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RAP Security Council

RAP Security Council

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Published by patgund
A supposed document from the RAP "Security Council" of the "De jure United States of America"

Author in the properties is one "Nathan".
A supposed document from the RAP "Security Council" of the "De jure United States of America"

Author in the properties is one "Nathan".

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Categories:Types, Research, Law
Published by: patgund on Jul 29, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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of the United States of America
Restore America Security Council Order
De jure Government
By Private Invitation Only
Security Council Presentation
Chief Senior Junior Regional CountAdvisors Advisors Advisors Advisors Advisors 
Once you have made up your mind to become successful, you need astrategic mission plan outlining exactly how you are going to achieve success.A baseball coach uses much more time practicing games then playing thewinning game . He puts time and effort into personnel development andtough leadership coaching skills for something that at the end of the day is just aball game. Far more important than a ball game is for us to engage in toughand vigorous leadership training for the Restore America Plan.The world does not operate the way you think it does. It has been run byleadership networks for over 6000 years! Today the Security Council is extendingan invitation for you to qualify yourself and to become a member of one of theten (10)major networks that comprise the Security Council network ,helping toimplement the Restore America Plan to success through leadership.Our invitation is for leaders only. Security Council members are not voted in, norcan they become a member by personnel choice. Each was carefully selectedand invited to join because they have earned our trust by honesty, respect, justice, integrity, kindness, dedication to others and have earned the right tobecome a member of the Security Council.Security Council members know what it takes to earn respect. It takes honesty,loyalty, dedication, integrity and 100% commitment. It takes Gods word in theheart. Without the Word of truth, no sound council can be given on a consistentbasis that can be trusted.It is just a privilege for you to be invited by the Security Council and throughleadership integrity ,we put you on the road to earn the trust it takes to climbthe ladder as a member with important duties, operating within the chain ofleadership command while having your back covered by many dedicatedmembers of the Security Council who have made this commitment .
OverviewRestore America Security Council
There shall be four (4) chief advisors having the qualifications of being aGuardian Elder of the Restore America Plan.There shall be ten (10)network tables with two (2) men as senior advisors seatedat each table. Decisions made at each table are final when the two (2) senioradvisors are in agreement.Each of the ten (10) senior advisors shall build themselves a junior advisorleadership table with ten (10) Security Council men in good standing. Junioradvisors shall be chosen to serve geographically, two (2) for each republic. Thetable of ten (10)junior advisors are the top strategic thinkers and planners underthe supervision of the senior advisor for each network. The three(3)trustees foreach state shall answer to the two (2)junior advisors.Each junior advisor shall build a regional advisor leadership table with ten (10)Security Council members in good standing. Regional advisors answer to the junior advisor table and carry out the orders from the junior advisors and or passthem to the foreman in the Security Council network flow of business in thegeographical area of the republic they serve .Each regional advisor shall build a county advisor leadership table with ten (10)Security Council members in good standing. County advisors shall answer to theregional advisor table in the Security Council network flow of business .Countyadvisors can be the grand jury foreman or other elected office holders of thegrand jurys or they can hold office of the Justice of the Peace, county clerks orserve as county notary.Each county advisor shall build a leadership table of ten (10) leaders withSecurity Council members in good standing. They are county leadership tablesthat oversee education to the Restore America Plan. They assist in qualifyingpeople to sign up as qualified members of the Restore America Security Council.Members are people that have signed up for the Restore America Plan and aretrained to qualify to become part of the Security Council for the purpose ofhaving access to the security and services provided by any of the networks.
TermsRestore America Security Council

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