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Published by: Sowingseedsothought on Nov 20, 2010
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Vol. No.1, Issue No.34 Mumbai: Friday, November 19, 2010 Rs.5/- RNI No. MAHENG/2010/32801
A Weekly Stirring up the Soul of Bharat 
November 16, 2010: For a longtime, I did not even know that JGopikrishnan was a stringer based inThiruvananthapuram working for ThePioneer’s now-aborted Kochi edition. Sowhen he came to Delhi pleading for a jobat the headquarters once the Kochi editionshut in 2007, I was rather sceptical. I toldBureau chief Navin Upadhyay thatalthough I had noticed a few bylinedstories by him, Gopi had no exposure toDelhi and, therefore, was unlikely to haveany worthwhile contacts here. Navin,however, persuaded me to try him out forthree months. In fact, the letter ofappointment specifically mentioned thisalong with a “stipend” that was trulylaughable by Delhi standards.Gopi did not break any earth-shaking stories during the trial period. Buthis sincerity, diligence, dogged pursuit ofstories and pleasing personality made upfor that. He was given a properappointment letter after three monthsalthough his salary remained rather low.My opinion began to change after friendsin Left parties began to mention him tome in Parliament’s Central Hall, pointingto the depth of his knowledge of thetelecom sector. Officially, he was on theLeft beat so I still did not attach too muchsignificance to that.Then the cascade began. Startingmid-2008, he broke one story afteranother on scandalous ramifications ofthe 2G spectrum allotment. The issue wascomplex and most people don’tunderstand its intricacies even now. ButGopi had cracked the scandal.And as one exclusive report followedanother, information flowed to him like amagnet attracting pins. Navin worked hardon these reports, filling up missing links,polishing them and quoting relevantdocuments. The 2G scam was Gopi’spassion and he scoured the Net, apart fromvisiting officers in their offices and homes,gathering material. He had friends acrossthe political “spectrum”; Gopi, despite hisKerala origins, was ideology-neutral.I don’t know how much pressure hecame under and from which quarters. ButI faced more pressure over these reportsthan anything else in my 27 years of journalism, of which nearly 20 have beenspent in senior editorial positions. I amproud to have withstood them. But evenmore proud that I gave a dynamic youngman from Kerala a break in the nationalmedia, a break he used to do the nation asterling service. J Gopikrishnan has madehistory and The Pioneer basks in hisachievement.The Pioneer Investigative Teamasked Gopi to unravel his journey from afledgling political reporter to giant killer.Excerpts from a chat:Q: How did you come across the 2Gscam story?A: We sensed a scam when SwanNew Delhi, Nov. 17, 2010: TheSupreme Court on Tuesday questionedthe “alleged inaction and silence” on thepart of Prime Minister Manmohan Singhfor 16 months in taking a decision on aprivate complaint seeking sanction forprosecution of A. Raja, who has sinceresigned as Telecom Minister, in the 2Gspectrum scam.“The Prime Minister could have saidthat the material on record was insufficientand declined sanction but he could nothave sat over the complaint for 16months,” observed Justice A.K. Ganguly,who was on a two-judge Bench presidedover by Justice G.S. Singhvi.The Bench was hearing a specialleave petition filed by Janata Partypresident Subramanian Swamy for adirection to the Prime Minister to grantsanction for prosecution of Mr. Raja. Itasked Solicitor-General (SG) GopalSubramaniam, representing the PrimeMinister, to go through records and informthe court on Thursday what action wastaken on Dr. Swamy's complaint.The entire 2G spectrum scam isa multistage, well thought-out act inwhich a criminal conspiracy washatched between private companies/ persons and officials of theDepartment of Telecom-munications(DoT) to circumvent an open,transparent auction process bychoosing the first come, first servedroute and thereby causing a huge lossto the exchequer, counsel PrashantBhushan argued in the Supreme Courton Monday.During the hearing on Monday,Mr. Bhushan disputed the DoT'scounter-affidavit that there was no lossin the award of 2G spectrum andquoted the final report of the Director-General of Audit (Post and Telegraph),according to which the scam resultedin a loss of about 1.76 lakh crore. WhenJustice Ganguly wanted to know whetherthis was part of the CAG report, counselsaid it would be part of the final CAGreport, which was yet to be tabled inParliament.Mr. Bhushan quoted the DGA report,which said: “It was noticed by the CAGthat 13 applicants were ready with
UPA’s Scandal Raj
Why was the PM silent for 16 months?
