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Crystal Programming Faq

Crystal Programming Faq

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Published by satyabrata muduli

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Published by: satyabrata muduli on Dec 03, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CRYSTAL PROGRAMMING FAQ'S1. What kind of crystal should I use?Any crystal can be programmed. Quartz crystal is a very flexible stonethat can be used for programming any intention. I've listed a few of themost common specific programs and stones targeted for them below.If your intention is to program a stone for love, consider using arosequartz, carnelian, garnet or ruby. To program a stone for prosperityand money, consider using jade or garnet. To program a stone forprotection, consider jet or onyx. To program a stone for health,consider malachite or bloodstone. To program a stone for serenity andpeace of mind consider amazonite, amethyst, or angel stone. Toprogram a stone for increased personal power, consider yellow calcite,amber, or tigers eye.2. Should I ask the stone before I program it?We believe it is always a good idea to ask a crystal before using it for any purpose. This can be a very simple process. Sit quietly with the stone in your hands and ask if the stone would like to be used in such a way. Then close your eyes and payattention to any images, thoughts, or feelings that come to you. Your intuition will tellyou the answer. If you are unsure about your intuitive abilities, consider using apendulum to ask the question, or find a pendulum practitioner to ask for you. Oftentimes, the answer will be clear simply by a feeling that it is the right thing to do. If you feel any resistance within you, choose a different stone. That is your intuitionspeaking, saying that the stone would prefer not to be used in such a way.3. How long will the programming be effective? The programming will last indefinitely, but you may choose to reset the intention onoccasion. This can be accomplished by following the steps outlined below in thecrystal programming tutorial. Once every six months or year should be fine, althoughmany times once the programming is set, it will stay active until you cancel it.4. What will happen if I do it wrong? There is no wrong way to program a crystal or even to work with crystals. The onlytime something is wrong is if the user tries to harness the crystal energy to force anoutcome, such as is often done in black magic or darker practices. As long as youkeep your spirit light, you will do fine. The only thing that can happen is the crystalprogramming isn t especially effective. This can happen if you do the programmingwhile in ascattered or chaotic state of mind, or if you don t check with the crystalfirst that it wants to be used in such a way.5. Should I program all of my crystals? This is a personal choice for you to make. We have many crystals that we have neverprogrammed. We allow them to do their work unfettered by our preconceived notionsof what they should be doing. We do have crystals on the other hand, that areprogrammed. A common one for us is programming stones for healing that are usedin ourenergy healing practice. The programming makes them much more focusedand able to help heal those that come to us for healing. Do what feels right for you.
Program a crystal if you will be working with it extensively, or if you will be using itfor one purpose only.Below is a step by step tutorial on how to program a crystal. Remember, none of thisis set in stone. We offer a guideline for those new to energy healing, crystals and programming crystals. If you prefer to change a few things or a lot of things, feelfree. Your intuition will tell you the best way for you to access the energies of yourstones.HOW TO PROGRAM CRYSTALS1. First, clear your intentions and energies. This can be accomplished in whicheversuits you best. Common methods are to light incense, put on sacred music, burncandles, take a bath, or clear your sacred space. It is always best to come from aplace of peace and serenity when programming a crystal. The effect will be muchstronger.2. Clear the crystal of previous programming or old energies. This can be done bycleansing the crystalthoroughly. If you are short on time, and the crystal has beencleansed recently, simply hold it under running water for a few minutes and ask yourhigher spirit and angel guides to clear the old programming out of the stone.3. Once you and your chosen stone are in a calm, peaceful state, hold the crystal inyour hands and gaze in it. Center yourself and clear your mind , be relaxed.4. As you gaze at your stone, visualize images of your wish. Envision what you wantto bring about happening inside of the stone. You can imagine a movie screen insidethe crystal where your intention is already here. An example if you are programminga jade stone forprosperity, envision yourself driving the car you ve always wanted,and taking your dream vacation, and sharing your wealth with your favorite charities. Take time with this step. It is important to visualize the reality of your intentionclearly.5. Continue the process until you are satisfied that you have filled the crystal withyour intentioned program.6. The new vibrations are now stored in the crystal. The program will stay until youclear the crystal again.7. Seal the intention into your crystal by envisioning a white light surrounding thestone, and emanating from within it.8. Give thanks for all that has been brought to you, as though it were already here.Repeat the thank you three times. This can be simple or elaborate as you choose. Asimple version would be "Thank you. Thank you. Thank you". Another simple version,if it were aprosperity programwould be, "Thank you for the prosperity that fills mylife." More elaborate would be, "Thank you, Great Spirit, Mother Earth (fill in yourchosen higher power here) for the prosperity that fills my life. Thank you for theabundance of love, and family, and friends, and wealth. Thank you for the food in my
cupboard and the soft bed to sleep on. Thank you for the overflowing balance in mybank account."9. When you have finished with the process clear yourself and the environment. Thiscan be accomplished by burning a bit of sage, or lighting incense, or even as simpleas opening the windows to let fresh air in.10. The crystal will work with you, even when you are not focusing on the concept,and make your intention become reality.WORKING WITH YOUR PROGRAMMED CRYSTALSNow that your stone is programmed, there are simple ways to work with the intentionin your stone that will help the manifestation come more rapidly.1. Consider placing the stone on an altar or sacred space within your home. This willkeep your intention strong, and your focus on the stone because your eye will catchit often.2. Consider honoring it with gifts. These gifts can be simple or elaborate as youchoose. If your intention was for increased serenity in yourself and your home,consider honoring your stone with a gift from nature, something that makes you feelserene, like a leaf or small ceramic bowl with water in it. If your intention was tomanifest love, place a beautiful necklace or a single rose near your stone. If yourintention was to manifestprosperity, place your crystal on a dollar bill, or a pile of change.3. Work with your stone every week. Take it down from it's sacred spot and hold it inyour hands, sharing healing energy, and re-envisioning the programming within it. If it is small, consider taking it with you as you go about your day. Simply slip it in yourpocket or purse, so that it's energies will stay near you.CRYSTALS FOR LUCID DREAMING AND DREAM RECALLCrystals for Lucid Dreaming and Dream Recall: The crystal healing dreams sectioncovers how to use crystals and energy healing techniques for increasing dream recalland accessing your dreams for intuitions from spirit and angel guides. When you'redone here, visit the rest of the crystal healing section for more crystal healing articlesand crystal healing resources.Dreams offer humans a strong connection to our spirit guides, higher purpose, andintuition on paths to follow in our waking life. They can take us on a journey to thenext step in our spiritual development. This section is all about how to use crystalsto increase dream recall and how to use crystals to delve deeper into the dream worldand lucid dreaming. It is also about using crystals to help interpret the lessons fromyour dreams and translate them into beneficial lessons for your waking life.I'm going to start off with a personal story. Several years ago I had a dream aboutbeing in a park surrounded by friends. It was a beautiful sunny day and I wasenjoying the kinship of seeing old friends that I hadn't visited with in years. They

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