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October 2009 Wichita Audubon Newsletter

October 2009 Wichita Audubon Newsletter

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Published by Wichita

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Published by: Wichita on Aug 25, 2010
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October 10
Chisholm Creek Park Cleanup.Meet at 9 a.m. in the GPNCparking lot. Leader: PattyMarlett, pmarlett@mac.com,942-2164..
October 20
Regular meeting, “ The Birdsof Sandhill Country,” by RonKlataske, Executive Director of Audubon of Kansas, 7:30 p.m. atthe Great Plains Nature Center.
October 31
Derby area local eld trip. Meetin the parking lot of the VillageInn, 1200 N. Rock Rd in Derby.Leader: Jeff Calhoun, 737-1307, jecalhoun@wichita.edu
November 14
Astronomy Program at ChaplinNature Center, 8 - 9:30 p.m.
Wichita Audubon 
For more information about any Chaplin Nature Center programs callShawn Silliman at 620-442-4133, or e-mail cnc@wichitaaudubon.org.CNC is located 3 miles west of Arkansas City on Hwy 166, north 2miles on 21st Rd, east 0.6 miles on 272nd Rd.
November 14, Saturday, 8 - 9:30 p.m. Astronomy
Join the Kansas Astronomical Observers for a night under the stars. Learn aboutplanets, constellations and other heavenly bodies. You are welcome to bring yourown telescopes or binoculars, or the members of KAO will be glad to share theirequipment and help you see the sights. Lawn chairs or blankets to sit on will alsobe useful. The dark skies at Chaplin are perfect for viewing the stars. Note that thisis a change of date from the one published in the Schedule of Events.
Volume 44 No. 3 October 2009
Ron Klataske, Executive Director of Audubonof Kansas, will be our October speaker. He willtell us about the birds of the Sandhills regionof Nebraska, home of the Hutton Sanctuary.Located along the scenic Niobrara River nearBassett, Nebraska, Audubon of Kansas managesa 5,000-acre wildlife sanctuary and workingranch preserving the wishes of the late Haroldand Lucille Hutton. Expanses of Sandhills prairieinterconnects with wet meadows, wooded ravinesand gallery forests along the meandering river.Ron has spent a lot of time at the sanctuary with his camera at hand, and will sharethe beauty of this special place. The meeting will be on Tuesday, October 20,7:30 p.m. at the Great Plains Nature Center. You can also join Ron and othermembers for dinner before the program at Doc Greens, 10096 E. 13th, in theWaterfront, at 5:45 p.m.
The National Audubon Society recently added members living in Reno andStafford counties to the membership roll of Wichita Audubon. Previously theywere members of Sand Hills Audubon Society in Hutchinson, but that chapterhas been inactive for several years. This will be the rst edition of our newsletterthat they receive. We want to welcome you and invite you to join in our manyactivities. Besides the newsletter, you can always check the schedule on our websiteat www.wichitaaudubon.org. Wichita Audubon now includes seven counties:Sedgwick, Harvey, Butler, Sumner, Cowley, Reno and Stafford.
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2009-2010 WAS Ofcers
President Sandra Tholen 634-0049 stholen@cox.netVice-president Nathan Ofsthun 617-7171 nxofsthun@wichita.eduSecretary Patty Marlett 942-2164 pmarlett@mac.comTreasurer Carol Cumberland 685-4867 carol.cumberland@swbell.netDirectors Kevin Groeneweg 687-4268 kgroeneweg@sbcglobal.netCurt VanBoening 644-1986 curtvb@earthlink.netJeff Calhoun 737-1307 jecalhoun@wichita.eduCatherine Lewis 681-3362 thexchange@cox.netMike Heaney 733-6459 jeager@southwind.netBob Gress 838-4130 bobgress@cox.netCommittee ChairsNewsletter Patty Marlett 942-2164 pmarlett@mac.comCNC Kevin Groeneweg 687-4268 kgroeneweg@sbcglobal.netPrograms Nathan Ofsthun 617-7171 nxofsthun@wichita.eduConservation Curt VanBoening 644-1986 curtvb@earthlink.netDevelopment Patty Marlett 942-2164 pmarlett@mac.comMembership Sister Patricia Stanley 744-2192 pstanley@csjoseph.orgHospitality Laura Groeneweg 687-4268 lgroeneweg@sbcglobal.netField Trips Pete Janzen 832-0182 pete.janzen@sbcglobal.netFinance Duane DeLong 684-7456 dwdelong@earthlink.netNaturalist Shawn Silliman 620-442-4133 cnc@wichitaaudubon.org
E-mail any ofcer: was@wichitaaudubon.orgSend address changes to Sister Patricia Stanley, 3700 E Lincoln Apt 123 , Wichita, KS67218 pstanley@csjoseph.org
Next year we’re going to Florida!We plan to y and rent passengervans on arrival. We will y intoFort Lauderdale on Sunday,April 24. The trip will start thenext morning with possible stopsat Wakodahatchee Wetlands,Loxahatchee Wetlands or LakeOkeechobee, then westward toCorkscrew Swamp and other stopsas time allows. We will spend thenight in the Naples area. Tuesdaywe will work our way backeastward along the Tamiami trailand visit points in the Everglades.We will overnight in Homestead.Wednesday we will work our waydown the Keys, heading for KeyWest. Thursday we will visit theDry Tortugas on the boat “YankeeFreedom,” looking for pelagics andmigrants on this all day trip. Wewill spend a second night on Key
Help support Wichita Audubon andChaplin Nature Center by buyingyour bird seed from us. We offerhigh quality seed,
delivered toyour home
(within Wichita Citylimits.)Please submit your order by
Thursday, October 1.