Our Bureau(Continued on page 2)
Mumbai, November 11, 2010: “Thisis the first public agitation of such amammoth scale of the RSS” says RamNaik former Petroleum Minister and aprominent member of the BJP. November10 is the day of Mass Dharna at the AzadMaidan to protest against the misleadingcharges of “Hind” and “Saffron” Terrorismand the maligning of Hindu Saints andHindu organizations.“Saffron is a color of Sacrifice, it is acolor of Purity” explains Shri Ram Naik tome, “how can it be linked to terror?”“Swami Vivekananda wore saffronclothes, Shri Shankarcharya stillwears saffron clothes ….canthey be called Terrorists?” ShriRam Naik has raised a verypertinent question indeed.According to SwamiVidyanand Ji, Hindu ethos issuch that it accommodates othercommunities too. The result ofwhich is that while the populationof the other communities grewin strength the Hindu populationdwindled. “Who was responsiblefor the 9/11 terror attack? Whocarried out the Madrid Train bombing?Who attacked the Indian Parliament andput Mumbai city to siege for three dayswhen the Taj Hotel was attacked on 26thNovember 2008? Hindus have no enmity
RSS Mass Dharnain Mumbai
Prof. Indira Satyanarayan(Continued on page 3)
Gopikrishnan - the manwho felled a king
Chandan Mitra(Continued on page 3)
Cultural Nationalism v/s rapaciouscapitalism blended with increasinglyhigher doses of corruption at all levels -these are the two diametrically oppositeforces that finally came face to face forthe first time in India since independencein 1947. Is this Maturing or degenerationof India in the 21st century?Last week was a rather shamefulweek for India that just a week before hadthe privileged visit of USA President BarackObama who among other things also "gaveIndia a ticket Mars" - meaning, USA issupportive of India now getting the seat onthe world's high table of UN SecurityCouncil, and also lent the powerful supportto India against its relentless fight againstterrorism based in Pakistan.So, if the events that unfolded lastweek resulting in the show of strength onthe road by the followers of the respectiveforces - Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh(RSS) and the Congress (I) - the latter in
RSS vs Cong: unequal,Dangerous battle ahead
Sharad Mistry
control of the government machinery andalso the mindset of the electorate wasseen to be leading ahead in what seemsto be the beginning of one of the mostunequal and dangerous battle that lieahead for India as a whole.Congress has since decadesconsidered RSS as its arc rival right fromthe years that led to independence in1947. Even after independence, RSS hasbeen seen as a threat to the Congressleaders - a corrupted mindset of whichwas reflected in the words of RahulGandhi, the new Prime Minister-in-the-making. No wonder therefore, RahulGandhi put RSS in the same category ofSIMI, the militant and dangerous outfit ofthe Muslims. Congress supremo SoniaGandhi (Rahul's mother) and theCongress politicians have of late beguncalling Hindus as a gang of 'terrorist' andthe RSS the fomenter of the "Saffron
(Continued on page 2)
National Spirit Vol.1, Issue No.34 Mumbai, November 19, 2010 Page 2
demand drafts and [they] even managedbank guarantees. Evidently, theseapplicants had advance information aboutthe issue of this notification by DoT whichenabled them to take appropriate advanceaction to draw the demand drafts andprepare other relevant documents forcomplying with the LOI [Letter of Intent]conditions in spite of the changed timelimit for compliance from 15 days to abouthalf a day.”Counsel argued that thedepartment's contention that it hadfollowed the existing first come, firstserved process “is a grossmisrepresentation. The modified versionis certainly aimed at benefiting the“favourites amongst the favoured.”Disputing the contention that 2G and3G could not be compared, the petitionersaid “while DoT gave away 6.2 MHz for 22circles, i.e.136.4 MHz of spectrum atRs.1,658.57 crore in 2008 at 2001 prices(at Rs.12 crore per MHz), the samegovernment decided to auction 3Gspectrum, therefore, yielding 5 MHz for 22circles, viz. 110 MHz for Rs.16,750.58 crore(an average yield of Rs.152 crore per MHz).So essentially, for 3G, the companies paid12 times higher for each MHz, i.e., Rs.152crore: Rs.12 crore, and yet, the first set ofvoice services launched by Tata Docomohas priced 3G voice lower than 2G voiceat 0.66 paisa per second.”The report of the Comptroller andAuditor General (CAG), which lent anedge to the clamour for A Raja's ousteras telecom minister, has also come downhard on the corporates who benefited fromthe controversial 2G spectrum allocation.The report, specifically focuses onhow facts about a top industrialist'ssubstantial stake in Swan Telecom - it farexceeded 10% - were concealed whileapplying for the 2G spectrum licence.According to the guidelines, no entitycan hold more than 10% stake in twotelecom service providers operating in thesame circle. Since a telecom companycontrolled by the