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Lesson Plan #4 -- W540

Lesson Plan #4 -- W540

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Published by Susan_Sanders416

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Susan_Sanders416 on Nov 30, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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W540Lesson Plan #4Susan Sanders
Students as Contributors
Grade - 12Course - EconomicsLength  Six 45-minute periods (Over a two week period)Method of Assessment  Contribution to a Team GlogLesson Author  Susan Sanders
Lesson Overview
Senior students in economics, will throughout the course of the semester, be introduced to personalfinance issues related to various topics. For example, when discussing the decision making model andtrade-offs, we will include how students determine what they are going to spend their money on. Toculminate our discussion, students will be required to make a contribution to an overview of financialliteracy. Students will be given a list of possible topics to choose from, but may go with their own ideaafter being teacher approved. Students will also be allowed to choose the product which will bestdisplay their information, but will be in a group that must utilize various methods of presentation. Theaudience will be recent high school graduates (within the last four years). The class will organizethemselves into groups of four or five and post their resulting products into one presentation using aGlogster poster.
rom Theory to Practice
Providing an education that is relevant today, means teachers must change the structure of the deliveryof that instruction. Students living in the 21
century are not engaged in the 19
century structuredclassrooms that they are being provided. Integrating technology into the classroom is one way in whichto bridge this great divide, but we cannot simply infuse what we have always done with a computer. Forstudents to be fully engaged, teachers must incorporate a variety of technological tools available, createrelevant products, and allow students to contribute to and become responsible for their own education.The project described here will give students the opportunity to select their area of information toexamine, as well as decide on the method of presentation best suited for their research findings.Furthermore, state standards, as well as ISTE standards, will be met.
ndiana State Standards
 E 1.2  Explain how producers and consumers confront the condition of scarcity by making choiceswhich involve opportunity costs and trade-offs.E 6.4  Explain how interests rates acts as an incentive to savers and borrowers.E 6.6  Compare and contrast credit, savings, and investment services available to the consumer fromfinancial institutions.E 6.9  Analyze the difference in borrowing costs using various rates of interest when purchasing a majoritem, such as a car or house.
STE National Standards
Creativity and Innovation  students demonstrate creative thinking, construct knowledge, anddevelop innovative products and processes using technology. Students:a.
Apply existing knowledge to generate new ideas, products, and processes.b.
Create original works as a means of personal or group expression.2.
Technology Operations and Concepts  students demonstrate a sound understanding of technology concepts, systems, and operations. Students:a.
Understand and use technology systems.b.
Select and use applications effectively and productively.c.
Transfer current knowledge to using new technologies.
Teacher Resource
Slideshow for using Glogster.http://www.slideshare.net/jmcgee/glog-on-presentation 
Materials and Technology
Classroom Computer and Projector2.
Classroom set of computers or use of lab. (Each student will need access to a computer duringsessions 2  4, 9 & 10).3.
Hand out for requirements and rubric.4.
Video equipment for students who do not have access to their own. (My school has twocameras that I can check out. I require the students to make appointments with me to usethese cameras since I am responsible for them.)5.
Text or other resources containing information on personal finance topics.
Student Resources
Textbook with personal finance section.2.
http://www.bankrate.com/finance/financial-literacy/bankrate-s-guide-to-financial-literacy8-110310.aspxWebsite sponsored by Edward Jones  great links to many issues regardingfinancial literacy.3.
http://www.mymoney.gov/Website sponsored by Financial Literacy Education Commission.
Students will
emonstrate their understanding of the interest rate from the perspective of both the borrowerand the saver.
Work collaboratively to create their group glog.
Evaluate and analyze the importance of various financial institutions.
Analyze and evaluate various forms of credit and the development of a credit score.
Prior to Session One
The class will have had previous discussions on all of the possible topics throughout thesemester. This project will serve as a culminating activity in regards to personal finance.2.
Establish a free educational glogster account by going towww.glogster.com. You may want towait and only register one student per group, once you see how they divide themselves.
Session One
Begin the first period by sharing the student example and giving a quick overview of how to useGlogster.2.
Hand out Everything I Need to Know Now That Ive Graduated requirement sheet and rubric.Spend five minutes discussing and going over the requirements.3.
Tell students that their first important economic decision is to put themselves into groups. Theyshould weigh the costs and benefits of their choices before making any hasty decisions. Thenallow students to group themselves. Four or five students is ideal. Only allow smaller groups if they are high achieving, self-motivated students. Only larger if the class size dictates this to bethe case.4.
The remainder of the first session should include time for the groups to select a team leader.This individual will be the one responsible for the organization of the final product, presentationof the poster to the class, and the glogster poster will be registered in their name. Then allowstudents to brainstorm and determine a plan of action. They should utilize the requirement listand the available resources to determine their course of action.5.
Groups may begin a sketch of their overall vision of their final project. (This will be shared withthe teacher during session three.)
Between Sessions One and Two
Register each of the team leaders with glogster, so groups may begin posting work as early assession two.
Sessions Two -
Students will work with groups in the media center. Here they will have access to computersand may bring in their own equipment (ie video cameras, iPods) to utilize.2.
I will borrow microphones from our computer department for students who want to work on apodcast during these sessions.3.
Sometime during
Session Three
each group must bring a sketch of their overall vision andeveryones role in the final product to the teacher. The teacher does a quick evaluation of project, offering suggestions for group and individual contribution improvement. Students maynot change their role after this session without the teachers approval.
Session Nine (
n the computer lab)
Students will have one last opportunity to collaborate with their team during class. They shouldbe using this for final adjustments.2.
Encourage the team leaders to rehearse their presentation with their group to gain their inputand suggestions.
Session Ten (
n the computer lab)
Each student will be logged into a computer. I will be logged into the computer attached to theprojection system.2.
Each team leader will present their poster and give the class the web address. After each grouphas presented, give the class five minutes to complete the peer evaluation form for that groupsposter.

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