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Dave Thomas (Wendy’s International chain restaurants)

Dave Thomas (Wendy’s International chain restaurants)

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Published by Arslan

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Published by: Arslan on Jan 11, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Leadership and art of management
Submitted by:Muhammad Ehtisham 4568-FMS/MBA/S10Submitted toSir awais ejazDate: 28/12/2010
How about a man, who was adopted, never finished High School until after many people retire, and had a dream of starting his own chain of restaurants? Thefounder of the Wendy¶s International chain restaurants was known as ahumble man with great charisma.He was born in 1932 in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
ex and AulevaThomas adopted him at six weeks old. When Dave was five, Auleva died and his earlyyears were spent moving from state to state while his adoptive father sought work 
For years hehid the fact that he was adopted, but as more people found out, he felt free to talk about it."When I found out I was (adopted), I didn't want to talk about it, and as I talked to people asI grew older ... I got really a lot of encouragement. They said, "Why don't you talk about it?" Talk about it he did. He founded the Dave Thomas Foundation for adoption.Dave got his first job at age 12 as a counterman at a Knoxville restaurant, he loves with therestaurant business. When he was 15, he found work at the Hobby House
estaurant in Ft.Wayne. It was then that he made what he considered his greatestmistake: he dropped out of school to work full-time
he had a dream of owning a chain of restaurants. This began a journey that took him to a management position with Kentucky FriedChicken.
where he met the famous Colonel Harland Sanders. He sold the first "bucket" of chicken with Sander's picture on the side. His acquaintance with Sanders led him toquit KFC in 1968.and started work at hobby house.Dave had a chance to turn around four failingKFC restaurants in Columbus, Ohio owned by his Hobby House boss, Phil Clauss. Four yearslater, by using his experience and determination, he turned the stores around, sold the restaurants back to KFC and received a percentage of the sale ± a millionaire at age 35. and open his firstfast food restaurant. He named the business for one of his daughters, "Wendy".
His ³rags-to-riches´ success story earned him the Horatio Alger Award. It was presentedto him in 1979 by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, a man he greatly admired.
After opening his restaurant named Wendy he went school at age of 45 year and get high schooldiploma and Succeed´ by the graduating class of 1993.He said ³lucky to have been born inAmerica. ³Only in America,´ he said, ³would a guy like me, from humble beginnings andwithout a high school diploma become successful. America gave me a chance to live the life Iwant and work to make my dreams come true. We should never take our freedoms for granted,and we should seize every opportunity presented to us.´
Starting business
Dave¶s restaurant experience and vision enabled him to devise a method to prepare fresh,made-to-order hamburgers at a time when other quick-service restaurant chains weremass producing their food. ³We don¶t make a sandwich until it¶s sold, so every Wendy¶s
sandwich is served hot-off-the-grill with the customer¶s choice of toppings.
Dave said. Hisinnovative system allows Wendy¶s to prepare individually made sandwiches while servingmillions of customers each day.
Dave revolutionized the industry in other ways as well.Wendy¶s became known for fresh (not frozen) ground beef hamburgers that are square rather than round.He wrote at entrance
t Wendy¶s, we don¶t cut corners!´
 All hamburger patties that were cooked but notsold became chili meat. At a time when American fast food restaurants featured plain plastic chairs and linoleum floors, Dave created an old-fashioned atmosphere by carpetingthe dining rooms and furnishing them with Bentwood chairs, Tiffany-style lamps andnewsprint table tops. Dave also created the modern-day Pick-Up Window, revolutionizingthe quick service restaurant industry.
Become a leader in industry
All hamburger patties that were cooked but not sold became chili meat. At a time whenAmerican fast food restaurants featured plain plastic chairs and linoleum floors, Dave created anold-fashioned atmosphere by carpeting the dining rooms and furnishing them with Bentwoodchairs, Tiffany-style lamps and newsprint table tops. Dave also created the modern-day Pick-UpWindow, revolutionizing the quick service restaurant industry.While his success elevated his status in the business world as a pioneer, he never lostsight of his roots. ³I¶m just a hamburger cook,´ Dave said on many occasions. He wasmost at home when talking with Wendy¶s restaurant managers and operators because heUnderstood them and what they face every day. And to those managers and operators,Dave wasn¶t just the founder of the company, he was a role model and an example of howhard work, dedication and commitment can lead to success.He shared his experiences and knowledge he gained in his autobiography,
 Dave¶s Way,
 published in 1991. Dave saw it as a way to give back, and provide insight into how heturned his dreams into reality. He later published a book on success called
Well Done!,
and the business book 
 Franchising for Dummies
.His success enabled him to travel around the world. But his favorite gourmet meal never changed: a Wendy¶s Single with cheese, mustard, pickle and onion, fries, bowl of chili,a Frosty and a diet Coke.Dave was probably best known as the ³guy on Wendy¶s TV commercials.´ In early 1989,Dave agreed to appear in a few Wendy¶s commercials. During his nearly 13-year run (and800+ commercials) as Wendy¶s spokesman, Americans came to love him for his down toearth, homey style. This campaign made Dave one of the nation¶s most recognizablespokesmen. The Guinness World
ecords recognized the Dave Thomas Campaign asthe ³Longest
unning Television Advertising Campaign Starring a Company Founder.´Throughout the campaign, Dave appeared with many famous celebrities, including NHLstar Mike
ichter, Olympic Gold Medalist Kristi Yamaguchi, and soap opera star Susan

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