industrialist - who alsohas interests in energy and entertainment- has a pan-Indian presence, Swan shouldhave been disqualified. Yet, it stayed inthe ring and went on to pip severalestablished contenders. The industrialist,one of India's richest, has denied any linkwith Swan.CAG's indictment of corporates foruse of "fraudulent means" to qualify runsinto several pages. The report lists not justcompanies but also the violations theauditor has found them guilty of. Thelicences issued to various companiesfloated by corporates such as Swan,Unitech, Loop and Datacom Allianz Infrainvolved several violations, the auditor haspointed out. As many as 85 of the 120licences were illegal, the CAG has said.The auditor has held Raja guilty offavouring a select group of companies inthe way he went about issuing a pressrelease on January 10, 2008 at 2.47 pm,giving companies just 45 minutes toassemble at DoT to collect responseletters to their applications. Raja'sfavourites, who knew of the press releasein advance, were able to be ready withperformance bank guarantees, financialbank guarantee and other requirementsin time. What's more, the auditor foundthat 13 applicants were ready withdemand drafts drawn on dates prior to thepress release being issued, proof that theywere aware of the minister's move.The report also demolishes Raja'sclaims that he went by the first-come-first-served (FCFS) concept followed in the pastby the department of telecom, accusinghim of tampering with even that system tofavour select private companies.The CAG audit is unique in manyways. For perhaps the first time in thehistory of CAG, the auditor has providedas an annexure file the notings of acabinet minister in order to indict him.Raja's personal notings that altered eventhe FCFS policy are part of the CAG reportannexure. Under the approved FCFSpractice, all applications were firstreceived in the central registry section ofDoT where the date of receipt and serialnumber are posted, and seniority wasdecided based on this. However, Rajaaltered this, by applying FCFS on thebasis of who first complied with the Letterof Intent conditions such as bankguarantee and entry fee.While the CAG has not endorsedany particular amount as the loss to thenational exchequer, it has applied at leastthree assessment methods. At themaximum, Raja has caused theexchequer a loss of over Rs 1.77 lakhcrore, it says. The auditor's findings onprivate companies are damning.
UPA’s Scandal Raj
New Delhi, November 14, 2010: Thenoose is tightening around Union telecomminister A. Raja in the Rs 1.7 lakh crore2G spectrum allocation scam. He is likelyto be questioned by the Central Bureauof Investigation (CBI) and theEnforcement Directorate (ED) soon for hisalleged involvement in what is being billedas the biggest scam in independentIndia's history.The minister's possible links with atleast one of the beneficiary companies arealso being probed, sources said.Both agencies have stumbled uponkey leads after questioning top officials ofseveral companies that benefitted fromthe spectrum allotment in 2008. Theseinclude Unitech Wireless and SwanTelecom.It is learnt that the investigators planto question the Department of Telecom(DoT) top officials about their alleged"benami" stakes in certain foreign-basedsubsidiaries.Sources confirmed that the firstround of investigation in the spectrumscandal is complete and reports havebeen received from all the beneficiarycompanies.The ED has completed questioningof top officials of companies includingSwan Telecom (now Etisalat DB), UnitechWireless (Now Uninor), S Tel, TataTeleservices, Loop Telecom, Data ComServices (now VideoconTelecommunications), etc. Now, strategicinvestments made in foreign companiessuch as Etisalat Mauritius, Telenor AsiaPvt Ltd and BMIC Ltd, are beinginvestigated, sources said.An official source said the focus ofthe investigation will be on UnitechWireless and Swan Telecom and theirsubsidiaries. Unitech and Swan had noprior telecom experience, and had soldtheir stake to foreign companies at muchhigher prices. The companies, however,denied any wrongdoing and stated that itwas a perfectly legitimate businessexercise. The DoT, too, insists that thecompanies only inducted strategicpartners as investors by issuing additionalequity shares to them. But ED sourcessaid the agency will also investigate therouting of funds in some companiesNew Delhi, November 16, 2010:After A Raja, investigating agencies havetrained their guns on corporate lobbyistNira Radia.Radia, who has been dodging theagencies for long, was issued freshnotices by theenforcementdirectorate(ED) onMonday forallegedinvolvement inthe 2Gspectrumscam.The British passport-holder wasearlier issued summons on two occasionsbut did not appear before ED, forcing it toissue a third notice on Monday. Failure toappear personally this time may result inED taking a stern step, sources said.Radia had strongly lobbied for Rajato be made telecom minister in the UPA-II government in June 2009.
