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Dragon 2. the followup to: there be dragons. this is: and there be dragon slayers

Dragon 2. the followup to: there be dragons. this is: and there be dragon slayers

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this is a first draft that sat for 20 years because i was waiting for my mom to pass over. she just did. about, u know, the good old days. right. the 50's, 60's. growing up.
this is a first draft that sat for 20 years because i was waiting for my mom to pass over. she just did. about, u know, the good old days. right. the 50's, 60's. growing up.


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The Birth Of A Dragon Slayer.Chapter One...195?Shaun Kinny Jr, for all intends and purposes grew up in acatholic boys school named: Maryville academy. The place had beenbuilt on orders of the head of the CHicago discess, cardinalCody. The good cardinal lived in a twenty room mansion offChicago's gold coast and is reputed to have seen "boys Town "once too many times. It was after one of these viewings that hesent his minions to Desplanes Il, a burg that was a good distancefrom Chicago. (Far away from his mansion. Afterall, goodintentions were okay, but not in one's backyard) to create aplace for wayward boys. So from the dust and sands of thisChicago Suburb, long before the word suburb had been coined,buildings arose. Four in all. Each was of red brick and was fourstories high. All this is reputed to have taken two days. Thecardinal heard of this and said it was good. Then beds and whatnot were installed in the buildings. This took two days. Thecardinal herd of this and said it was good. Next two priest came,one blessed with an extra dose of mean and the other blessed withan extra dose of nice. Which is to say that one was old and theother was young. Together they blessed everything. This took oneday. The cardinal head of this and said it is good. Next the nunscame, bringing a supply of guilt. They sprinkled it to and fro,but took extra care to sprinkle an ample amount on the beds wherethe childern would be sleeping. This took a half day. Thecardinal head of this and said it was good. Next the childerncame, sleeping in the beds of guilt. This took a quarter of aday. The cardinal head of this and said it was good. Then hewatched 'Boys Town' for the last time. Then he slept the sleep ofa righteous man.The above is just rumor, but with cardinal and popes, onecan never be sure.
Chapter five...Maryvill.Note: Show his anger, display his fury, it and show hisswallowing it back. Maryville was a dictership based two divneprincables: a religuous boy is a strong boy. Other kids give himgreif about imginary freinds.NOte; Further back. He never goes ona dragon hunt agina; at least not after the firest one. He wantsto and has to keep putting it off, because of this and that.NOte: He was now in real danger of forgetting his imgeinayworld.Shaun was a few months shy of his seventh birthday when hearrived at Maryville. He brought three things with him. Hisfavored Teddy bear, his colloection of imgiray friends and hissprit, as yet unbroken. Upon his arrivel, Shaun was brought intoFather O'Mallys office. The office was done in shades ofdarkness; walnut panels; a single stainglass window that allowedfor very little light and a huge wooden desk. Behind the desk onthe wall was a curafix of Jesus. He stared out at all whoentered; pain in his eyes. Father O'Mally sat behind the desk,half sloutched, yet looking ram-rod striegfty simpy by virture ofhis black priest outfit. He was of medium height, a bull likeneck, bloustious face, and dark penatratig eyes. His eyes nowrested on Shaun, studying him, the way Shaun slouched, held hiseyes, and his overall demonor, as they had every boy who wasfrist brought to Maryvill. He was suddenly struck, and sudden isthe right word, as he felt a jolt shoot thougt him, that thisboy, unlike the hundreds of others, had the shiney new look ofinnacensts about him.Shaun was not itimaated by all this. He had made the longjourany to Maryvill acphomped by his enitre kingdom. As he staredback, not defienty, just self-assured that whatever this strangeman in a black suit and a white collor had in store for him wasno match for him and his knights.
Father O'Mally knew that Shaun was almost seven by hisreconds sent to the school by the and attribed his shinyinnacentcs to his age. He searched his mind, trying to recall ifhe had had a younger child then Shaun at Maryville. He couldthink of none, mused the court was sending them younger younger,then sighed. Age didn't matter. The courts, for what ever theirreasons (He susspected money was the motive behind many of hischarges, but never pursered the notion.) sent Shuan to him. Hisjop was to tame roudy childern, even childern with black andwhite knights at there disposel. His methods were somethingscruel. But he was not an unkind man, although many of his chargeswould argur otherwise. He knew the pain they were feeling atbeing ripped away from their familys and friends. He knew thepain well. So he did feel, if not compassion for the one hundredand fifty boys under his command, then certinly a feeling ofcommradite. He, like them, was serving a sentance at Maryvill.He, unlike them, was serving a life sentance. As a kid in Backof the Yards Chicago, O'Mally had listned to his father, a harddrinking iron worker, spell out spellbinding stories aboutireland. When he had first become a priest, he dreamed ofheading a pharish located amongst the rolling green grass ofIerland. This was but a dream now. He'd serve out his carrierright here. He had been there since the very begining, handpicked by someone in Cardnell Cody office. Not because the goodCardnell likeed him. And not becasue the good Carndell haddisliked him. The good cardnell didn't know he exisited. He wasthere because he had slighted somebody and what that slight waswas unknowen to him, knowen only to the person he had slighted.But because politic ruled the cathloic church, as politics ruledeverywhere, the slighted party had whispered in sombodys ear.Promices were exchanged: You do me this faver and when the timeis right, I'll do you a good turn.He'd dealy like to know who that somebody was...or maby not.Then he'd lose sight of the fact he was a prist and kill thebastard.He thought of all this as he continued to studey Shaun. Healways thougt of this when a new boy was brought before him, asif somewhere in the dark tunnels of his brain he was thinkingthat his being there was this new boys fault. His voice gravlyfrom the three packs of camel stgrights he smoked each day, andthe fitht of Irish whiskey he consummed, but always at night awayfrom prying eyes, he explined to Shaun what was expected of him.The rules were few, but strictly carried out. Shaun had toaddress the priests as 'Father Such and Such.' He had to address

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