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Galactic Confederation Story

Galactic Confederation Story

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Published by Alrik G. Hamer
Harry Palmer's Galactic Confederation Speech from the Wizards' Course
Harry Palmer's Galactic Confederation Speech from the Wizards' Course

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Alrik G. Hamer on Jan 09, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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At the first Wizard Course, 1991:I want to start by telling you "the story."This particular story has been rising and reappearing in the race consciousnesssince before the time of the Pharaohs. Everyone who has ever sought to tell a story has ended up somehow telling part of this story.Many writers tell this story camouflaged with fiction.It's the story that is contained in our collective subconscious in the form of archetypical images, vague recollections, hunches, instincts, subtle recognitions.It is probably never put into the same words in the same way twice. It doesn't have to be, because there are no truths to be found in words. Words are only fingers that point at experiences that echo our own truth back to us.Sentient beings first appeared on the core worlds of the Milky Way galaxy. The civilizations of Earth are the result of a much later refugee relocation plan that I'm going to tell you about."Sentient" means spatially aware of creation. In other words, conscious across adistance, perceiving, sensing. A sentient being is a union between a non-material soul-being, YOU, and a biological organism.The soul-being may or may not have the illusion of being dependent on the organism.The consciousness that exists on the core worlds of the galaxy is somewhat different from what we are normally familiar with in the mid-pancake-Earth-type-worlds of the galaxy. And it is vastly different from the type of consciousness thatexists in the rim worlds of our galaxy.The reason for this difference in consciousness arises from the physical character of the galaxy.At the core of the galaxy, the electro-magnetic and gravitational fields tend tobe in perfect balance. There is no centrifugal energy. No spinning masses, no rotating worlds, no revolving planets. Force exists in balanced, unchanging vectors. Stasis. Equilibrium.At the core of the galaxy, motion is a characteristic found only in living organisms. If something moves, it is alive. Our collective consciousness still has that instinctive response to motion. It's alive!In principle, you could connect the core worlds with a silk thread and it wouldremain perfectly intact until some living organism altered it. Most of us stillhave some archetypical images of walking through a nearly motionless world.Move beyond the galactic core and go further out, and you begin to encounter rhythmic motions generated by powerful forces. Spinning begins. Centrifugal forcesand gravitational forces react and influence each other. New vectors result. Currents of energies intersect, accumulate and flow.Electro-magnetic rifts produce violent phenomena. Mass attractions cause tides and geological grinding that produce worlds of tumultuous change. Worlds collide.Suns nova and implode. Meteorites impact planets, and explosions tear worlds apart. There is a lot of motion in this region, but only a negligible amount is attributable to living organisms.
The Earth is found in this mid-region of turbulent forces. This is a relativelyquiet period right now, but a geologist will tell you that this has not always been the case, and a geo-physicist will tell you that it won't last forever.If you like, you can think of this relatively quiet period of Earth as a launchwindow for life to evolve and to recall its mission. That's why we're here. Every time the mission is forgotten, Wizards will appear.Q: From your studies you know that a thought in consciousness is something.It actually has some very slight mass, an infinitesimal weight. If we had a scale that was sensitive enough we could put you on the scale, and you could think of something, or remember something, and we could measure the weight of that particular thought. That's a heavy thought, huh?We could also, with the proper instruments, note a disturbance in your body's electro-magnetic field, its relative density and its resistance. All from thinkinga thought. Don't be surprised if someday you run into an instrument that can bepointed at someone and will give a readout on what they are thinking.Theoretically, an Avatar Master can take an Avatar and put him on a scale and watch him get lighter as he discreates beliefs. Actually the Master does see the Avatar's body grow less dense and wrinkles disappear from the skin.The basic observation here is that when a belief is created, it has the potential to influence, and be influenced by, forces and energies that may be beyond thecontrol of the belief's creator. (I'll demonstrate that to you when we talk about personal identity.)Do you remember the line in the Creativism book that says thoughts come from beliefs? That beliefs are seedpods of thoughts? Belief pods that shed thoughts on the currents of the mind. Remember?Well, there are a number of ways that a belief can be coaxed to shed thoughts. For example, the soul-being --you-- can focus a flow of attention on the belief,and it will begin to transmit thoughts. Another example: another soul-being cantelepathically focus attention on a belief, and it will transmit thoughts. But there are forces, besides attention, that can come into play. Certain physical forces, either directly or by your reaction to them, can cause a belief to transmit thoughts. These thoughts are a type of secondary that you are probably familiar with;Beliefs are affected by changes in gravity, by changes in electro-magnetic concentrations, by centrifugal forces, by certain frequencies of energy, by perceptions, even by some unknown forces in the galaxy. Each of these forces can cause abelief to suddenly activate and begin to generate thoughts. Do you know what I am saying?This is the truth behind astrology. One can knowingly predict when the changingforces of the galaxy will cause a certain belief to shed certain thoughts. Thoughts that become default primaries --as opposed to deliberate primaries-- which if not altered will manifest a specific reality.Now, if we relate this to the differences found in consciousness, we find that predicting the forces of the universe is a simple matter in the core worlds--simple, because the forces do not change. They are in balance. An equilibrium. There's no factoring in of centrifugal deceleration, no wandering comets or asteroids, no imploding suns, etc.
In the core worlds, there is nothing to cause a belief to transmit thoughts other than the deliberately focused attention of a being.Now, if you think of the tides in an ocean and the way that the sun and the moonkeep the oceans moving, and the effect of our sister planets, and sun spots, and storms arising, and heating and cooling, volcanic activity, the mass of the collective consciousness, you realize that on Earth there are a lot of factors that can cause beliefs to fill the mind with thoughts.And even though only a few people recognize their random thoughts as sparks brought about from the friction between their beliefs and certain forces, that is what they are.On Earth we've grown used to unpredictable, even violent, tides of thoughts being randomly wrenched off our beliefs, creating adversarial realities and dreams.Such occurrences in the core worlds would be quite distressful. There, the ideaof an unpredictable response or reaction would be quite illogical.In the region of the rim worlds of this galaxy, thinking is spectacularly chaotic. It is virtual madness. Only soul-beings who have totally discreated all transparent beliefs and all identities can live in this region with any safety.So our galactic stage is set.It is the time of the first Galactic Confederacy.In the relative terms of time and space, the events of this story are history for the core worlds of the galaxy, but still part of the future for our planet Earth.Like all events, they travel in a wave, ripple-of-physical-present, outward fromthe core worlds. Light images that travel at 186,000 miles per second! Becausethey have not reached us yet, they are still in our future.Intuitively, the events are accessible in the spiritual NOW of our collective cosmic consciousness.Since the opportunity for the role that we may play has not yet fully arrived, we may speak of these events as things that will happen. I will, however, speak of them as events that have already created one version of reality in the collective mind. But I will also remind you from time to time that as a Wizard who travels between the ends of time, the past is no more fixed than the future. So we begin...Every story must have a miscalculation. A tragic flaw. And the subtle irony of our story is that the miscalculation was, or will be if you watch from Earth ringside, that there is no concept in the core worlds of miscalculation! No conceptof random or inappropriate thinking. Not even the experience of a singledream.The beings of the galactic Confederacy ran their minds like precision instruments. No spontaneous thoughts arose because there are no random gravitational forces in the core worlds to generate them. The mind was a tool. A creation. A warehouse for beliefs. Nothing began nor ended that was not accomplished by the deliberate will of the soul-being. The consciousness of the core worlds existed as a potential, rather than a kinetic, ability.The beings of the Confederacy were able to effortlessly focus their thinking. Focus it very precisely, regardless of how many beliefs their minds contained. And

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