CBI and ED tightennoose around Raja
(Our Bureau)
through tax havens. Official sources saidthey will also consider attaching "assetsof beneficiary companies and of top DOTofficials" as they would be construed asproceeds of a crime under the Preventionof Money Laundering Act (PMLA). This willhappen only after the CBI, which hasregistered a case against unknownofficials, files a chargesheet in thespectrum scandal.The investigating agencies arelearnt to have fine-tuned their strategy ata meeting held on Saturday, during whichserious differences emerged between twotop government legal officers. The CBIand ED, citing conflict of interest, hadrefused to share their secret findings withDoT officials and legal representatives.The spectrum case is slated to come upbefore the Supreme Court on Monday andthe agencies are expected to give theirstatus report.Intriguingly, the meeting wasfacilitated by a top government legalluminary who insisted on investigatingagencies sharing their report with the DoT,raising the agencies' eyebrows.The principal Opposition party BJPsaid on Saturday that this meetingbetween Raja's lawyer, the solicitorgeneral and a CBI official to chalk out aunified strategy on the 2G spectrum casewas proof of the government's coverupplan and is tantamount to contempt of theSupreme Court.According to a PTI report, BJPspokesperson Prakash Javadekar said:"Such a meeting is unheard of, is totallyunethical and is clear proof of thegovernment's coverup plan." PTI, quotingreports, said a "law officer had called ameeting of Raja's counsel Anita Shenoy, DIG(CBI's Anti-Corruption Bureau) S. K. Palsaniaand the investigating CBI official concernedVivek Priyadarshi in the presence of solicitorgeneral of India Gopal Subramaniam." "ThePrime Minister has a clean image but hecannot remain a mute spectator to these sins,crimes and scams for so long," Javadekarwas quoted by the PTI as saying. "TheBJP also asks Sonia Gandhi and Rahulto explain their stand. They can choosenot to speak on inconvenient issues, butthey should not forget that nobody can foolall the people all the time."
Nira Radia gets freshED notices
Sources said the Union financeministry has asked ED director ArunMathur to expedite investigation againstthe PR consultant.Last week, Radia had furnisheddetails sought by ED. The details includedcash flow statements of her fourcompanies from 2005 and personal andcompany bank transactions. But sourcessaid ED was not convinced.Radia’s aide Rohit Dubey ofVaishnavi Corporate Communicationssaid, “We have submitted all documentsasked by ED. We are not aware of anyfresh notice.”Meanwhile, Central Bureau ofInvestigation has not been able to get alaboratory report of a recordedconversation between Radia and Raja.Radia and aides’ connections withhigh-profile people in the telecom sectorand Raja came to light after the income-tax department put their phones undersurveillance for 120 days in 2008 and 180days in 2009.Terror". There are much more heinousallegations that the Congress has beencraftily and meticulously unleashingagainst the RSS and its leaders… almostlike push-come-to-shove.No person in his/her right mind, norany party of the stature of the RSS wouldwant to silently swallow these increasingfoolishness heaped upon it. So, for the firsttime since 1948, RSS was forced to comeout in the open against the governmentacross the country - along with its variousoperative of its sister-organizationsincluding the political wing Bhartiya JanataParty (BJP), the Vishwa Hindu Parishad(VHP), the Bajarang Dal and many more -highlighting to the peoples the wrongsbeing committed by the Congress and theUPA, including the instances of therapacious corruption in the just concludedCommonwealth Games, the multi-crorescam by the defiant telecom minister ARaja, the so-called Adarsh Society inMumbai, the failure of the government toprotect Mumbai and the nation from therepeatedly unleashed terrorist activities,the unduly rising prices of essentialcommodities, the inflation dragon… andmuch more.This revealing of its dark side by theRSS was getting unbearable for Congressand its UPA allies. Just as it was preparingto retaliate, the RSS was itself pushed intoa soup-like situation by none other than byone of its former Sarsanghachalak K SSudarshan. In his speech Sudarshan calledSonia Gandhi to be a foreign agent, thatshe had some role in the deaths of her ownmother-in-law (Indira Gandhi) and also herhusband (Rajiv Gandhi) and that RajivGandhi wanted to leave her (Sonia Gandhi).While the BJP distanced itself fromSudarshan's remarks, the RSS the nextday issued a carefully worded statementsaying that the views of its former chiefwere not the views of the Sangh. Inaddition to this, the RSS ideologue M.G.Vaidya on Saturday urged Congress chiefSonia Gandhi to file a defamation suitagainst K.S. Sudarshan for usingdefamatory language against her. Andthere were reports in the section of the
