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Published by: TheGreatHelper on Dec 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Bahaa Q.
Beowulf Compare/Contract EssayThe character of Beowulf is the representation of the ideas of heroism and braveness that flew inthe society at the time this story was written. These ideas have transferred over the ages settinggrounds to many stories and ideas about heroic acts and pure courage where the hero is reluctantto back down from a battle and will always save his people. One of the figures that drawinspiration from ancient stories such as Beowulf is the character of James Bond, and in this essayI will evaluate the similarities and differences between the two characters and how an ancientstory can provide ground for a contemporary hero.To begin with, in the story of Beowulf he plays the Beowulf takes over the role as a hero byhaving the archetype as the destroyer. The reason that Beowulf has succeeded in enduring timeand is still viewed by our society as a popular story is the fact that Beowulf has been crafted as amarvelous character, where he fights to provide a safe world. He acknowledges that we all willeventually die therefore he faces those challenges in order to establish fame and to be able to livein his people¶s memory ( Mythencyclopedia). The character of James Bond is vastly similar tothose qualities but in a contemporary and modern style. When you think of a hero you think of the man in shining armor, someone that comes to his fair maidens rescue just in time to save her life. You think of him being handsome with a strong physique and brave. Courageous and braveis what you expect, and with the story of James Bond these are the qualities that you will get(Why Do We Love James Bond?).Being a government agent, James Bond is sent on missions to all around the world to save ustime after time from the all kinds of threats, going from destroying a bomb to saving a country.While doing so he never rethinks his acts, always willing to give himself to the danger in thename of the Queen. By doing so he assures that his name will long live without and even thoughhe is mortal, his actions will endure passing time. (Why Do We Love James Bond?)
This is howBeowulf and James Bond meet at common grounds. Beowulf travels a long distance to help anation win their war, "To anyone in Denmark. All of Beowulf's; Band had jumped from their  beds, Ancestral; Swords raised and ready" (Beowulf, lines 316-318). Beowulf wants to show allof Denmark the good in his heart and loyalty to the race of men. Hence you can see that the taleof an archetype hero have been a reason of inspiration for the characteristics of James Bond,from the necessity of fame to the loyalty to their leaders.Although the two characters show these similarities, their stories have several deep contractionsas well. For example the story of Beowulf is based on the mythical believes of the people at thattime. Whether its dragons or huge sea monsters, Beowulf¶s story is based on symbolism(Mythencyclopedia). James Bond¶s path on the other hand has been set to create ultimate relationwith its audience by the fact that James Bond is a figure for modern men, being able to catch beautiful women, drive luxurious Auston Martins while at the same time saving the world
Bahaa Q.
(Guardian). Therefore the factor of symbolism is much less than that of Beowulf¶s on theaccount of realism and deep contacts with the fans (Commanderbond).In conclusion, I believe that the story of Beowulf has drawn inspiration for current stories of heroism such as the story of James Bond. While there is much similarty between the both, thedifference that makes Beowulf hold its popularity for ages to come is the detailed symbolism thatmakes it relate for any generation of people it may encounter (associatedcontent). These storiesand symbols will always exist in our history as long as we fancy who are wanted by women andcan establish acts of heroism and courage that we find astonishing.Sources"Myths and Legends of the World."
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Capitalism Magazine
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