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Opinion vs Fact

Opinion vs Fact

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Published by HarryPotterHedgehog
A thing many Twitards don't seem to understand...
A thing many Twitards don't seem to understand...

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Published by: HarryPotterHedgehog on Mar 12, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Opinion vs. Fact: An Argument Many Are Confused By
I know that a few people are offended by my opinions on other peoples opinions. Just wantedto let you know that it·s okay, I don·t mind. I really am bored though, seeing as it·s the weekendand I·m putting off going to run my mile. So, I hope you like my logic and review! Kisses! ~~HPH.
This came from Yahoo Answers. All things that are NOT written by me are in bold. I amthe un-bolded writing. Here is the original question
: I need reasons for why the "Twilight"books are awesome for my site?I think the books were interesting in the sense that it broke boundaries. I mean thewhole vampire loves human loves werewolf thing had been done before but StepenieMeyer made us feel like we were right there experiencing the love between thesecharacters. It made people think that if a 100 year old vampire can find love then whynot the rest of us?
This, oddly enough, was voted ´Best Answerµ. I frankly couldn·t even understandwhat they were getting at. There is a contradiction within the first 2 sentences. ´It is newbut has been done before.µ Apparently, it was different because SM talked about thelove. Which is to say, in the other books, though the love was a main topic, it was notdiscussed. WHAT? The last part is laughable, because at one point in their relationship, itwas technically illegal: Edward was creeping on a minor. So, a beam of hope to all youpedophiles: if America can think a 109 year old and an 18 year old can have a healthyrelationship, so can you!
I loved the twilight series!I have read every book (except New Moon) 3 times!I love romance stories, & I love evil stories, & this is a bit of both
Because this, in every way, shape and form, describes why it is good. You cansee how this reinforces my title. Guess what? I·ve read every HP book at least 6 times.Guess that makes it the best, because I READ IT MORE THAN YOU. Hahaha! No. Okay,just no. The only realistic thing is the evil story statement. I agree. This book teacheshorrible morals.
It is a great story about eternal love. There are few boring parts, it seems there wasalways something happening. The author puts quite a few twists in the story. It was anoriginal idea.
****Eternal LUST. Another point, the eternal love thing happened in about 2weeks. What plentiful time to really get to know and appreciate a person. Then, whilethere was action going on, simultaneously, it was boring. Stop contradicting yourself. Ididn·t see any twists until the end of Breaking Canon Dawn, which was when shedropped the fight scene. That was pathetic. Original? Vampire  Human? Yes, Stephie.Who·s a clever little girl? You are! You are! I haven·t read many books like

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