RSS vs Cong: unequal, Dangerous battle ahead
(Continued from page 1)(Continued from page 1)(Continued on page 3)
National Spirit Vol.1, Issue No.34 Mumbai, November 19, 2010 Page 3
against anyone so when Hindus areaccused of terror activities it looks like , ‘Ultachor kothwal ko danta’.’’ Shri Vidyanand Jisaid that when Rahul Gandhi says that SIMIand RSS are one, he is spitting on himself.In Christianity God sends his sondown to earth, in Islam a messenger issent, but in Hindu religion God himselfdescends to earth in the form of Avaatar – incarnation - to save Humanity. Such isthe greatness of the Hindu religion saidSwami Bodhananad Ji. Kashmir is anintegral part of India. There is no doubtabout that said Shri Bodhananad Ji. Asfor Arundhati Roy who stated that Kashmirwas never a part of India - “Arundhati Royis a Surpanakha whose nose has to becut off” said Shri Bodhananad Ji. IfKashmir is not a part of India how comeShankaracharya traveled all the way toKashmir and stayed there to revive SantanDharma? asked shri Bodhanand Ji.In Sri Nagar district there is thistemple of Shri Shankaracharya. Thosewho say that Kashmir is not a part of Indiado not know the history well.Lauding the social service renderedby the RSS Shri Raj Purohit said thatduring the Latur and Kutch earthquakeand the Andhra Cyclone the RSS hadreached out to the affected people withsupport and relief materials.Shri Sunil Ambekar – All IndiaOrganizing Secretary of ABVP was aDynamic speaker. Firing in eloquentMarathi he said that the CentralGovernment was trying to defame theRSS but the RSS is not scared to confrontproblems. “Rashtriya Bhakti Tera NaamRSS hai”, he said. When Indian cultureand tradition is put in text books it is calledas Saffronisation of education, helamented. There will no compromise onthe Kashmir issue, said Shri Ambekar. TheAmarnath Yatra was an Yatra of victoryfor the Hindus.When Shri Dattaji Hasbole took overthe mike he said that Hilter’s MinisterJoseph Gobbels had said that if you telllies a 100 times it becomes the truth. Buteven if the Congress were to lie a hundredtimes that the RSS is involved in TerroristActivities, the Truth – which is that the RSSis a patriotic organization, engaged in theservice of the Nation - will prevail. Whenthe Congress talks of Democracy it shouldremember the Sikh massacre that tookplace after Indira Gandhi’s assassination.Why are so many Bangla Deshis allowedentry in to India? he askedAccording to Shri Muzaffer Hussain,recipient of the Padma Shri award, to callthe RSS as Terrorists is nothing new. EvenBhagat Singh was viewed as a terroristonce but now he is acknowledged as amartyr. Similarly time will tell that the RSSis the only organization which lives anddies for the Country. Using a simile ShriHussain said that if the need arisesHindus should be willing to wage a 4thPanipat war to have Kashmir. Shri RamTemple has to be built in Ayodhya saidshri Hussain Ji.Prakash Mehta the BJP MLAspreads out his hands and says, “this isthe first time that the RSS has cometogether as one family on a stage”.“Equating SIMI with RSS is dirty politics”says Prakash Mehta.There is a significant point made byShri Ram NAIK Ji which needs the RSSintrospection. Shri Naik Ji said that thoughthe support for the Rss is increasing, thenumber of the Shakas is decreasing.To increase the number in theShakas we have to evolve the youth,motivate them to do more Shaka work andsocial service . As an echo to my thoughtsI see Harsh – the young handsome sonof Shri Prakash Mehta standing next tohim . “He has come to attend the Dharnawith me” says a proud Mehta Ji. ShriPrakash Mehta explains further that hisson is pursuing his B.Com degree throughcorrespondence course as he wants todevote more time for party work. RSSneeds to work more to increase thenumber of youth in its fold. There weremore Senior Citizens and elders at theDharna than youth. When you take in theyouth you are infusing an organizationwith zest, energy and fresh oxygen. TheRSS should take note of this.
