RegionalEconomic Dev - Norm Roulet
Carbon Neutral Homes: Jeff Hershberger, Paul van der Sluis
Creativity: Carolyn Jack
Office of Citizen: Foot SoldierTraining: Jeff Schuler
Thur Dec 3,2009Thur Nov 5,2009?Dave AtkinsSocial mediaThur Oct 1,2009, Insivia?Susan Miller BowenLocal FoodThur Sept 10,2009, InsiviaInnovationNetworksAndy Halko, CEO, Insivia and GarySchoeniger, Founder/CEO - TheEntrepreneurial Learning InitiativeEntrepreneurshipThur Aug 6,2009Elisa Young, Wind Power Leaders HockingCollege; Stefanie Spear, EcoWatch Ohio; LizIlg, Ohio Citizens ActionEnergy, wind power,initiatives, green skills trainingand job creationThur July 9,2009
BrainpowerBruce LaDuke & Friends, IntegratedFuturing;Future Indianagroup fromSmaller IndianaKnowledge creation, futuring
Strategy-Nets : Index [Midtown Brews]http://midtownbrews.net/wiki/print/midtown-brews-schedule?a...1 of 92/3/10 10:09 PM
Thur June 4,2009InsiviaBranding StoriesFrank Mills, Urban Paradoxes; F.Christopher Reynolds, Tipping PointCooperative Network"Branding Stories: Storytellingfrom the Depths of A Region'sCulture"Thur May 7,2009Analiza Inc.InnovationNetworksAngelo Vermeulen,Biologist, artist andtechnologist;Ernest Andrade,CharlestonDigital Corridor, Charleston, SC; MarkStratton, Analiza; Jim Cossler;YoungstownBusiness Incubator?"Innovate or Perish: NE Ohioas a Global Leader in BioTech"Thur April 2,2009Analiza Inc.BrainpowerBill MacDermott & FriendsGreen Jobs Initiative. ("Small"Wind, Art, and AlternativeEnergy Economic Developmentin NE Ohio" - to be hosted at alater date.) What is the EDpotential of NEO of the"Greening of America?" A jump start on Congress'sconversation about what theeconomic and enterpriseopportunities look like.Thurs. March 5,2009
InnovatingNetworksDr. Gwen Fischer, Professor Emeritus,Hiram College and Debbie Silverstein,Portage County, OH SPAN"The New Landscape of HealthCare Reform"Thur Feb 5,2009ChancellorUniversityQuality,Connected Place;Innovation andEntrepreneurshipNetworksShaun Redgate, COO, Chancellor University"Building Brainpower with newmodels of online education"The value online education canbring to urban and globalnetworked communities; theeconomic development valueurban university brings to localworkforce for skills refreshThur Jan 8,2009InsiviaQuality,Connected PlaceEnergyBruce Missig, Environmental Specialist"Quality, Connected Places:Shrinking A Community'sCarbon Footprint with WaterEfficiency"Making our area a safe andenvironmentally friendly tolive in. Go with the ideas of trying to get the chemicals outof our lives to make it saferfor ourselves and safer for theenvironment. We should get areporter from Green City BlueLake there to do an article.Simple ideas that make bigchanges in our economy andimprove the views of old thatwe are a dirty old city,becoming a city on the forefront of being sustainable.
Strategy-Nets : Index [Midtown Brews]http://midtownbrews.net/wiki/print/midtown-brews-schedule?a...2 of 92/3/10 10:09 PM
Dec 2008Rescheduled tpJan 2009Thur, Nov 6,2008/InsiviaBranding StoriesCreativeIndustriesDr. Pat Fallon, Urseline College andStudentsBroadcastLiveOn-DemandPart 1andPart 2Branding Stories of Humanity:Art, Advocacy and GlobalNetworks.Art & Advocacy:Should morality be taught tovisual artists?Thur, Oct 2,2008/InsiviaBranding StoriesTechnologyMeet The Bloggers:"The ChangingLandscape of Public Advocacy: Citizen-Community Priorities and Web 2.0"BillCallahan: issue driven politics on theweb/Lee Chilcote and colleagues, ClevelandCollectivo: strengthening start-ups/Jeff Freidman, Webtego & Volunteer, TheClimate Project: storytelling & nationalnetworks/Mike Gesing, Northeast OhioCitizens League (NEOCL): regional citizenadvocacy/Jason Hass: politicalblogging/The Insivia team: engagementtechnologies/Marc Leftkowitz, Green CityBlue Lake: social media/Peter McDermott,E4S/Local Food Cleveland: networkweaving/Susan Miller, REALNEO and Put ItOn The Ballot Campaign: issue drivenpolitics on the web/George Nemeth: searchengine optimization/Stephanie Spear,EarthWatch Ohio: community advocacypracticesBroadcastLiveOn-Demand"Social Media Tools AdvancingEconomic Advocacy" TheInsivia team collaborates withMeet The Bloggers for aspecial program focused onengagement technologies andpolitical process. Conversationfocused on how social mediatools have changed publicadvocacy for political, social,and environmental issues.Thur, Sept 4,2008/WebtegoBrainpowerTechnologyO-Web Technologies & ONOSYS,"MakingFast Food Faster: Technology Innovatingthe Service Industry"BroadcastLiveOn-DemandMaking Fast Food Faster:Technology Innovating theService IndustryThur, Aug 7,2008/WebtegoQuality,Connected PlacesCreativeIndustriesWaterloo Band Culture in Collinwood,with Cindy Barber, Beachland Ballroom andTavern; Ryan Weitzel,Exit StencilRecording Studio& Mystery of Two, bandmember. Clint Holley,Audio SpectrumRecording& Hayshaker Jones, bandmember will not be with us tonight. We willbe joined by Clint's good friend, LawrenceDaniel Caswell,This Moment in BlackHistoryandNational Suicide Day, band member and WCPN announcer.You TubeinterviewWaterloo Band Culture inCollinwoodThur, July 10,2008/InsiviaInnovation andEntrepreneurialNetworksTechnologyJim Cossler, Chief Evangelist, YoungstownBusiness Incubator and Craig Zamary, CEO,Green Energy TV BroadcastOn-DemandLive ShowThe Youngstown BusinessIncubator: A Global Model of Quality, Connected BusinessInnovation
Strategy-Nets : Index [Midtown Brews]http://midtownbrews.net/wiki/print/midtown-brews-schedule?a...3 of 92/3/10 10:09 PM

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