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Tome of Magic - Additional Vestige Collection v2[1].2

Tome of Magic - Additional Vestige Collection v2[1].2



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Published by: inquisitor_solatez8024 on Oct 06, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Additional Vestiges
Manifestation (Disclaimer):
Upon opening this documentyou will find additional Vestiges for the Binder Class detailedin the
Tome of Magic 
source book published by
Wizards of the Coast 
. This is merely a collection of Vestiges not found inthe
Tome of Magic 
book that have been published in theDragon and Dungeon Magazines or from the Dungeons &Dragons Roleplaying Game Official Home Page (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/welcome).This collection has been put together so that players may have a single source of material for quickreference at the table top. All art, articles and material used belongs to their respective owners andcopyrights. If you wish to read additional information about the Vestiges detailed; please purchase theappropriate Magazines or visit the internet links detailed in the reference section.If your DM is running the Savage Tide campaign or a related campaign, your DM may need to reviewappropriate Vestiges and their related Teeth of Dahlver-Nar as there are possible
detailed in theentries.
Campaign Vestiges
Vestiges mark with the sub [Campaign Vestige] type are Vestiges specific to the Savage Tide adventurepath. The Savage Tide adventure path can be found in Dungeon magazine #139 to # 150 and DragonMagazine #348 - #359 both produced by Paizo.(http://paizo.com/ ).
Blood Dragon, TheGathererVestige Level:
Printing DC:
Special Requirement:
Yes, Paper.
A Primer on Pact Magic
Granted Abilities and Psionics
As with those granted abilities listed for each vestige in
Tome of Magic,
the granted abilities listed below areall supernatural abilities. While you may wish to refresh your memory about all of the rules regarding thegranted abilities on page 19 of
Tome of Magic,
it might be helpful to point out a few things here.All powers granted by vestiges are supernatural in origin, even if they replicate spells or abilities that arenot normally considered magical. This includes psionic powers.Supernatural abilities are magical and thus are suppressed in an
antimagic field.
Supernatural abilities are not subject to spell resistance (or psionic resistance).Supernatural abilities take a Standard action to activate unless otherwise indicated.If a supernatural ability granted by a vestige mimics the effect of a spell or shadow magic mystery (orpsionic power), the caster level of that ability is always equal to a binder's effective binder level.A binder shows no outward sign when using a granted ability, unless the ability description specifies thathe must concentrate, or the use of the ability would be obvious based on its description (such as a rayprojecting from the binder's eyes).Effects created by the binder's supernatural abilities end when the vestige leaves the binder, or if thebinder dies while bound.The Difficulty Class for a saving throw against a vestige-granted power is 10 + 1/2 effective binder level +binder's Cha modifier.Any psionic powers granted through the [Psionic] Vestiges are detailed in the
3.5 Expanded Psionics Handbook or SRD 

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