(Continued from page 1)
RSS Mass Dharna in Mumbai
and Unitech started offloading shares atwhopping prices of Rs.4,500 crore andRs.6,200 crore in September 2008.Bureau chief Navin Upadhyay asked meto dig for information and luckily we got agreat whistleblower, who knew the ins andouts of the Telecom Ministry. He once toldme the PM was totally unhappy with Rajaand had summoned him to ask what wasgoing on.Slowly, the whistleblower narratedthe entire range of corruption in theMinistry. Those days, Minister Raja wasmaking false claims that he had followedhis predecessors. This youngGovernment officer told me about theparking of funds in front companies by theMinister and his associates in the nameof relatives. He told me who the actualbeneficiaries of the scam were, includingcorporates, politicians and lobbyists.This officer asked me to talk to myEditor and get his consent and only thenwould he reveal further. The Editor toldme to go ahead and the whistleblowerbecame a goldmine of hidden informationfor The Pioneer. Days and nights ofdiscussion and checking the authenticityof facts happened in his office and at manycrowded places in the city, once it becameimportant to avoid detection.Q: Which was the first story you didand what was the reaction?A: After finding out the gamut of frontcompanies dealing in real estate, wedecided to expose Raja’s ill-gotten wealth.Chandan Mitra and Navin Upadhyay sawall documents and decided to go aheadwith the series. The first story appearedon December 11, 2008, on Raja’s mainreal estate front company, Green HousePromoters. The details of othercompanies and hidden irregularities in thespectrum scam were published over thefollowing days.Q: Did you come under pressure tostop the campaign? How did you wardthem off?A: I met Raja after the first report,as directed by the Editor. He alleged thatI was being funded by his rivals in the partyand even told me some names. He wasvisibly shaken asking me how I got thedetails of his personal assets. Herequested me to avoid writing. My replywas that I had been deputed by the Editoronly to take his version, nothing else. Rajaagreed to speak, but repeatedlyrequested me to stop writing further onthis. Similarly, many corporate groupswere after me with the same plea. I mustsay none threatened or behaved badly.Those days, Raja was planning toconduct the 3G auction at cheap baserates without Cabinet’s approval. Manyagents from the corporate sectorrequested us to stop our series ofexposes, saying our reports would forcethe Government to refer the 3G auctionto an EGoM. We told them that wasexactly what we wanted. But I must saysome friends with contacts in high placeswarned me I may be targeted. It was ahidden warning, which I ridiculed. It wouldnot be fair to reveal what kind of offerswere made by different entities to avoidthe 3G issue going to an EGoM. But finally,the Cabinet referred it to an EGoM, whichput Raja out of the picture and the nationnetted `1.06 lakh crore.Q: Did any political or corporateentity offer you financial inducements tostop writing on this?A: Yes, they did. The figures weremind-boggling. Corporate lobbyists andRaja’s people even asked me to stopinforming the Editor and end the seriesabruptly. I told them even the meeting withthem was in the knowledge of the Editorand the Bureau chief. Some shamelessfellows tried to access Raja, claimingfriendship with me. Some were acting asdouble agents. One top lobbyist wasactually a double agent. That person wasleaking information against Raja whileproviding information to him too. Pressureon the whistleblower was enormous bynow, but he stood by us fearlessly. Therewere several politicians who enlightenedand encouraged me. Some bureaucratsand police officials also guided ourinvestigations.Q: Do you think the matter will endwith Raja’s resignation or will more headsroll?A: I personally feel the court casesfiled by Subramanian Swamy andPrashant Bhushan would come to logicalconclusions, leading to the cancellationof all licences which were found illegal byCAG. The court may direct auctions to beheld like the old petrol pump scam ofSatish Sharma. I don’t expect anythingfrom the Government in this matter. Somepersons, including Raja, may face thewrath of the law. I don’t think anythingharsh will happen to corporates from theGovernment’s side. After the CAG reportand PAC findings, if the Government hasthe willpower, it can - by executive order -cancel all licences and order auction,which will definitely fetch around Rs.2-3lakh crore.Q: How do you think the Governmentcan make the spectrum policy transparentand above board?A: Spectrum management should behanded over to ISRO, but no politicianwould like that for obvious reasons. InIndia, spectrum is not yet audited. No oneknows how much spectrum is available.This was purposefully done for makingeasy money. First the Government shouldask an organisation like ISRO to auditspectrum availability in all departments.Only then will transparency come.Q: After Telecom what? Do you havemore targets in mind?A: No idea. I felt totally exhaustedupon learning of Raja’s resignation. I wasexpecting good news on Sunday, whensources told me Pranab Mukherjee hadfirmly asked Karunanidhi at 11.30 am toremove Raja. This was doubly confirmedwhen they later said Raja was forced tosign the papers around 5.30 pm. Anyway,no idea what’s for me next…life will goon. I was covering Health and Left(parties) those days. By a stroke of luck,Raja came on our radar…Virtual pat on backWithin minutes of A Raja submittinghis letter of resignation to the PrimeMinister late Sunday night, India’stwitterati erupted into joyous celebrations.Pouring ridicule and vitriol on the scam-tainted Minister, twitterers across Indiaheaped praise on The Pioneer andtweeted congratulatory messages to JGopikrishnan by the hundreds. Several ofthe tweets were RT’ed, or re-tweeted,amplifying the overwhelming outpouringof goodwill for the paper. Had the newsnot broken on a Sunday, that too late inthe night, when people are usually offline,both The Pioneer and Gopi would havetrended globally, which they almost did,such was the enthusiastic response. Thecongratulatory tweets continued to pourin through Sunday night and Monday fromIndians around the world. Tellingly, manyof the tweets pointed out that The Pioneerpersisted with a story that no ‘big’ paperwould touch or 24x7 news channels wouldreport. Along with Raja, Delhi’s self-appointed ‘MSM’, or mainstream media,was the clear loser!
(Continued from page 1)
Gopikrishnan - the man who felled a king
print media that said RSS regret over itsformer chief's statements has apologizedfor Sudarshan's views.Undoubtedly the supporters of theCongress and its allies in the UPA werepeeved off by Sudarshan's remarks. Theywere on the streets the very next day,burning effigies of the RSS… Theuncalculated retaliation against RSS wasvery aggressive across the country.On Nov 10, in Mumbai, the RSS-ledrally got an enthusiastic response and themedia had almost blacked it out. The twomain speakers - the revered saints -impressed the audience about the wrong-doings of the UPA and the sheerfoolishness, including the latter's allegationof branding even the Hindus as terrorists.Directly or indirectly, the anti-Hinduwave is gaining strength and therefore,these are one of the most criticallychallenging times unfolding for India.Challenging and historic times have neverbeen smooth, neither will this one be. So,while the leaders of the RSS wants thenation building Cultural Nationalism to beat the fore in the minds of the peoples atthese times, the Congress (I) led UPAgovernment wants to throw India'smillennia old culture to the winds, rout thisconcept of Cultural Nationalism and itssupporters from the minds of the peoplesacross the country and is all out toappease all sections of the peoples morewith splash of money and conducivepolicy support, the maximum gainers ofwhich are the Muslims, and to some extentthose of the BPL - below poverty line.For their own respective reasons,neither the Muslims nor the extremely poorpeoples are in any which way concernedwith the culture of India; and the vastmiddle class that India is famed for andnurtured by Congress is currently blindedby the gains of capitalism - individuality,hedonism and of course stark indifferenceto cultural nationalism.All this calls for the RSS and itsthinking leaders to urgently work out a planthat would be acceptable also by the newgen members who are keen to contributein the overall progress of the country.It is because of this fast-changingmindset of the peoples of India that theensuing battle between the RSS and theCongress-led UPA government isunequal, and therefore, also dangerous.
RSS vs Cong: unequal, Dangerous battle ahead
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