Secret Symbolism

Hari Kumar January 11th, 2013 Toronto, Canada

Secret Symbolism
• The interpretations provided in this presentation, while based on researched and documented information, are my own. • It is entirely up to the viewer to accept it or reject it.

Secret Symbolism

Presentation Structure
• Introduction to the Kundalini System
– Channels, Chakras & Energies

• Symbols
– Types
• • • • • Visual/Spatial Aural Temporal Numerical Myths & Metaphors

Secret Symbolism

Presentation Structure
• Scientific Background
– – – – – – – Entropy Dimensionality Multiverse String Theory Nothingness Matter / Antimatter asymmetry How it all fits (Kundalini as the template of the Super Universe)

An Introduction to the

Kundalini System


Female Ida

Neutral Sushumna

Channel Energy





Video on Kundalini
Please click the youtube link below to watch the video

- Visual (Spatial) Symbols - How the Vesica Piscis, Caduceus, Yin Yang, Star of David (Shatkona) are derived from the Kundalini System

7 Chakras x 3 Nadis = 21 links

Alchemy Rosarium Philosophorum



Alchemy -- Rosarium Philosophorum

The frontispiece of the book ‘Lumen de Lumine A New Magicall Light’ by Thomas Vaughan, 1651. Scholae Magicae Typvs = School of the Magical Type Mons Magorum Invisibilis = Magicians invisible mountain Regio Phantastica = Fantastic Region Lumen Naturae = Light of Nature Thesaurus Incantatus = Treasure charmer Non Nisi Parvulis = Not unless infant. Winged Serpent / Ouroboros / Kundalini

Quetzalcoatl – The feathered serpent (Aztec) Kukulkan – The feathered serpent (Mayan)
Temple of the Sun Temple of the Moon Temple of Quetzalcoatl

In Norse Mythology – Jörmungandr (the World Serpent)

Chinese Dragon

Kundalini Crop Circles
Wiltshire : 29th July 2011

Milk Hill : 25th June 2012

More Visual Symbols

Star of David

Shatkona (Anahata)

Merkaba Star Tetrahedrons

Metatron’s Cube

Sri Yantra

Merkaba Crop Circle

More Visual Symbols
19.5 deg latitude



Merkaba Tetrahedron

More Visual Symbols

More Visual Symbols



More Visual Symbols

Siva Linga

Vatican Linga (Obelisk) & Yoni Obelisk


A question: If the Pyramids were so revered, why does the Sphinx show its backside to it? I know it faces the East, but it could have been placed west of the pyramids such that it faces both the East and the pyramids at the same time.

More Visual Symbols (Modern)
• • • • • Crop Circles Books Movies Architecture Media etc.

Some more Crop Circles
August 25th, 2008 – Wiltshire, England
This is indeed an amazing Crop circle. This one, to me, looks like its hinting at the importance of spirituality in the coming age. The seven pointed star represents the seven Chakras of the body (the large circle that encloses the star). The S shaped symbol is the Kundalini snake that is rising towards the Ajna Chakra (third eye) which is represented by the eye shape in the pyramid (head). The Kundalini snake seems to be poised to enter the two parallel lines (like a 11). The parallel lines, I think, represent the neck where the Vishuddha Chakra (throat chakra of purity) is located. Does this signify the state of our mother planet, today, as it ascends into the most difficult part of the Ascension process? The other line that lies above the parallel lines, like a roof (the 3 lines together making a crude pi symbol), seems to indicate that at this point of time, this Chakra is inactive. Once the Kundalini, or the planetary vibrations cross the threshold of the Vishuddha Chakra, activate the planetary third eye (the central eye in the pyramid) and goes even beyond into the Crown Chakra, Ascension takes place represented by the dynamic spiralling circles. This is just my interpretation.

Some more Crop Circles

C7 = Carbon 7
Illustration for the book Azoth of the Philosophers by the German alchemist Basil Valentine ‘visita interiora terrae rectificando invenies occultum lapidum’ – vitriol -- ‘Visit the interior of the earth and, by rectifying, you will discover the hidden stone.’ (Calcination, Dissolution, Separation, Conjunction, Fermentation, Distillation, and Coagulation)

Some more Crop Circles
Silbury Hill, Avebury, Wiltshire 2nd August 2004

Hands turning into wings


20 calendrical divisions (5 x 4) Cyclical time

Some more Crop Circles
Milk Hill, Avebury, Wiltshire 8th August, 2008 (8/8/08)

8 or the symbol of Infinity?

Spiralling confluence of 2 opposites to produce 4 D space ?

The Perforated Universe

Aural Symbols

• Mantras & Chants • Popular Music • Ambient tunes (Solfeggio harmonics) etc.

Temporal Symbols

• • • • •

Synchronicities Déjà vu 11:11 1:53 13:53

Numerical Symbols

• Early Prime Numbers • Ascension Numbers • Separation Numbers 0, 1, 2, 3… 33,…, 108, 153,…

Myths & Metaphoric Symbols
• Hinduism:
– – – – –
– – – –

Samudra Manthana Shiva – Shakti (Kali) Motifs Ten Mahavidyas (Especially Chinnamasta) Desha Avatars …many more
Genesis Revelations Catch of 153 … many more.

• Christian:

Scientific Background
“Science does not need mysticism and mysticism does not need science, but man needs both”

—Fritjof Capra in “The Tao of Physics”

For more information on the Scientific Background please watch my video: The Perforated Universe – Revision & Evidence

• • A very important term in Thermodynamics. Measure of ‘Disorder’ of a closed system. Also defined as measure of the amount of thermal energy not available to do work. Second law (note it’s a law) of thermodynamics states that the entropy of an isolated system always increases or remains constant. Thus the lowest entropy state of our universe was right at the instant that it was formed. At the Big Bang. What is the lowest Entropy thing that you can ever imagine??

It’s not me…

It’s Entropy!

Dimensionality & Multiple Universes
• It is mathematically (scientifically) possible that there could exist innumerable other universes besides our own. • There is nothing special about universes being only spatially 3 dimensional like ours. • In fact, String Theory proposes the existence of 10 spatial dimensions!
This is 3 dimensional (3d)

This is 1 dimensional (1d)

This is 2 dimensional (2d)

Vanishing Dimension Hypothesis
• Proposes that the Universe began as a unidimensional line… • …which later upgraded to a 2 dimensional plane… • which still later transformed into the spatially 3 dimensional universe we are in today.

Vanishing Dimension Hypothesis
• What could have come before the line universe of 1 dimension?? • A universe of Zero dimension! • That is a Zero dimensional Point… • …Of Nothingness! • The Point or Bindu of the Sri Yantra • The Infinite Infinitesimal. • But in order to maintain balance, • The unidimensional universe emanated from the Bindu point must be accompanied an equal and opposite emanation.


Matter / Antimatter Asymmetry

Anti Matter

Anti Matter Universe

Matter Universe (ours)



Problem of asymmetry between matter and antimatter. Why is there much more matter than antimatter in our universe? The Argand Plane is the mathematical plane containing all numbers. The sum of all numbers is Zero. Since every number has a pair of opposite polarity. So if a Universe originated from Nothing (or Nothingness), it must have emitted an equal Universe of opposite polarity at the exact time.









What does this look like?

For more information on this please watch my video: The Perforated Universe – Revision & Evidence

The Cosmic Timeline

• The Template of the Super Universe, or • The Cosmic Kundalini • As above, so below

For more information on this please watch my video: The Perforated Universe – Revision & Evidence

Thank You!