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Contoh Soal-soal Reading

Contoh Soal-soal Reading

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Published by Ucu Solehudin

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Published by: Ucu Solehudin on Nov 26, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Nama :………………………….. Mata kuliah : readingKelas :………………………….. Waktu : 2 x 35 menitHari/tanggal:…………………………..
Read the text below carefully!
Once upon time, a man had a wonderful parrot. There was no other parrot like it.The parrot could say every word, except one word. The parrot would not say the name of the place where it was born. The name of the place was Catano.The man felt excited having the smartest parrot but he could not understand whythe parrot would not say Catano. The man tried to teach the bird to say Catano however the bird kept never saying the word.At the first, the man was very nice to the bird but then he got very angry. “Youstupid bird!” pointed the man to the parrot. “Why can’t you say the word? Say Catano!Or I will kill you” the man said angrily. Although he tried hard to teach, the parrot wouldnot say it. Then the man got so angry and shouted to the bird over and over; “Say Catanoor I’ll kill you”. The bird kept never saying the word of Catano.One day, after he had been trying so many times to make the bird say Catano, theman really got very angry. He could not bear it. He picked the parrot and threw it into thechicken house. There were four old chickens for next dinner “You are as stupid as thechickens. Just stay with them” Said the man angrily. Then he continued to humble; “Youknow, I will cut the chicken for my meal. Next it will be your turn, I will eat you too,stupid parrot”. After that he left the chicken house.The next day, the man came back to the chicken house. He opened the door andwas very surprised. He could not believe what he saw at the chicken house. There werethree death chickens on the floor. At the moment, the parrot was standing proudly andscreaming at the last old chicken; “Say Catano or I’ll kill you”.
I. Choose the correct answer by crossing ( X ) A, B, C, D, or E according to the text!
1. What was the title of the text above ?A. The Laziest Parrot D. The Foolest ParrotB. The Most Beautiful Parrot E. The Youngest ParrotC. The Smartest Parrot2. Who was a wonderful parrot owner?
A. The young girl D. The manB. The young boy E. The pretty girlC. The old man3. Why did he get so angry ? Because……..A. The parrot couldn`t say CatanoB. The parrot could say every wordC. The parrot killed the chickenD. The parrot ate his foodE. The parrot got sick 4. Where was the parrot born ?A. In the chicken house D. In the man`s houseB. In Catano E. In the villageC. In the jungle5. When did he pick and throw the parrot into the chicken house?A. After he want to eat dinner D. After he need a mealB. After he felt so tired E. After he had been trying so many times toC. After he got so angry make the bird say Catano6. How many chicken were there in the chicken house ?A. There were three chicken in the chicken houseB. There were four chicken in the chicken houseC. There were five chicken in the chicken houseD. There were six chicken in the chicken houseE. There were seven chicken in the chicken house
7. Which of the following was true?A. The man was so glad when he knew the parrot couldn`t be able to say catanoB. The parrot was born in CatanoC. The parrot was killed by the manD. The parrot could say every word including the name of the place where it was bornE. Catano was the title of the song that could be sung by the parrot8. Whose the parrot was that?A. That was boy`s D. That was woman`sB. That was man`s E. That was yoursC. That was mine9. Whom did the parrot make so angry?A. The parrot made a boy so angry D. The parrot made someone so angryB. The parrot made a girl so angry E. The parrot made chicken so angryC. The parrot made a man so angry10. Why was the man very surprised? Because………….A. He saw three death chicken on the floor of rhe chicken houseB. He saw death parrot on the floor of the chicken houseC. He heard the parrot`s songD. He heard the voice of the storm from the chicken houseE. He saw death both of them
II. Answer the following questions!
1.What kind of the text could you find from the text above? And what wasdefinition of your answer?2.Who had taught the parrot?

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