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Car Collector Chronicles 10-10

Car Collector Chronicles 10-10

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Published by Dave Yaros
Oct. 2010 edition (10/2010, 7 pps.) of Car Collector Chronicles; a free, monthly, online, ad free newsletter for the classic/collector car enthusiast.

ARTICLES: High RPM's, For Want of a Nail-Fin, 2010 NAOC Nats-Not!, Really Rare Rides (Dual Ghia)

PICS: Dual Ghia
Oct. 2010 edition (10/2010, 7 pps.) of Car Collector Chronicles; a free, monthly, online, ad free newsletter for the classic/collector car enthusiast.

ARTICLES: High RPM's, For Want of a Nail-Fin, 2010 NAOC Nats-Not!, Really Rare Rides (Dual Ghia)

PICS: Dual Ghia

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Published by: Dave Yaros on Sep 30, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Volume III, Issue 10
mer steelworker. Consequently,anything related to U.S. Steel-GaryWorks gets my attention. I still havemy hard hat from the mill, my over-head crane operator card, an em-ployee payroll badge, a US Steel Ser-vice Award Wrist Watch, my father’s30 year service pin and a couple of Continued–P. 2
 High RPMs 
is a journalisticdevice I have created to permitme to put my brain in gear, andrev up my gray matter. In otherwords, it is a column that willpermit me to burn some rub-ber, albeit figuratively.In the month of July, whatwith having to care for the Mrs.because of a broken ankle, I wasable to spend a bit of timewatching the Mecum™ auctionfrom Des Moines, IA. It was theonly auction I have seen in thelast few years where mighty fineiron was actually crossing theblock at reasonable (read fair)prices. I am sure they were notconcours worthy, but for youand I, they were rides overwhich we would drool.The auction purchase priceswere a reflection of two factors,I believe. The first, of course, isthe current state of the econ-omy. The second, I suspect, isfolks in the heart of the Mid-west are not as willing to readilypart with their hard earneddollars. I say, good for them!In August a member of theChicagoland Allanté-XLR Club
 pronounced that the value of Allantés had bottomed out. Hepremised this proclamation onthe fact that the individual partswhich originally went into themanufacture of an Allanté
arenow worth more than a wholecar! I guess his thinking is thatthe economy simply cannot getany worse?I hope he is right, but I havemy doubts. What I do know fora fact is, if one has both theinclination and the money to getinto the collector car hobby,
now is the time to be out therelooking and buying!
It appearsthat a semblance of sanityseems to be returning to thecollector car market?Are the rest of you like me, inthe sense you collect other“stuff”? I wonder what “stuff”attracts your eye? I am a for-
 High RPMs 
GDYNets on the Web
WHERE YOU WILL FINDGDYNets (me) on the WWW:Dave’s Den - http://GDYNets.WEBNG.comSaved 62 - http://www.freewebs.com/ jeandaveyarosThe Gray Lady -55 Cad de VilleCar Collector Chronicles - 
A websitedevoted to a myriad of inter-ests. Foremost is extensiveinformation on the “Steel City”of Gary, IN. There are alsoofferings on steel making, U.S.Steel-Gary Works, U.S. MarineCorps, M14 assault rifle, of course Oldsmobile, and thetragic story of the murder of Gary, IN Police Lt. Geo. Yaros.
A website devotedto our 1962 Oldsmobile Dy-namic 88 convertible. The sitealso has a lot of information onOldsmobiles and its founder,Ransom Eli Olds.
This web-site features our 1955 CadillacCoupé de Ville and Caddy infor-mation.
October 2010Car Collector Chronicles
Car Collector Chronicles 
Car collecting today
Classic rides
Reports from the field
 High RPMs 
GDYNetsOn the Web
For Want of aNail— 
2010 NAOCNats — Not!
Really Rare Rides
Coming NextIssue
 jackets that sport embroidered USS-Gary Works logos.In my mill rat days, I was a big fan of Schlitz beer. Consequently,the car barn displays a six pack of Jos. A. Schlitz Brewing Co. em-ployee badges; feeling right at home here in Milwaukee! I bet you did-n’t know that Schlitz is now owned by Pabst, and brewed by Miller?I cannot say that I
the next item. Rather, I do
