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Magic Items 1

Magic Items 1



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Published by darren
magic items list
magic items list

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Published by: darren on Jul 16, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Blue Armour of Protection
This leather armour is padded with pieces of scales from a blue dragon. It gives thewearer an extra +1
on torso and arms. In addition, it protects against all lightningattacks, giving +20% to
Magic Tests
against lightning.
Purple Armour of Khaz
This Armour is made by the dwarven smith and runemaster Khaz, to a warrior namedSiegfred Arnmeyer, who once saved his life.The armour is made of a special mithril alloy, which has a purple glow, hence the name of the armour. It gives the wearer 3
on all locations it covers (which is all body locationsif the wearer has all parts of this armour. But many years has passed since the armour wascomplete, and parts of it are known to exist in many different locations, thus making itextremely difficult to locate and complete the armour again. Each single part does stillhave the effect of 3
on the specific location it covers, being the breast plate, leggingsor whatever is to be found.
Shadow Armour
This jet-black studded leather armour gives the wearer 1
to body and arm locations,and adds +15% to all
Cloak of Shielding
This purplish red cloak projects a sphere of energy that protects the wearer from missileweapons. It also slows melee weapons somewhat. It gives the wearer +1
on alllocations, and by using up one charge, adds a further +2
against all ranged weaponsfor 1D6 turns. When found, it has 10 + 1D10 charges. 
Cloak of the Wolf 
Also known as "Reliar's Mistake" A great amount of irony surrounds the creation of thismagical cloak. Reliar was a mage who overestimated the amount of control he had over magic, and in the course of creating this garment ha apparently inflicted lycanthropyupon himself. The wearer can polymorph himself into a wolf as he wishes, once per day,and choose by himself for how long he wants to stay in the new form, for up to twohours. Relair was not so lucky.
Helm of Invisibility
This helm makes the wearer invisible up to three times per day. The wearer initiates theeffect by uttering the proper command word, and when invisible, he cannot be targeted by missile weapons (although he is not immune to a stray arrow coming his way), and inclose combat the opponent's effective
is halved. The wearer will be visible if he iswounded, or successfully makes an attack. Besides that, he can make himself visible atwill.
Helm of Krondar the Fearless
Owned by Krondar Firehammer, nicknamed 'The Fearless' during a dwarf-goblin war almost a millenium ago. Krondar was a fearless leader of a small dwarf army thatdefended Caraz-A-Carak against a goblinoid invasion. At the darkest hour, while other fell around him, he stood firm and battled the horde, and by seeing his courage what's leftof the dwarven army rallied around him and fought back against almost impossible odds.At the end of the day, one of the bloodiest battles Caraz-A-Carak have ever seen wasover, and the survivors of the small army had successfully defended the stronghold.The helmet will protect against all critical hits to the wearer's head, and furthermore add+10 to
Iron Ring of the Panther
This is a black ring made of iron with small pieces of onyx set around a black pearl. Itadds +10 to
and +10 to
to the wearer. Once per day, by uttering the correctword, it allows the wearer to strike a single, very powerful blow (uses up all the wearer'sattacks for one round), allowing the wearer to strike with +40 to
and +10 to
Ring of the Mind
A golden ring with runes engraved all the way around it. It gives the wearer +10 to
, and if the wearer is a spellcaster it adds +8 Magic Points to hisPower Level.
Azure Shield of Protection
This shield is made out of a large scale from a blue dragon. It gives the wearer an extra+1
on all locations. In addition, it protects against all lightning attacks, giving +20%to
Magic Tests
against lightning.
Staff of Life
This white staff looks plain, but a small symbol of Shallya is engraved near the top, alongwith a ring of runes.The owner is able to use the staffs power to
Cure Light Wounds
twice per day, and for 1charge cast
Cure Severe Wounds
.By using up all the remaining stored charges the staff is able to raise a dead person back to life. The person must have died within the last hour, or the staff cannot help him. After this power have been used, the staff loses its magical powers for good.When found, the staff contains 19+1d6 charges, and have a maximum of 25 charges. Itcan be recharged by performing a certain ritual (which is up to the GM to decide). If thelast charge is used up before recharging, the staff loses its magical powers permanently.
Staff of Revorax
 Note : This is a very powerful staff, and is not suitable against a beginning party (I amnot even sure if it is suitable against a powerful party either...) so use with care. If youhave any comments about the staff then email me.
About 3-400 years ago a Malal chaos cult received this staff from their god. But someyears later the cult was attacked and almost wiped out. The staff was locked up in secretin Talabheim. 120 years ago the staff was stolen and disappered, although it was rumoredthat it was on its way to "somewhere in the Black Mountains".A search party later found a temple in the mountains, which was assaulted and destroyed, but the staff and its current "owner" got away. It is said that the Staff of Revorax is still inthe vicinity of the temple.According to old scripts from the cult, the staff contains a daemon, who was punished bythe god. The daemon could be released by performing a certain ritual. If the ritual was performed correctly, the cult would be able to control the daemon. Nothing is mentionedabout how the ritual was to be performed, or if the story about the enslaved daemon istrue or not (but the chaos gods are somewhat unpredictable...)
The staff radiates a powerful aura of magic and evil. If an individual begins to examinethe staff, he will surprisingly easy learn some of its powers (but
its disadvantages!These are very difficult to learn about) - it almost feels like the staff wants to be used...

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