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Looking Back and Looking Forward

Looking Back and Looking Forward

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Published by Dixie Jane Smith

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Published by: Dixie Jane Smith on Dec 01, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dixie Smith  Smith1Dr. Jan RiemanEnglish 110311, October 2010
Looking Back and Looking Forward
Looking Back 
Seven weeks ago I walked into my first college English class. I had always done wellin my high school English classes, so I wasnt too nervous about my performance in thisclass. Honestly, I expected most of it to come easily. My professor, Dr. Jan, seemed nice, so Iwas basically just relieved that I hadnt gotten another crazy English teacher! However,what really got me was when Dr. Jan began encouraging us to forget what our earlierteachers told us was the wrong ways to write. Rather we were to explore new ways of writing that we hadnt been given the opportunity to before. Frankly, being told to dosomething in my own way was a pretty shocking notion, but in a good way. So I ran withthe idea. When I wrote for my
Writing to Explore
papers, I ejected more of 
into mypapers, than I had in my papers in the past, anddoing so was definitely anappealingconcept. I was becoming, and still am becoming, the writer that past teachers hadblocked me from becoming.However, not everything came as easily as writing with my own style, some newthings presented challenges that I hadnt faced before. Foremost, was when I was facedwith academic reading assignments. Looking back I remember the first time I tried reading
Sponsors of Literacy 
, the task was daunting. I was so intimidated by the intellectual wordsand phrases. It took more determination and willpower to get through that readingassignment, than any other reading I had done in my entire life. On the other hand, each
 Smith2time I read another assignment like that, the reading got easier and my comprehension of what the author was trying to convey improved. Despite the fact that I still havent got toplace where I enjoy reading text like that, I have obtained a better appreciation of it. 
Looking Forward 
Even though I have conquered a few challenges in English class, I know there aremore in the path before me. Im facing one of those challenges right now. In English classwe are currently writing what is referred to by Dr. Jan as
papers; also known as aresearch paper. Research papers are a formal style of writing, and I find writing that way tobe difficult, mainly because its all facts, and very little personal opinion. Writing in thismode is going to be a learning experience for me, but Ive got access to a lot of guidancewhen needed. One other great thing from writing a research paper; Im learning how toconduct research and find the information I need using all the many sources I have accessto. Along with that, Im discovering some neat material. So far my understanding writingthis research paper has been pretty successful and interesting. Im excited to see what this
paper becomes!Lastly, if I had to indicate one thing that I think Im most eager for, it would be what the next chapter is going hold? In other words, what new concept are we going to learnnext? From the very beginning this English classroom has been a whole new literary andclassroom environment. Consequently, Im ready to see what Dr. Jan is going to throw ourway next. Also at the conclusion of the class, Ill be impatient to look back and see how far,and how much, my writing style has grown and changed. And how much my way of thinking has changed with it. 

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