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Occult Symbolism Part 3

Occult Symbolism Part 3



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Published by Timothy

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Published by: Timothy on Mar 30, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Occult Symbolism Galore Part 3
Life continues forth. The essence of human history is complex. Yet, one crucial portion of humanhistory is discovery. We humans are inventors and discoverers. We humans love a journey andlove the truth. Now, occult symbolism is more than a pristine pastime in our world. I’m not betterthan another man and subsequently, I’m not lesser or inferior to another man either. Learningabout specialized symbolism allows us a glimpse into the mindstate of the elite. It gives us anopen look inside of the parameters of the corporate power structure, so we won't be ignorantabout how the world functions. I don’t need some mainstream fake religious jargon to dictate howI think or how I feel. I believe in personal spirituality. I believe that religious freedom is needed inorder for human beings to develop independent thinking. I think and act as a man too with myown power. So, by me using logic and experience, there is nothing wrong in being meek.Likewise, there is nothing wrong with accepting a militant thinking in order to establish excellentreforms in society.
“TOUGH.” INSTEAD OF STAYING IN OUR LANES (AS THE WORLD WANTS USTO DO). WE SHOULD EXIST IN OUR COUNSCIOUSNESS BEYOND LANES INORDER TO HELP A WIDE SPECTRUM OF PEOPLE IN A COMPREHENSIVEFASHION. WE AREN’T MEANT TO BE IN A SINGLE LANE. WE ARE MEANT TOEXIST TO HAVE REAL FREEDOM THAT ISN’T ENCLOSED TO BENEFITPOLITICAL CORRECTNESS, BUTTO HAVE FREEDOM THAT SPREADS FARAND WIDE BEYOND LANES (In our words, we should respect our individuality,not be intimidated by people, and express our voice in a clear fashion). Also,one secret in life is to be a thoroughbred. That means we should learn history,philosophy, education, math, and science, finances, including social skills,athletics if you wish, and other creative aspects of life. They (or the haters andthe establishment) want you to have a one track mind, but our thinking should
be diverse and conversant in a wide spectrum of topics. You don’t have to bethe invisible man or the invisible woman, but adherence to justice is muchmore important than worshipping a popularity contest. My core convictionsare still the same like yesteryear. Even when I’m old, I will still believe in what I
believe in. I believe that people should express themselves authenticallywithout acting plastic or fake. Also, especially if you are a man, don’t letanyone lead you by the leech for control or exploitation. We shouldn’t be
foolish nor naïve with our lives. I will never allow a person to dictate my
thinking or my cultural expression except God.
I believe in helping the poor, charity,
compassion for human beings, and social services like the next person. Yet, if you’re an ablebodied human being (with no extreme struggles in life) and opportunities are in front of your face,then you can’t make excuses. You have live your life and strive to be better. We should exposeall forms of oppression, bigotry, terrorism, and evils in the world. On the other hand,I’maccountable for my actions individually. We have to man enough or woman enough to admit ourerrors and improve our basic lives too with the help of Almighty God. Yet, I will never blame thepoor for what’s going on today. What’s occurring now is a product of evil corporate policies, notthe poor or disadvantaged in society.
The poor have nothing to do with the evils ofpoverty and economic turmoil going on in the sections of the world.I will still be here for decades in the future God willing, so that’s great for me. Ibelieve in life
. I’m not a transformer like Optimus Prime. I’m my own man. Some hate reformsas Governor Kasich in Ohio loves to bash union rights. That is why he wants to sign a bill in Ohioto curb heavily collective bargaining rights. All unions aren’t perfect. Yet, many of these folks fromunions shed blood, so we could work with basic human rights. These rights represent the totalityof the human personality. We should not allow the government to oppress our rights, to preventus from having real freedoms, and prevent us from promoting equal rights for all human beingsregardless of any background. Also, human history is intertwined with symbolism. Symbolism is inthe panorama of human existence. Symbolism incorporates multifaceted purposes from signals tomore esoteric meanings. The global elite is found in a myriad of secret societies, bloodlines, andhigh level political groups. Occult symbolism can be simple as the Washington Monument(outlining the image of the phallic image that comes from the sun god or Baal) to the compleximages of the mandala or the labyrinth. The images to the right are pillars found in Masonry torepresent the Sun, Moon, and an image of a man on it. The 3 pillars in Masonry also representStrength, Beauty, and Wisdom. The number 3 is heavily used in Freemasonry. There are 3principal officers in a Lodge, there are 3 great lights in a Lodge and to the Masons, and there are3 stages of life being youth, manhood, and old age. The sun god motif is explained in thefollowing Masonic source:
“‘The Sun was...worshipped by the House of 
, under the name of 
; for Tamus,saith Hierom, was
, and
Adonis is generally interpreted the Sun
, from the Hebrewword
, signifying
, then as
formerly did, the
lord or prince of the planets
. The month which we call June was by the Hebrews called Tamuz; and theentrance of the sun into the sign Cancer was in the Jews’ astronomy termed
, the revolution of Tamuz. About the time of our Savior, the Jews held it unlawful topronounce that essential name of God
, and instead thereof read
, to preventthe heathen blaspheming that holy name, by the adoption of the name of 
, &c., to theidols. Concerning
whom some ancient authors call
...by the death or loss of 
, we are to understand the departure of the
...” (
The Spirit of Masonry in Moral and Elucidatory Lectures,
William Hutchinson, p. 34)
In our day and age, we witness the massive usage of occult symbolism in the entertainmentworld, corporate logos, buildings, architecture of locations, and even on tons of clothing. Anoccultic magical symbol is defined as:
"...an image which hides an inner meaning. This
meaning is usually cunningly hidden behind a form..." (Frederick Goodman, MagicSymbols, Brian Trodd Publishing House, Ltd., London, 1989, page 6).
That meansthat many symbols overtly show an overt meaning, but have covertly outline numerous othermeanings as well. Symbols reveal and they conceal secrets according to New Ager RobertH
ieronimus. Robert was a member of numerous Secret Societies. He admitted that thosein the occult place a special interest in Sirius since some of them believe that the power ofthe spirit world proceed heavily from the Dog Star Sirius. The essence of this work here isnever to ascribe to paranoia. The purpose of this work is to learn about the active eventsof human beings in order to call for radical solutions in the world that is rapidly changing
.The world is so much more transient than when I was young. Therefore, adjustments are aprerequisite in order to compensate the changing times. Yet, my core convictions in dealing withtruth, love, and justice are still firm and fixed in our core consciousness. Some men and somewomen have become lukewarm and we have to reject lukewarmness. We should be purelystrong with God's help to reject lust, we ought to repent, and we ought to reject any form of evils.

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