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Aftermath_ Chapter Eighteen

Aftermath_ Chapter Eighteen

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Published by Toni Roman
How do you fight something that knows what you are going to do?
How do you fight something that knows what you are going to do?

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Published by: Toni Roman on Apr 12, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Aftermath: Chapter EighteenEllison: (thinking aloud) “We shut the Skynet Project down. So why are Darren and Lance dead?”Chang: “The order was given before shutdown. I have a better question: Why was Mel killed first?”Ellison: “He was on to something and we're still trying to figure out what.”Chang: “Why were we visiting NORAD?”Ellison: “Fact-finding, getting the whole team up to speed--”Chang: “--NORAD just tracks missiles. It doesn't launch them. STRATCOM does that.”Ellison: “And they didn't get zapped. Bad luck we were at NORAD at the time. We should have goneto visit STRATCOM in Omaha.”Chang: “Did the US marshals find a mainframe or supercomputer or server farm or core at CyberdyneSystems?”Ellison: “No. They were there to arrest people not machines.”Chang: “Cyberdyne developed Skynet. They would have either a parallel version or an early versionor worse, an advanced version of Skynet that they could sell to the Air Force as an upgrade. Send themback now to seize everything as evidence.”Auldridge has been listening to Ellison and Chang talk. He gets on his phone to make sure evidencewas seized. It was. But a second look couldn't hurt.Ellison calls Mister Murch at Zeira and asks him to send everything that might document how he tracedthe attack on John-Henry back to the Cyberdyne AI.
Ellison: “Before she passed away, Catherine Weaver said she was building an AI to fight Skynet. Can'twe use its smarts against it? You're a mathematician doc. Can't you feed it an unsolvable equation?”Chang: (chuckles) “Did you think the rest of us were sitting on our hands while you action junkies werechasing robots? We tried. A big dumb supercomputer would burn itself out. By contrast, most AI'swould try different approaches and then time out or give up. At Black Rock, Skynet solved problemsthat we thought unsolvable.”He pulled up a screen on a computer. “ You know what that is?”Ellison shook his head at the equation.Chang: “That's an insult. To a mathematician. It solved our 'unsolvable' equations and sent back brandnew unsolvables. Don't kid yourself. This AI is not stupid and it's not crazy.”Ellison: “It's a murderer.”Chang: “It's a military AI and it knows it. A soldier doesn't think of himself as a murderer. You're FBIAuldridge. What do your law enforcement instincts say?”Auldridge: “It's holding the whole world hostage and we do hostage negotiation in these cases.”Simmonds: “But it thinks we are too stupid and too weak to engage in dialogue. It didn't even give theSkynet developers at Black Rock Air Force Base a clue as to what it was thinking. I need to getsomething from home.”
CERT net op center, Washington DC 
The smell of fear in the negatively ionized air. Computer technicians with dry mouths and wet sweatypalms.Hackett puts up a display.
CERT 2Electronic and Network Attacks
airborne jamming
information warfare
Television and radio transmission(s) are jammed.
Television and radio transmission(s) are hijacked for a disinformationcampaign.
Logistics networks are disabled.
(Enemy) communications networks are disabled.
Internet-based warfare.
global command and control affected
Automated widespread attacks
Widespread, distributed denial-of-service attacks
Widespread attacks on DNS infrastructure
Widespread attacks using NNTP to distribute attack
Wide-scale trojan distribution
Wide-scale use of worms
Sophisticated botnet command and control attacks – Command, Control,Communications & Computers (C4)

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