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Spiritual Fragrance Feb 2010

Spiritual Fragrance Feb 2010

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In this issue:
1. The Inspiration
2. Biomagnetic energy in the human body - Part 1
3. Eternal law of karma - 1
4. What is a dream?
5. Incessant journey of scientific investigations - by Dr. Pranav Pandya
In this issue:
1. The Inspiration
2. Biomagnetic energy in the human body - Part 1
3. Eternal law of karma - 1
4. What is a dream?
5. Incessant journey of scientific investigations - by Dr. Pranav Pandya

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Published by: Sree Harsha Mudunuri on Dec 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Welcome to the first issue of 
“SPIRITUAL FRAGRANCE OF Pt. Sriram Sharma Acharya.
These are exciting times. There has been an explosive growth in all fields of human endeavor andsciences in the last century. Obviously advances in science and technology have transformed societybeyond measure than what is was even 50 years back.Yet At the dawn of a new century and a new millennium, we find ourselves stuck in a scientificworldview that leads us into ever more destructive modes of existence without any guidance towardwisdom. Our behavior, guided by this worldview, actually threatens our own existence as a species!Global warming and other disruptions of Earth's weather systems and climate, mass starvation anddisease epidemics, new threats of nuclear, religious, oil and water wars, environmental toxins andwaste buildup, genetic engineering disasters, soil degradation and erosion, water pollution, increaseddiscrepancies between extremes of poverty and wealth, etc. vie for status in our arsenal of speciessuicide weapons. Yet, we know in our hearts and minds and in our very bones that crisis looms solarge now that we can no longer ignore it, that things
change quickly before it is too late.Both Science and Spirituality deal with our experience of the world. Physical Science try to visualizethe world as a set of events and processes in space and time and connected by a chain of causalitywhereas Spiritual Science explores the inner world where it transcends all boundaries of knownconcepts of space, time and causality. Spiritualism should be the framework where science, politics,business, arts and education should operate from. Only then can there be all round and integrateddevelopment. If not science will only succeed in creating silos of excellence which would benefit partsof the society and may even create conflict.We want to present a new thinking for people who yearn for a new and inclusive scientific model of reality that does not separate their experience of this physical world from their spiritual experience of life, heart’s life story from that of the mind. This will bring forth a new world order that will foster greater understanding among people, harmony in their lives and an opportunity to work in unison andparticipate in the evolutionary process. With humankind this is something that is realistic and can bemanifested in our lifetime.
- Spiritual Fragrance team 
None of my discoveries came through my rational thinking. The only real valuable thing is intuition. - Einstein 
Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya
(September 20 1911 – June 2 1990) was a seer, sage and avisionary of the New Golden Era - Founder of All World Gayatri Pariwar.His life and work represent a marvelous synthesis of the noble thoughts and deeds of greatpersonalities like Swami Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo, Mahatma Gandhi, Socrates and Confucius.Rev. Pt. Shriram Sharma was a rishi of the present age whose heart pulsated with compassion for allbeings. Every moment of his life was devoted to the welfare of people and the refinement of the moraland cultural environment. He also pioneered the revival of spirituality, creative integration of themodern and ancient sciences and religion relevant in the challenging circumstances of the presenttimes. His personality was a harmonious blend of a saint, spiritual scientist, yogi, philosopher,psychologist, writer, reformer, freedom fighter, researcher, eminent scholar and visionary.
Acharya Shriram Sharma (revered as "Gurudev" by his disciples) was a great devotee of GoddessGayatri and had attained perfection in realizing its utmost potential. He successfully practiced andmastered the highest kinds of sadhanas described in Hinduism. He also deciphered the hiddenscience of Tantras. He attained the supreme knowledge of the philosophy and science of the GayatriMantra and yoga. He pioneered experiments on simple sadhanas, which could be easily pursued bythe common man / common masses. He initiated programs of spiritual and intellectual refinement of millions of people without any discrimination of religion, caste, belief, creed , gender, or social status.He propagated this knowledge for the Enlightenment of humanity, people across the globe.Shriram Sharma initiated the unique movement of 
Vichara Kranti 
(thought revolution movement) withthe very first issue of "Akhand Jyoti" ( monthly magazine name). By 1960, he had translated the
4Vedas, 108 Upanishads, 6 Darshanas, 18 Puranas, Yogavashishtha
, and hundreds of 
Aranyakas and Brahmanas
in Hindi with lucid commentaries to enable the masses to understand the knowledgecontained in them. The translation was also aimed at eliminating misconceptions, superstitions andblind customs, which were propagated in the medieval era by deliberate misinterpretations of theVedas and other scriptures. Understanding the modern day psychology of the people, andrecognizing the non-relevance, in the present times, of the mythical characters and the background of life depicted in the
, he wrote
"Pragya Purana
" in the narrative and conversational style of theancient
to preach the eternal principles of happy, progressive and ideal life with practicalguidance relevant to the modern age. He wrote about 3500 books on almost all aspects of human life,whether it be the elucidation of the esoteric aspects of the subtle science of spirituality, researchdirections on brain and consciousness, discussions on child psychology and family institutions,guidelines on mental, emotional and physical health, and cheerful attitude in daily life. In hiscomprehensive and penetrating analysis we find no place for delusion, confusion or misconception.Through his literature he strikes a chord of empathy in the reader. The message conveyed in theliterature touches the reader's heart with deep sensitiveness, producing a sea of change in hisattitudes and ideologies.As a part of his intensive study of the Indian culture and religious philosophy, he rediscovered thesociological and psychological importance of pilgrimage. He taught us how the ancient glory and thereal purpose of the
(sacred places of pilgrimage) could be revived in the present times for thewelfare of the masses.
The Inspiration
Imagination is more important than knowledge." Einstein 

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