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Inquiry Question 1

Inquiry Question 1

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Published by cladd1

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Published by: cladd1 on May 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Caroline LaddProfessor Jan RiemanEnglish 1102-026February 16
, 2011
Preliminary Inquiry Question
When thinking about what my inquiry question would be, I had absolutely noidea where to begin. My first thought was that I would write about the differencebetween north and southern dialects, but when I started thinking more about that Ithought that it would be too difficult to get my thoughts across. So, my idea for myinquiry paper as of right now is whether or not the United States should beconsidered a bilingual country even though there is not an official language.I am curious about this question because when I reflect on my everyday life, Inotice more and more often when I it would be a huge help if I was fluent or knewthe slightest bit of Spanish. The ratio of Spanish to American people in the UnitedStates is getting smaller and smaller, and it is a fact that us Americans needs torealize. This topic could be related to our sponsors of literacy essay because wecould add sponsors to our lives that know Spanish, and vice versa for the Spanish-speaking people in the US.I do not really know a lot about this topic thus far, but I am very interested inlearning more about it. One way that it has effected my life it in the fast foodindustry, when trying to order food at a fast food restaurant and the worker onlyspeaks Spanish or very little to no English it becomes a very difficult task. I do not think that only Americans should be required to learn some Spanish, but than

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