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AHADEES with Evidences, Mentioning 138 Signs of Return of Jesus and End of Days

AHADEES with Evidences, Mentioning 138 Signs of Return of Jesus and End of Days

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The Splitting of the Moon
Let's look at "Surat al-Qamar." In English, qamar means moon. In several instances, this surah relates that the people of Noah, `Ad, Thamud, Lut, andPharaoh were destroyed because they ignored the Prophets sent to them. At the same time, its first verse contains a very important message about theLast Day.
The Hour has drawn near, and the moon has split. (Surat al-Qamar, 54:1)
The word "split" used in this verse is the Arabic shaqqa, which in Arabic it has various meanings. In some commentaries on the Qur'an, the meaning "split"is preferred. But shaqqa in Arabic can also mean "plowing" or "digging" the earth.As an example of the first usage, we can refer to the 26th verse of Surat al-Abasa:
We pour down plentiful water, then split the ground into furrows. Then We make grain grow in it, and grapes and herbs and olives and dates. (Surah`Abasa, 80:25-29)
Clearly, the meaning of shaqqa here is not to "split," but to "plow" the ground in order to grow various plants.Here we see one of the great wonders of the Qur'an. The experiments carried out on the Moon's surface on July 20, 1969, may be hinting at the fulfillmentof this verse. On that date, American astronauts set foot on the Moon and, digging up some lunar soil, they carried out scientific experiments and collectedstone and soil samples. It is surely very interesting that these developments are in complete agreement with this verse.
"The splitting of the moon," one meaning of which the Qur'an relates as a sign of the approach of Doomsday, came true on July 20, 1969, when American astronauts set foot onthe moon and dug the lunar soil. (God knows best.)
Exploring the Moon is identified with the slogan: "One small step for man; one giant leap for mankind." This historic moment in space research wasdocumented by cameras, and everyone from that time to this has witnessed it. As Surat al-Qamar 54:1 states, this great event may be a sign of the LastDay, which would mean that we are living during the End Times. (God surely knows best.)Another very important sign is that the numeration (abjad) of a certain part of Surat al-Qamar 54:1 by alphabetical Arabic letters is 1969, the year whenAmerican astronauts set foot on the moon. (For detailed information on this numeration technique, refer to the section "The Time of Prophet Jesus' (pbuh)Second Coming.")
... The Hour has drawn near and the moon has split. (Qur’an, 54:1)
Hijri (Islamic): 1390, Gregorian (Christian): 1969
We also need to mention that "the splitting of the moon" is one of the miracles that God granted to our Prophet (may God bless him and grant him peace).One hadith relates this miracle, as follows:
 ... This hadith has been transmitted on the authority of Abdullah b. Mas`ud [who said]: We were along withGod's Messenger (may peace be upon him) at Mina, when the moon was split in two. One of its parts wasbehind the mountain, and the other one was on this side of the mountain. (Sahih Muslim)
This is the miracle heralded in the verse. However, as the Qur'an is applicable to alltimes, we can assume that this verse also draws our attention to the exploration of theMoon. (God knows best.)
The Iran-Iraq War 
The following hadith reveals an important war that will take place in the End Times:
There will be tumult in Shawwal [the tenth Islamic month], talks of war in Dhu al-Qa'dah [the eleventh Islamic month], and the outbreak of war in Dhu al-Hijja [the twelfh month]. (Muhammad ibn 'Abd al-Rasul  Barzanji, Al-Isha'ah li-Ashrat as-Sa'ah, p. 166)
These three months coincide with the months during which the Iran-Iraq war developed.
Tumult in Shawwal …
The first uprising against the Shah took place on 5 Shawwal 1398 (8 September 1976), as indicated by the hadith.
Talks of war in Dhu al-Qa`dah, and the outbreak of war in Dhu al-Hijjah …
A full-blown war broke out between Iran and Iraq in Dhu al-Hijjah 1400 (October 1980).
The Bloodiest Clashes of the 7 Years…IRAN-IRAQ: CHEST TO CHEST (Turkiye, January 22, 1987)The Result of the Iran-Iraq War:APPROXIMATELY 2 MILLION DEAD (Turkiye, August 3, 1988)IRAN INVADED IRAQONE STEP FORWARD, ONE STEP BACK; IRAN-IRAQ WAR Iraqi planes bomb Iran; WAR 
Another hadith describes the details of this war as follows:
 A nation/tribe will come from the Farsi direction, saying: "You Arabs! You have been too zealous! If youdon't give them their due rights, nobody will have an alliance with you ... It must be given to them one day and to you the following day, and mutual promises must be kept ..." They will be going up Mutekh; Muslims will be coming down to the plain ... Mushrikun [idolaters] will be standing over there on the bank of a black river  [Rakabeh] on the other side. There will be a war between them. God will deprive both armies of a victory ...(Muhammad ibn `Abd al-Rasul Barzanji, Al-Isha`ah li Ashrat as-Sa`ah, p. 179)
Above you see some of the news about Iran-Iraq war.
- Those coming from the Farsi direction:
those coming from the Iranian side-
Iran, Iranian-
Coming down to the plain:
Coming down to the Iranian plain-
Name of a mountain in the region-
A region where the oil wells are concentrated

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