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A New Day for Learning

A New Day for Learning

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Published by marianne_krivan

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: marianne_krivan on Jan 07, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Funded by the C.S. Mott Foundation
Dr. Vincent L. Ferrandino
  Executive Director, National Associationo Elementary School Principals Chair, Time, Learning, and  Aterschool Task Force
o one believes that when the bell rings at the end o the school day, children stoplearning. Curiosity bubbles inside the minds o children rom the moment they wake in the morningto when they go to bed at night.Our challenge is to encourage, connect, and oster learning throughout a child’s day. How do wehelp children make sense o all the inormation and experiences in their lives? In dierent words, itis the same challenge beore policymakers: How do we ensure that all children have opportunities toreach their ull potential in a competitive world where thinking skills are the most important asset o asociety? We can start by envisioning the new day orlearning proposed in this report and considering what each o us can do. The idea o organizingtime more eectively or learning isn’t new, but theparadigm in this report is unique. It requires us tothink beyond our individual responsibilities andconsider the organizational, policy, and traditionalbarriers we impose on creating a seamless learningday or children. It asks us to consider the evidenceand look beyond the obvious. Two years ago the C.S. Mott Foundationbrought together leaders in education andaterschool to create a new vision and consider theelements o “time,” “learning,” and “aterschool.”It was harder than we thought. At our rst meetings, we explored how in- and out-o-school learningare dierent but also can complement and enhance each other. Over time, our ideas began toconverge and we saw how dierent approaches to learning should co-exist in a child’s day.Ultimately we realized we needed to push urther and consider a system that would support a“New Day or Learning”—a comprehensive, seamless approach to learning that values the distinctexperiences that amilies, schools, aterschool programs, and communities provide or children. Thisdocument is designed to catalyze conversations, raise awareness, and initiate the development o specic next steps. We know this is the rst step towards the kind o change that will require a long,deliberate, and intentional process. The school leaders I represent understand that learning is holistic; we need to osterdevelopment o the whole child. We also operate in a context where our eorts are measured by test scores. We believe in high expectations and we know many children need more time to reachthem. Time is a key actor to reconsider as we proceed in our work. And partnering in new ways withcommunities, business, social services and others can help us all make the most o learning time.I urge you to read this report and think about a new day or learning through the eyes o children you know. How might they see the world as a place o wonder? How might they develop skills andtalents in extraordinary ways? How might they be engaged in learning every minute o the day? Whatcan you do to make it possible?
FOREWORDTi document i deigned tocatalyze converation, raieawarene, and initiate te
development of specic next
tep. We know ti i te
rst step towards the kind
of cange tat will requirea long, deliberate, andintentional proce.

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