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Make Something #3

Make Something #3

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Published by AllenWiggs
A variety of stories and art fill this issue. There is literally something in here for everyone. From sci fi to literary work with breath taking photos and comics as well all behind a beautiful painted cover.
A variety of stories and art fill this issue. There is literally something in here for everyone. From sci fi to literary work with breath taking photos and comics as well all behind a beautiful painted cover.

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Published by: AllenWiggs on Oct 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Getting an issue of this magazine made isa series of serendipitous moments, whichmeans it is a bunch of blind luck on my part.This issue has been no different. The verylovely painted Geisha who graces the frontof this issue was sent to me as a generalsubmission, along with some other greatart done by Katie Cowden, some of whichcan be seen in this very issue. Once Katieagreed to letting me use the image as a cover submissions started to trickle in once againand it looked like this issue would actuallyhappen. Then Warren Ellis linked the MakeSomething thread on Whitechapel that hadme asking for more written work, this leadto a ton of stories being submitted, morestories then the total submissions I’ve hadfor this magazine put together! While veryawesome, it did put me behind a lot as I readthrough all the work... or tried to, I found astory I still haven’t read yet two weeks ago,and several I have yet to respond to. If youhave submitted work and I haven’t replied Iapologize, I got very overwhelmed.I would love to say that is the onlyreason this issue is late. It’s not. I alwaysfeel that it’s my job to try and make sure eachissue is pleasing to look at. This makes mesometimes over think designs when it comesto written work. Which is very foolish of me of course. The written word can createenough imagery on it’s own, and this isn’ta big fancy magazine, it’s a simple straightforward premise and execution that is allsummed up in the title, ‘Make Something’. Itake things people created and help get themout into the world for more people to look at them and enjoy the work. And the storiesin this issue (the previous issues as well asthose to come as well) are quite good, thereis variety in genre and subject matter, andthey pull you into the story. Some may not be to your personal taste, I know I’ve readsome works that while not something I wouldhave sought out, I enjoyed thouroughly uponreading.Speaking of good or not, I have noticeda sad trend when it comes to creators,so many of them seem unsure of their work. I have gotten many emails withsubmissions that include a phrase that goesalong the lines of “I’m not sure this is any goodreally,” or “I understand if you don’t wantto use this if you think it’s crap,” and it justmakes me sad, especially since typically itis something I would consider good. Someof it is stuff I find incredibly great. I cansee where the uncertainty comes from, afear of having your creation being rippedapart and shot down is brutal. But just havesome hope for your work, and hopefully Inever get another email where the writer ishard on themselves.Anyways, there’s some great stuff in this issue. It ranges from sciencefiction to family drama, includes humor,tragedy, and horror, and that’s all beforewe get to Space Shark (a sub genre all untohimself). There is finally some poetry inan issue, I always imagined poetry beingsubmitted before hand, but Ben is the first, buthopefully not the last. The artwork in thisissue is also some beautiful work, wellmaybe not so much Medea, it is morecreepy and intriguing, I really love how itlooks printed out. I could go on and tellyou what I like about each contribution tothis magazine, but I will just finish this upso I can put the damn PDF into MagCloudso people can buy the issue. I hope youenjoy the work as much as I do.Allen Wiggs
Geisha 1
A Maker’s Manifesto 4
Beard Overwhelming! 5
Spine / Butterflies 6 / 7
Assorted Sonnets 8
How Books Are Made 10
A Stone Wall Between Us 12
Lucha Libre En Mexical 18
Re-Invention 22
The Savior of Time 24Space Shark 25
Medea 28
 by Katie Cowden
 by Steve Ormosi
 by Clay
 by Katie Cowden
 by Ben Gwalchmai
 by Ryan Thompson
 by Christopher M. Beckett
 by Emerson Murray
 by Krista “Q” Di Fulvio
 by Dan Black 
 by Chris G.
 by Emerson Murray

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