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FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin - December 2010 Index

FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin - December 2010 Index

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Published by: FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin on Dec 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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December 2010 / 25
“Energy Conservation as aBudget Multiplier,” AlanJohn, October, p. 7.“Futures Orientation inPolice Decision-MakingPractices: The Promiseof a Modi
ed CanadianModel,” Michael Buergerand John Jarvis, April,p. 14.“Recruiting with Emotion andMarket Positioning,” ChrisSkinner, July, p. 20.“Should Sector Policing Bein Your Organization’s Fu-ture?” W. Michael Phibbs,April, p. 1.“The Strategic CommunicationPlan,” Cris Hoover, August,p. 16.
“Campus Safety: Assessing andManaging Threats,” MarioScalora, Andre Simons, andShawn VanSlyke, February,p. 1.“Those Terrible First FewMinutes: Revisiting Ac-tive-Shooter Protocols forSchools,” Michael E. Buerg-er and Geoffrey E. Buerger,September, p. 1.“Threat Assessment Teams:Workplace and SchoolViolence Prevention,” SteveAlbrecht, February, p. 15.
“Maintaining Ethical Behav-ior,” George Cartwright,August, p. 10.“The Signi
cance of PersonalCharacter,” Richard D.Thomas, July, p. 16.
“Interviewing Compliant Ado-lescent Victims,” CatherineS. Connell and Martha J.Finnegan, May, p. 16.“Proactive Human SourceDevelopment,” Robin K.Dreeke and Kara D. Sidener,November, p. 1.
“Good Decisions: Tips andStrategies for AvoidingPsychological Traps,” BrianFitch, June, p. 1.“Police Investigations of theUse of Deadly Force CanIn
uence Perceptions andOutcomes,” Shannon Bohrerand Robert Chaney, January,p. 1.
“Increasing OrganizationalLeadership Through the Po-lice Promotional Process,”Patrick J. Hughes, October,p. 10.“Leading the Modern PoliceForce: A Veteran Of 
cer’sView,” Joseph Pangaro,June, p. 10.
“Confessions and the Con-stitution: The Remedy for
February 2010
Workplace and Campus Safety
2010 Subject Index 
Use of Deadly ForceInvestigations
January 2010
26 / FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin
Child Fatality Review Boards
March 2010
Violating ConstitutionalSafeguards,” Carl A.Benoit, April, p. 23.“Confronting Science:
and the Con-frontation Clause of theSixth Amendment,” CraigC. King, August, p. 24.“Family and Medical LeaveAct Amendments: NewMilitary Leave Entitle-ments,” Richard G. Schott,June, p. 26.“Investigating and Prosecut-ing Hidden-CompartmentCases,” Todd F. Proughand Robert Veiga, October,p. 26.
Update: FifthAmendment Protectionand Break in Custody,”Kenneth A. Myers, May,p. 26.“A New Law Counters theSemisubmersible Smug-gling Threat,” DouglasA. Kash and Eli White,March, p. 26.“Retaliation in Discrimina-tion Cases: EliminatingFear of Reprisal,” Lisa A.Baker, February, p. 25.“Supreme Court Cases:2009-2010 Term,” Lisa A.Baker, November, p. 21.“You Have to Speak Up toRemain Silent: The Su-preme Court Revisits the
Right to Silence,”Jonathan L. Rudd, Septem-ber, p. 25.
“Media as Teammate: Op-eration Spring Cleaning,”Shawn Schwertfeger,January, p. 12.Over the Past Decade,” Sa-brina Garcia and MargaretHenderson, May, p. 1.
“The Badge of Trust,” John L.Gray, March, p. 20.“Honoring the Fallen,” Eric H.Holder, Jr., January, p. 8.“Improved Memory Leadsto More Accurate Use-of-Force Reports,” Todd Cole-man, September, p. 11.“The Most Important Profes-sion,” Bob Prout, April,p. 19.“The Need to Promote Career-Long Vitality and Wellnessin the Police Profession,”Daniel Mattos, October,p. 18.“Police Suicide: Are You atRisk?” Orlando Ramos,May, p. 21.“The Practice of Spiritualityand Emotional Wellness inLaw Enforcement,” Dan S.Willis, December, p. 19.“The Price of Freedom,”Samuel L. Feemster,December, p. 7.“The Returning Military Vet-eran: Is Your OrganizationReady?” Jeff Hink, August,p.1.“The Tragic Toll of PoliceWork: It’s Time for a Com-passionate Approach,”“The Public Information Of-
cer and Today’s DigitalNews Environment,” Pat-rick Davis, July, p. 1.
“Intelligence-Led Policing in aFusion Center,” David Lam-bert, December, p. 1.“Options for Reporting SexualViolence: Developments
December 2010 / 27
April 2010
Sector Policing
May 2010
U.S. Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Investigation
ReportingSexual Violence
Joseph Pangaro, February,p. 12.
“The Anatomy of a PolicePipe Band,” James Van-Brederode, January, p. 18.“Child Fatality ReviewBoards,” Gerald Kelley,March, p. 14.“Community Policing: Imple-menting Programs to KeepCitizens Safe,” Douglas A.Bryant, June, p. 23.“Policing Liquor Establish-ments: A Holistic Ap-proach,” John L. Gray,November, p. 14.“Preserving Community-Oriented Policing in aRecession,” Zach Friendand Rick Martinez, Novem-ber, p. 10.
“Evidence-Based Decisions onPolice Pursuits: The Of-
cer’s Perspective,” DavidP. Schultz, Ed Hudak, andGeoffrey P. Alpert, March,p. 1.“Leave No One Behind:Downed-Of 
cer Rescue andRisk Perception,” MatthewD. Sztajnkrycer, Bill Lewin-ski, and Scott Buhrmaster,May, p. 9.“The Minnesota Police Educa-tion Requirement: A RecentAnalysis,” Susan M. Hilaland Timothy E. Erickson,June, p. 17.
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“Attitudes and Performance:The Impact of Self-Ful
llingProphecies,” Brian Fitch,December, p. 11.“Effective Firearms Training:One Agency’s Approach,”Keith Cain, September,p. 15.“The FBI’s National Law En-forcement Safety Initiative,”Charles E. Miller III, HenryF. Hanburger, Michael Sum-eracki, and Marcus Young,January, p. 22.“Risk Management and PoliceTraining,” Thomas Con-nelly, March, p. 8.

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