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Pirate 40k

Pirate 40k

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Published by regeneral

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Published by: regeneral on Sep 30, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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- BETA -
I would like to thank the online community for their tireless topics, discussions/arguments and observations when in regard to 40K, it's background and rules. Their insight has been invaluable in the 'development' of thefollowing rules changes. The changes that have been made have been entirely done through my own personalperspective as to how I would like my games to play. I find 5
Ed. is great for large scale games and I've never had adull Apocalypse game. However for smaller games I would like to have more representative detail.The rules changes and additions have been made with smaller games in mind and I heartily recommendthat if anyone were to try these rules they do so within smaller games – 750pts might be a good place to start as itenables most armies ot field an HQ, a few Infantry units, perhaps with transports, and an additional unit choice ortwo. I don't currently recommend these changes to larger games, escpecially for Apocalypse. None of these ruleshave, thus far, been properly playtested on account of personal circumstance so there are bound to be certainconflicts (no matter how much thinking I've put in). All I ask is that should anyone try the rules they keep an open-mind to the changes and resolve any issues that arise, even from the offset, with a clear mind. I would like toreceive any constructive feedback should any player's out there playtest these rules, whether it be but a singlechange or an all-out across the board test (players can leave the feedback within the forum where the link to thisdocument was posted).I would also like to thank the MODS (in particular) and users of Dakkadakka, BOLS & The Bolter &Chainsword, to name a few, for the service they provide to the war gaming community in general and for most of the input within their Forums. Thankyou. warspawned
LEGALThis is a fan written adaptation of the 5
Edition Warhammer 40,000 rules. No profit is procured and all alterations are in no way affilliated with Games Workshop Ltd or any of its associated companies. All references to, or within, the Warhammer 40,000 universeare either
of, or to, Games Workshop plc along with all such references listed below:
 Imperial Guard, Space Marines, Orks, Eldar, Necrons, Tyranids, Bio-titan, Dark Eldar, Tau, Gretchin, Gauss Weapons, Chaos Space Marines,Chaod Daemons, Kharn the Betrayer, And They Shall Know No Fear, Chimera Armoured Carrier, Sergeant Harker, Tech-adept, Leman RussBattletank, Ratling, Psyker, Guardsman, 40K & all associated races, locations, weapons, characters, & units listed within are the sole property of Games Workshop plc.
The Rule of Ten
Unit TypesThe Game
Set Up
Special MissionsThe Turn Sequence
 VehiclesUniversal Special Rules
What is Pirate 40k?
Pirate 40k is a fan written adaptation of the current Warhammer 40,000 game system. It has beendesigned to introduce a more detailed way of playing the game. To this end rules have been adaptedand new ones introduced, although many base fundamentals remain. It is up to the player on howmany of these rules they use or discount. The rules also try and introduce several new elements, with an armies strategy rating, new cover system, terrain and a battlefield conditions system, as wellas the use of a universal Orders system which places the force Commander and independent squadleaders at the forefront of the battle. Also should a force perform particularly well in any of itsindividual turns it may gain the momentum over the enemy, enabling a number of units to actfurther before the enemy can respond!
Some rules may be repeated throughout this document. This is often for the purpses of clarification within certain rule elements.
 All previous characteristics have the same meaning as 5
edition. Also two new, or rather old,characteristics have been added to Pirate 40k. Player's are welcome to add either characteristic, bothor neither. Players may decide that their soldiers are trained enough, or genetically built enough, notto need either value thus ignoring their effects when applying rules such as Orders etc. If this is thecase then simply ignore all references to these characeteristics if using any of the additional rules:
Willpower is unique to Independent Characters. There are many heroes, and 'villains', within the 41
millennium whose strength of will, or force of luck, is almost as important as their strength of arms.Those of the greatest willpower can survive against insurmountable odds, changing the course of any battle – or even the destiny of the universe itself.
Willpower is ranged from 1-10 and represents the sheer force of will that a character, or perhaps unitleader, possesses. Willpower represents the amount of re-rolls any character can make. These re-rollscan only be subject to the character/leader and include rolls to hit, to wound, armour saves, rolls torun or any other roll so long as it only applies to the character (you can never make an opposingplayer re-roll their dice). Willpower rolls replace the 'can never re-roll a re-roll' rule – a testament totheir unyielding strength and will to power!
What Willpower?
 As Willpower is not represented within any Codex proper simply use the following as a guide.Player's may feel free to alter the characteristic to what seems appropriate for their characters.Typically the more important, senior, unique and stronger special characters have the highest willpower.
Squad Leaders: 1
Veteran Squad Leaders: 2
HQ choices with 2 wounds: 3
HQ choices with 3 wounds or more: 5
Unique characters: 3-8
HQ monstorus creatures or 'Eternal Warrior': 5-10 As stated the above is a guide only and player's will have to compromise with each other based ontheir own good sense and judgement. Legendary characters such as Abaddon, Calgar, Eldrad etc willnaturally have towards the higher end of Willpower as oppossed to other unique choices, such asthose purchased as upgrades to units.Players may also agree that their veteran units gain a WP charcteristic. If so then simply allocate acertain number to the unit as a whole, this may be kept track of by players with a notepade, markersor a similar system.
Squad Leaders and Willpower
 A unit blessed, or cursed, with a particularly characterful, experienced or brutal leader will usually  perform better in a battlefield situation, accepting orders without fail and keeping their cool for longer.
 A squad leader with a WP characteristic is adept at relaying orders and has the respect, trust orotherwise sheer intimidation, to make the unit perform beyond the call of duty (or genocidalmania). For all intents and purposes Squad Leaders become Independent Characters but may neverleave their unit to join another. Any unit with a Squad Leader that has a WP characteristic is at a + 1 modifier to receive orders andto any morale checks they are recquired to make. So long as the squad leader is alive these bonuses will remain, even if they reduce their WP to '0' by re-rolling personal tests.Independent characters that join a unit effectively replace the squad leader's command and use theirWP in the same manner. If their initial WP characteristic is equal to, or greater than, the units Ld itbecomes
(if the character denotes that ability to the unit then no other bonus is incurred).
Coolness applies to all Infantry units & represents a units ability to keep calm and ordered upon the fieldof battle, even in the most trying of circumstances. Certain legendary units may replace thischaracteristic altogether but it is a common feature for most units.
Coolness is ranged from 1-10 and represents the ability of a unit to keep calm and controlled in thechaos of warfare. Coolness is reflective (i.e the same) of a units Ld value. Coolness can work in eitherof the following ways:
The number indicated is the number of dice a unit may re-roll for any morale test it isrequired to make. A unit may use as many coolness points as it likes to alter the outcome of any morale test.
Units may use a point of Coolness to re-roll any Ld tests taken.Regardless of which of the above is used to represent coolness the rules below will always apply.
For every Morale Test failed the unit loses a coolness point. Any roll of 6,6 may not bemodified by coolness.
Once a unit reaches '0' Coolness its morale is totally destroyed and it is capable of only basicsurvival or instinctive fighting. All discipline is lost and the unit can no longer receive orders.

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