alarge number of vintage, vinyl LP’s. For those of you, and I suspectthere are many, who have no idea what a LP is, it is a 33 1/3 rpm longplaying record. Record? What is a record? Well, records are howone listened to music before 8-track tapes, cassettes, Walkmans™,cd’s or I-Pods™. My LP’s were acquired during my misspent youth.Many are far from being pristine. However, all are still playable. ThatI still have all these LP’s attests to my being an inveterate pack rat.If I had the time to enjoy them, I could easily become a collector of firearms. As it is, I do own several. I have a rifle and a couple of pis-tols. The rifle is a pride and joy. It is a Springfield Armory M1A. Itfires the 7.62 mm NATO (.308 cal.) round, from a 20-round magazine.The M1A is the civilian version of the M14 assault rifle. The M14 iswhat was issued to me during my tour in the Corps. It is a mighty fineweapon, let me tell you! Unlike the standard military issue M14, myM1A has a 3 x 9 scope in addition to the iron sights.Of course, an assault rifle is not very practical for fending off the badguys who have breached the perimeter of one’s home. The pistols Iown serve that purpose. I have two, both manufactured by Smith &Wesson™. One is a .38 cal. Chief’s Special. It fires five rounds. It issmall, compact and easy to handle. It is a good firearm for use by thefairer sex, who tend to have smaller hands. The other is a .357 cal.,with a 4 inch barrel and a six-round cylinder. True, they are notGlocks™, or full auto. Then again, they are not intended for use intaking on the world. Rather, their function is to fend off the occasionalbad guy. If you cannot get the job done with them, to my way of think-ing you best avoid the fight!Last I shall mention books, in particular presidential memoirs. I thinkthis comes from my being a history buff, as well as a history major incollege. It matters not if I liked the president. If they wrote memoirs, Iwant them.The most interesting presidential memoir I own is the 2-volume setby U. S. Grant. What makes it both interesting and unique is the factthat not once did Ulysses mention that he was President of the UnitedStates! Given the egos of many who have occupied the White House,his never alluding to that fact is down right amazing.
 High RPMs 
Car Collector Chronicles
Page 2
[A] LP is ... a33 1/3 rpmlong playing record.Record? What is a record? Well, recordsare how onelistened tomusic before8-track tapes,cassettes,Walkmans™,cdsor I-Pods™!” 
I am finally able to conclude this saga. You should recall the horror story presented in the July issue, about the 1962 Olds Dynamic 88convertible purchased for $26,900 and shipped at the buyer’s ex-pense ($10,000) to New Zealand. On arrival the local licensing au-thorities refused to issue a title or plates. Why? The condition of thecar was deemed not fit/safe to be on the roads of New Zealand.The ride was ultimately returned to the U.S., again at the buyer’sexpense ($8,000)! It arrived on the west coast around Memorial Day.It was then land transported back to the seller’s place of business. Itwas not until late July that the purchase monies were refunded. Thatmeant the seller had the exclusive use, interest free, of the buyer’s$26,900 for over six months!Interestingly, no sooner was the car physically back in the dealer inventory and an ad for it appeared on the net. The first line of the adread, “
Just in, from Southern California! 
While that is true, it cer-tainly is a far cry from the whole truth!So, who is this dealer? It is Daniel Schmitt & Co. Motorcar Collec-tion of St. Louis, MO. Here is the link to the car -http://schmitt.com/viewimage.asp?ID=3728 
2010 NAOC Nats — Not!
 You may have noticed I have not published anything regarding the2010 NAOC National, held in Lansing in July. Sadly, there is a goodreason:
- For want of attention a step was missed.- For want of missed step a fall was had.- For want of not avoiding a fall an ankle was broken.- For want of avoiding injury, the NAOC Nats became a non-event.
This is my way of saying, I have no report because we were notable to attend. Jean broke her ankle on 28 June; a compound frac-ture. She had surgery on 7 July, the day we were to head out toLansing. She has been immobile ever since. We are looking at a10-to-12 week recovery period. As it was her right ankle, she is notable to drive.Needless to say,
Saved 62 
was more than ready. Hours and hours
T]he seller had theexclusive use,interest free,of the buyer’s$26,900 for over six months! 
Car Collector Chronicles
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For October, we take a look at the Dual Ghia

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