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CBSNewsPoll Obama 082610

CBSNewsPoll Obama 082610

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Published by cbsnews
CBS News poll on Obama and the economy, Aug. 26, 2010
CBS News poll on Obama and the economy, Aug. 26, 2010

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Published by: cbsnews on Aug 26, 2010
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CBS NEWS POLLFor release: Thursday, August 26, 20106:30 PM EDT
August 20-24, 2010
Views of the economy remain bleak: 4 in 5 think it is bad, and now a third say it is gettingworse, an increase since last month. And while most think it will eventually recover,more than a third think it is in permanent decline.
Fewer than half of Americans approve of the job President Barack Obama is doing,although that is up slightly since last month. Nearly as many disapprove.
Americans are divided as to whether the law should be changed so that babies born toillegal immigrants do not automatically become U.S. citizens. Most Republicans thinkthe law should be changed, while most Democrats think it should not.
Americans are more pessimistic about the country’s economy than they were last month. 34%now say the economy is getting worse, up from 26% last month. Only 20% say the economy isgetting better.
Is the Economy Getting:
Now 7/2010Better 20% 25%Worse 34 26Same 44 48Americans’ overall rating of the economy has been stagnant this summer: eight in ten say it isbad, and that negativity hasn’t budged.
The U.S. Economy is…
Now 7/2010 6/2010 5/2010Good 17% 17% 22% 20%Bad 83 82 77 79A majority (75%) thinks the recession will continue another two years or more, similar to lastmonth.Americans’ long term views are more optimistic. Over one-third of Americans (37%) think thecurrent recession is part of a permanent decline in the U.S. economy, but more -- 59% -- thinkthings will eventually recover.
The U.S. Economy…
Will eventually recover 59%Is in permanent decline 37In pinning the blame for the country’s high unemployment rate, Americans are more apt tovolunteer that politicians generally are at fault. More blame the policies of the former PresidentBush than those of President Obama.
Who or What is to Blame for High Unemployment?
Politicians in government 18%Policies of Pres. Bush 15Outsourcing 7Business executives/CEOs 7Policies of Pres. Obama 5Banks 5Recession/bad economy 540% of Americans are very concerned that someone in their household may lose a job over thenext year; up from 31% last month.The tax cuts enacted under President George W. Bush are set to expire soon; a majority ofAmericans that say those tax cuts should expire for people earning over $250,000 per year.
Should Tax Cuts for $250k+ Be Allowed to Expire?
Yes, expire 56%No, make permanent 36Democrats favor letting them expire, while Republicans divide. 48% of Republicans say the taxcuts should expire, while 46% think they should be made permanent.In assessing the U.S. economy, Americans see a system that favors the few: 62% say onlythose at the top now have a chance to prosper and get ahead, while 35% still think anyone hasa chance to get ahead.
Who Can Get Ahead In Today’s Economy?
Only those at the top 62%Anyone has a fair chance 35
Three in four Americans think President Obama has a vision of where he wants to lead thecountry. Fewer, but still a majority, think Republicans in Congress have a vision for the country.
Has a Vision of Where They Want to Take the Country?
Pres. Obama Reps in CongressYes 77% 54%No 19 40And despite the Obama administration’s plan to allow tax cuts to expire for those earning $250K ormore, 27% of Americans see the administration’s policies as favoring the rich; more than themiddle class (18%) or the poor (17%). Still, 28% say the Obama administration’s policies treat allgroups equally.
Economic Group Obama Administration‘s Policies Favor
Now 4/2010Rich 27% 17%Middle class 18 19Poor 17 27Treats all same 28 27
Republicans are more likely to say the administration’s policies favor the rich, while Democrats saythe policies treat all groups the same.President Obama’s overall job approval rating has remained below 50% since April, and this monthis no different. Now, 48% approve, while 44% disapprove. His approval rating has inched up from44% last month, and is similar to what it was in June.
President Obama’s Overall Job Rating
Now 7/2010 6/2010 4/2010 3/2010 2/2010Approve 48% 44% 47% 51% 44% 46%Disapprove 44 44 43 39 41 45The president continues to receive net negative ratings on this handling of the economy – thenation’s top concern. On Afghanistan, his approval rating has held steady at 43%. On the specificissues asked about in this poll, President Obama receives his highest approval rating on hishandling of Iraq – 52% of Americans approve of his handling of that issue.
President Obama’s Job Approval Ratings
Approve DisapproveIraq 52% 37Terrorism 51% 37Economy 44% 48Afghanistan 43% 39Congressional approval remains low. 22% approve, while 71% disapprove.
Congress Job Approval
Now 6/2010 5/2010 1/2010 3/2009 10/2008Approve 22% 19% 15% 23% 30% 12%Disapprove 71 70 77 63 56 74
The American public is almost evenly divided as to whether current law, which gives all childrenborn in the United States automatic U.S. citizenship, should be changed so that children ofillegal immigrants born in the United States do not automatically become citizens. 49% say thelaw should be kept as is, while 47% say it should be changed so that children born to illegalimmigrants do not automatically become citizens.59% of Democrats think the law should stay as is, while 54% of Republicans it should bechanged so that children born to illegal immigrants do not automatically become U.S. citizens.
Law That Gives Children Born in the U.S. Automatic Citizenship Should Be…
All Reps Dems IndsKept as is 49% 39% 59% 47%Changed 47 54 37 49Most Americans continue to see illegal immigration as a very serious problem in the U.S. – aview that has held steady over the past four years.

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