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Social Media Lesson Plan

Social Media Lesson Plan

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Published by craig191

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Published by: craig191 on Dec 16, 2010
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Social Media: An Introduction
Social Networks, Blogs, Microblogs, and  Protecting Your Privacy and Digital Reputation
Lesson Plan by Amy Craig & Eric KleppenI.
Introduce topic (4 minutes total)
The importance of social media
Today we’re going to talk about social media becauseunderstanding how to use social networking tools is becomingfundamental, as employers are using them as recruiting tools, andpeople are using them as networking tools.
Question (Class can just blurt out answers):
What social networking sites do you use?How do you use them?
Overview of Social Media sites
Social networking sites (8 minutes)
Did anyone see
The Social Network?
Facebook was created in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and iscurrently the number one social networking site with over 500 millionusers. Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook while attending Harvard.Originally it was exclusive to Harvard students, but opened to the publiccompletely in 2006.
Question for discussion:
Why are websites like Facebook so popular? What do we“get” out of using them so frequently?
Use the question to lead into blogging and micro blogging
Make sure to highlight these during the mini discussion:
Social networking sites promote interacting through user generatedcontent.
Sites like Facebook offer a complete experience - friends, games,activities, and creates a community-like feeling even when you’re alone.
Activity: Watch the video
Does Seth Godin make a valid point about online social networking?
Key points to lead discussion with:
Is it common to have real life interactions to people you only knowonline?
Is it more a boost for the ego, or do you really feel connected topeople while online or connected to an online community?
Blogs (10 minutes)
A blog is a type of interactive website used to share information and is usuallyupdated and maintained by a person or group and structures posted content inreverse chronological order. They typically incorporate text, images, linksand, most of the time, comments.i.
Blogger was launched in 99 by Pyra Labs. Blogger was revolutionarybecause it used online, embedded software to allow users to easily create andmaintain blogs without knowing code or paying for hosting space.
Activity: Class blog [start in class weekly assignment around blogging]
As the teacher, you will have already set up a blog using blogger.
Have students take out a sheet of paper
Write their email, first and last name, and an idea for name of the class blog onthe sheet.
Collect them at the end of class
Activity explained
: Once the papers are collected, the teacher will invite the students tocollaborate on the blog. As the teacher, you will post a short article weekly on the blogor think of a question based on coursework, and the students will have to write aparagraph long comment in response.
Microblogs (5 minutes)i.
Launched by Jack Dorsey in 2006, Twitter is a microblog that limitsposts to 140-characters. It is important to understand how to use twitter because itnot only acts as a portal for you to keep up with your friends, but also acts as areal-time search engine covering millions of topics.
Activity: Watch twitter video
Briefly discuss why that might attract users to twitter, or what the class liked ordisliked about the video.
III. Social Media Privacy and Your Digital Reputation
 Now that the students have learned more about what social media is and how they can (oralready do) use it, the last portion of the class time will be used to talk about issues of privacy and "digital reputation" relating to social media.
this part of the lesson by saying something to the effect of the following:(Allow about 3 minutes)“Now we're going to look at some important issues with social media that you need to beaware of. Even though, according to Mark Zuckerberg, ‘Facebook is about sharing’

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