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Transformer Ngr Sizing Calculation

Transformer Ngr Sizing Calculation

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Published by anuvdev

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Published by: anuvdev on Feb 08, 2011
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11Basis Of Design2.0Sizing Calculation2.1Selection Of EF Current Limit2.1.1Generator Data
Generator Rating=52.5MWRated Gen kV11kVMaximum Overvoltage14.3kV
2.1.2Transformer Data
2.1.3Total Capcitance Per Phase
Generator0.22Micro-Farad TypicalGenerator Connections0Micro-Farad TypicalGenerator-Transformer 11 kV0.01Micro-Farad Typical11 kV Cable 100 m0Micro-Farad TypicalSurge Suppressor Capicatance0.25Micro-Farad TypicalTotal0.48Micro-Farad Typical
(3.C) Micro-Farad
2.1.4TOTAL RESIDUAL CAPACITIVE IMPEDANCE2222.99Ohm(10^6 ) / (3.w.C)Selection Of The New 4 MW S1 GTG Generator Neutral Earthing & Sizing Of Its Neutral Earthing Transformer & ItsSecondary Loaded Earthing Resistor 
In order to protect stator core from damage during internal stator earth fault, it is necessary to limit stator earth fault toas low a value that is practicable.Generators/Motors connected to the 11 kV system, through 33/11.5 kV transformer unit, can be treated as an isolatedsystem which is not influenced by the earthing requirements of the distribution systemThe industry wide practice for such generators/motors is to use a 11 kV neutral earthing transformer suitably rated withsecondary winding designed for 240 V/ 110 V or so and loaded with a resistor of a value which when referred to theprimary will pass a low earth fault current of say 5 to 10 A.The Neutral earthing resistor connected shall be of low ohmic value of rugged construction while still presenting a highequivalent value in the generator 11 kV neutral circuitThe Neutral resistor shall be incorporated to prevent the production of high transient over voltages (TOVs) in the eventof an arcing earth fault which it does by discharging the bound charge in the circuit capacitance.To prevent transient over voltages, it is necessary to ensure the equivalent resistance in the stator circuit should notexceed the impedance at system frequency of the total summated capacitances of the three phases of thegenerator/motor circuit.In this respect the resistive component of stator EF current should not be less than (not < than) the residual capacitancecurrent ( 3.Ico ) in the generator/motor 11 kV circuit upto tranformer.For Selecting Earthing Transformer, it is necessary to ensure it never becomes saturated otherwise a very undesirablecondition of ferro-resonance may occur. In this respect it is usual to select transformer having a primary winding withknee-point voltage (Vk) = to 1.3 x generator/motor rated line voltage of 11000 V (11 kV)
2Selection Of The New 4 MW S1 GTG Generator Neutral Earthing & Sizing Of Its Neutral Earthing Transformer & ItsSecondary Loaded Earthing Resistor 
3Selection Of The New 4 MW S1 GTG Generator Neutral Earthing & Sizing Of Its Neutral Earthing Transformer & ItsSecondary Loaded Earthing Resistor 2.2Neutral Earthing Resistor 
Then Resistive Component Of EF
A(11000/Sqrt(3)/ 2222.992.864.43ASQRT(2.856^2+2.856^2)
2.3Neutral Earthing Distribution Transformer (Neutral ET or N ET) & NER Sizing2.3.1N ET
Transfo Primary Vk (Knee Point Voltage)15.000kV( > 1.3*11 kV)Applied kV On N ET During EF6.351kV(11 / sqrt(3) )Applied kV On N ET During EF With Field Forcing8.256kV1.3 xIncrease in Neutral EF Current3.714A( 8.26/6.35)*2.86 AMaximum N ET Loading Under Above Condition55.709kVA(15*3.714)9.285kVA(55.709/6)10.000kVA30 sec rated
2.3.2N ET Secondary Rating
Consider Secondary Knee Point Of 240.000VMaximum Secondary Current232.12A(3.714*15000/240)
2.3.3N ET Secondary Loading Resistor 
Equivalent Neutral Primary Resistor2222.99Ohm0.57Ohm At 240 V SideN ET Secondary Amp41.67A(10000/240)Type N ET Cu Loss310WattTypical For Such RatingType N ET Resistance Due Cu Loss0.18OhmWatt / I ^2 = 310/(40)^2Therefore N ET Secondary Loading Resistor 0.39Ohm(0.569085-0.17856)232.12A (For 30 Sec),(1.3*2.857*11000/240)The Effective Resistance Should Be Made Equal To Residual Capacitive Impedance (2222.99 Ohmcalculated above) To Ensure TOV Is ControlledThe Actual Fault Current Will Contain Equal Resistive & Capacitive Components & The Net EFCurrent Will Be Sqrt (Ir^2+Ic^2)Considering 30 sec duty, the N ET Can Have 6 TimesShort Term 30 Sec Overload Withstand With kVAConsidered Based On Maximun EF Amp & Knee PointkV(= EF Capacitance ImpedanceCalculated In 2.14 Clause Above)Actual Secondary Loading Resisor Based on 15 kV /250 V N ETRated N ET Secondary Resistor Ampere For 30Seconds

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WART2014 added this note
Was three any block transformer connected directly to the generator? If possible please share the plant single line diagram.
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