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Why the Birth Certificate is in All Caps

Why the Birth Certificate is in All Caps

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Published by rodclassteam

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Published by: rodclassteam on May 31, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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There is no author indicated...received on 5.15.11 via email...Also, you'll want to re-namethe document file name as you may lose track of it because the tiny url's name is sonebulous...The doc is titled: Why the Birth Certificate is in ALL-CAPS...HW Start of original doc...
The information below explains how a fictitious “alter ego” of the real you exists. Thefictitious version of you has been created in an effort to justify acts that would be unlawful if applied to the real you. Government documents show the United States went bankrupt in1933. Operating government on credit requires enormous collateral. Government itself produces no wealth. Flesh and blood people do. Your “straw man’s” life and property havebeen pledged as collateral for government debt!
The Birth Certificate
Since the early 1960’s State governments, themselves legal fictions as indicated by fullcaps have issued birth certificates to “persons” using all-caps names. This is not a lawfulrecord of your physical birth, but a legal fiction indicated by the use of all-caps. It may lookas if it’s your proper name, but that’s impossible since no proper name is ever written in all-caps. As you will see, the birth Certificate is the government’s created legal instrument for its legal title of ownership, or deed, to the personal legal fiction they have created.One factor to recognize, before going any further, is the governmental use of older datastorage from the late 1950’s until the early 1980’s. As a “leftover” from various Teletypeoriented systems, many government data storage methods used all-caps for proper names.At first, this may have been a necessity of the technology at the time, not a deliberate act.Perhaps, when this technology was first being used and implemented into the mainstreamof communications, some legal experts saw it as a perfect tool for their legal fictions. Whatbetter excuse could there be?However, since local, State and Federal offices primarily used typewriters during that sametime periods, and Birth Certificates and other important documents, such as Driver’sLicenses, were produced with typewriters, it’s very doubtful that this poses much of anexcuse to explain all-caps usage for proper names. The only reasonable usage of theolder databank all-caps storage systems would have been for addressing envelopes or certain forms in bulk, including payment checks, which the governments did frequently.Automated computer systems, with daisy wheel and pin printers used prevalently in theearly 1980’s emulated the IBM electric typewriter Courier or Helvetica fonts in both upper and lower case letters. Shortly thereafter, the introduction of laser and ink jet printers withmultiple fonts became the standard. For the past twenty years the only rational excuse for the government to use all-caps is if older data is still stored in its original form and has notbeen translated due to the costs of re-entry. But this does not excuse the entry of newdata, only “legacy” data. In fact, on many government forms today, proper names are inall-caps while other areas of the same computer produced documents are in both upper and lower case. One can only conclude that the use of all-caps when printing a proper name is no mistake.
Birth information is collected by the state and turned over to the U.S. DEPARTMENT OFCOMMERCE. The all-caps fictitious corporate entity is then placed into a “trust”, known asa “Cestui Que Trust”. A cestui que trust is defined as: “He who has a right to a beneficialinterest in and out of an estate the legal title to which is vested in another; The beneficiaryof another.” Cestui que use it: “He for whose use and benefit lands or tenements are heldby another. The cestui que user as the right to receive the profits and benefits of theestate, but the legal title and possession, as well the duty of defending the same, reside inthe other.Each one of us, including our children, are considered assets of the bankrupt UnitedStates, which acts as the “debtor in Possession.” We are designated by this governmentas human “resources” or human “capital”. You may have noticed that all “personnel”offices have been converted to “human resource” offices. The government assumes therole of the Trustee while the newborn child becomes the beneficiary of is own trust. Absentthe fraud involved, legal title to everything the child will ever own is vested in thegovernment. The government then places the Trust into the hands of the parents, who aremade the “guardians.” The child may reside in the hands of the guardians until such timeas the state claims that the parents are no longer capable to serve. The state then goesinto the home and removes the “trust” from the guardians. At the age of majority theparents lose their guardianship.All Christian births used to be recorded in the family Bible only. The reason for institutingthe Birth Certificate is so the state can claim title to your person. It is a common lawprinciple that says what one creates one may control. Via your state issued BirthCertificate in the name of your all-caps person you are considered to be a slave or indentured servant to the various Federal, State and local governments. This legalmaneuver is compounded further when one obtains a driver’s license, marriage license or aSocial Security Number. You have no Rights in state-approved birth, marriage, or evendeath. The state claims the sovereign right to all legal fiction titles it creates.And it doesn’t end there.The creditors of the United States were getting nervous by the mid-1960’s President Nixonhad to collateralize more debt. He settled upon a plan to quietly set aside huge tracts of American land with their mineral rights in reserve to cover the outstanding debts. But theAmerican people were already angered over the Vietnam “war”. Nixon couldn’t very welladmit that he was parceling out huge chunks of the United States to holders of U.S. debt.So, he invented the Environmental Protection Agency in 1970 and passed draconianenvironmental laws which served to grab land with vast natural resources away from theowners and lock it away, providing to the holders of the debt that Americans are not drilling,mining, or otherwise developing those resources. As the government sinks deeper intodebts, it grabs more and more land, declares it to be a “wilderness,” “heritage river” or “wetlands” area. There are various other designations, but the end result is the same: Thepeople may not use the land. In many cases they are forbidden to set foot on it.It is not about conservation, it is about establishing collateral. YOUR land is being stolenby the government and used to secure loans the government really had no business takingout in the first place. Given that the government cannot get out of debt and collateralizingmore and more land to avoid foreclosure, the day is not far off when the people of the
United States will be told that they are no longer private citizens with private property rightsbut mere tenants living on another’s property. This day will arrive swiftly if Americans giveup their firearms.1 See Executive Order 13037 for a reference made to this doctrine.
If you forward on the doc, either retain this or gun it, your choice...HW
My 2 Cents...I've been studying the BC for years...I've seen all sorts of BCsincluding the original Army hospital copy of Mine with a wet signature from theattending physician
(on a Mass. Form R-3 “STANDARD CERTIFICATE OFBIRTH” approx. 6 ½ by 7 ½ inches, and one of 3 (?) "originals"...a typed topcopy and two carbon versions all with wet sigs) one of which (probably thetyped original) was given to the town for "registration." My parents got one of the carbons (probably the 3
one) with a wet sig and I ended up with that one.The other carbon (most likely the 2nd copy) version was probably retained bythe Army hospital (which was demolished sometime in the 70s or 80s).Now, a funny thing happened at the Town Hall. For some reason
they re-typed
the original from the Army
they registered it in their book. Why ?I can only guess (and I could be wrong) it was because my name was in bothupper and lower case.
The new version which was registered
had mymother's maiden name misspelled and it didn't have the attending physician'swet sig...And, YES, this new "registered" copy now had
my name in all caps
.I didn't notice the misspell or the all caps until I had ordered a "certified" copyfrom the state a couple of years back. I only discovered it because I wascomparing "it" with my "original carbon" (with a wet sig) I had ! And, I noticedthat there was no wet sig of the attending physician even though the"certification" clearly said it was a "true copy attest" ! And, then the all caps,etc., etc.Now, the question is: Does the Town still have a copy of the original from theArmy hospital that they re-typed ? Or, did they gun it ? I've talked with themand can't get a straight answer from them. And, it's been 66 years since thisall happened, so I don't know if I can get any answers or not. But, it doesseem that the all caps thing must have some significance to both the Townand the state (Mass.), and probably the Fed Gov !The thing that stuck in my mind in the above doc that was attached to thisemail was:"All Christian births used to be recorded in the family Bible only. The

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