The seed will be delivered on
Saturday, October 10
25 lbs Black Oil Sunower - $1225 lbs Audubon Mix - $10Order by phone, mail or E-mail.Call Carol Cumberland at 685-4867or carol.cumberland@swbell.netMail: Wichita Audubon Society,PO Box 47607, Wichita, KS 67201West, then on Friday return to FortLauderdale and our original motel.There are many more good birdingspots than we could possibly visit,so we will have no problem llingour time.Birds on our wish list includethe Black-whiskered Vireo,White-crowned Pigeon, Limpkin,Mangrove Cuckoo, Snail Kite, andSwallow-tailed Kite. Pete Janzen,Kevin Groeneweg, and MikeHeaney are planning the birdingitinerary and will be our guides.This trip won’t be as cheap as somewe have done, but it’s a bargain forFlorida. The boat trip is $160 perperson. The van expense is roughlyestimated to be around $250 perperson (includes rental and gas.)Participants will be asked to maketheir own ight arrangements. Agroup reservation has already beenmade for the Yankee Freedom boat.We will have hotel information inthe next few weeks.Because of the deposit requiredfor the boat trip, we are asking fora $100 deposit from participants.If you are interested, be sure toget your name on the list at themeetings, or contact Patty Marlett,942-2164, pmarlett@mac.com.
Chisholm Creek is one of two parkswe have adopted. Each fall we pickup trash to make the park a betterenvironment for birds and birders.Meet in the parking lot of the GreatPlains Nature Center, 29th andWoodlawn, on Saturday, October10, 9 a.m. Bring gloves - trash bagsand tools will be provided. If youcan’t come on Saturday morning,feel free to clean up on your ownschedule. Just let Patty knowso we can record the volunteerhours. Patty Marlett, 942-2164,pmarlett@mac.com.
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Mid-September is a great timeto travel and to enjoy prairielandscapes, especially in a yearwhen there has been adequatemoisture. Be sure to note unmowedroadsides that are particularlyspectacular with wildowers andnative grasses. We regard oursuccess on state highways as oneof AOK’s most visible conservationinitiatives--although much moreremains to be achieved in withthe Kansas Turnpike Authority,county road and noxious weeddepartments, and some KDOTdistrict engineers. The Pottawatomieand Wabaunsee Co.Conservation Districtshosted a WildowerTour on September1 to give the public achance to learn aboutthe plant diversity of Tallgrass Prairie. Thetour was held at theMt. Mitchell HeritagePrairie south of Wamego. The 50-acreprairie is an Audubonof Kansas naturesanctuary, including 32acres of pristine prairie previouslyheld by the Kansas HistoricalSociety and an additional 15.5acres of pasture land currentlybeing acquired and restored to anear-natural state. A local friendsgroup, under the banner of “PrairieGuardians” is instrumental inefforts to make enhancementsdesigned to accommodate visitationand interpret the intriguing historyof this area. The public is welcometo visit the Mt. Mitchell HeritagePrairie at any time, and mayobtain additional informationby contacting Audubon of Kansas at 785-537-4385 oraok@audubonofkansas.org The U.S. Fish and WildlifeService coordinated all-nightsurveys of Black Footed Ferretson the reintroduction sites inLogan County during the weekof August 17. Volunteers fromAOK (including board chairmanRobert McElroy and RonKlataske), KDWP, Kansas Zoos,TNC, KSU and a professor fromMassachusetts with his 13-year olddaughter and two students joinedto search for Black Footed Ferretswith searchlights mounted on thebegan building the rst of ten milesof “prairie dog fence” designed toreduce dispersal of prairie dogsfrom the property to neighboringpasture lands owned or operated byindividuals who do not want anyprairie dogs--or ferrets. The fenceis part of a private lands wildlife“stewardship” project funded by theU.S. Fish and Wildlife Service andAudubon of Kansas. The purposesare to reduce conicts arising fromdiffering perspectives on prairiedogs, and keep them somewhatcontained to provide prey andhabitat for other wildlife.The fence consists of poultry nettingcombined with an electric wirepositioned to discourageprairie dogs from tryingto crawl through or fromclimbing over the fence.Mike Hudson and DonRedeker devoted days tocutting and sculpturingrebar to make specialfence posts to hold thepoultry netting.On a related conservationfront, Audubon of Kansas has teamedup with Defenders of Wildlife to try to secureappropriate restrictions onthe use of Rozol and Kaput-D forprairie dog control, and to try to getEPA to close the oodgates.
The 2010 bird calendars are here,with excellent bird photos gracingeach month. Proceeds go to supportChaplin Nature Center. They cost$5 apiece. You can purchase them atmeetings, or contact Patty Marlett,pmarlett@mac.com, 942-2164
Visitors enjoy the wildfowers at Mt. Mitchell Heritage Prairie
roofs of vehicles. Initial reportsindicated that at least sixteen of the elusive nocturnal predators,including members of two littersborn this year, were seen on theHavereld Ranch. An estimate of eight others were reported on theSmoky Valley Ranch. During the daylight hours, wehauled fencing supplies fromthe Winona Lumberyard to theHavereld Ranch. A few dayslater Don Redeker of Manhattan

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