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North Dakota 2011

North Dakota 2011

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Published by drivershandbooks

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Published by: drivershandbooks on Jun 02, 2011
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ItisNDDOT’spolicythatallemployeeshavethe right to work in an environment free of harassment. An employee may discontinueservice to a customer if the customersubjects the employee to conduct, commu-nication, or sexually explicit paraphernaliawhich may interfere with the employeesworkperformanceorcreateahostile,intimi-dating, or offensive work environment.
2009 - 2011
To the Motorcycle Operator:Thismanualcontainsimportantinformationforthoseofyouwhowishtooper-ateamotorcycle. You are urged to study this manualthoroughly. Thismanual was developed by the National Public Services Research Institute with thecooperationoftheMotorcycleSafetyFoundationundercontracttotheNationalHighway Traffic Safety Administration. As a motorcyclist, you should remember that you will be traveling on thestreetsandhighwayswithamixtureofvehicles,mostof whicharelargerthanyourmotorcycle.Statisticsshowthatthechancesofacyclistbeinginjuredinamotorcyclecrasharefargreaterthananyothertypeofvehicularcrash.Andoneout of every five motorcycle crashes results in head or neck injuries. As a cyclist in North Dakota, you are subject to the same rules of the road asothermotorists,aswellasspeciallawsformotorcycles,whicharesummarizedinthismanual.ApplicantswhodonotcurrentlypossessaNorthDakotaopera-tor’slicenseshouldstudythismanualalongwiththeNorthDakotaClassDop-erator’smanual,bothofwhichareavailabletoindividualsatanyoftheDriversLicense and Testing offices.Driver’s License and Traffic Safety DivisionND Department of Transportation608 East Boulevard AvenueBismarck, ND 58505-0700
 Any person other than a nonresident student, a tourist, or a member of thearmed forces who has lived in this state for 90 consecutive days, shall bedeemed a resident of North Dakota for the purposes of driver licensing. Youmayoperateavehiclewithanoperator’slicensefromanotherstateforaperiodof60daysafteryoubecomearesidentofNorthDakota,thenyoumustobtainaNorth Dakota operator’s license.Whenoperatingeitheratwo-orthree-wheeledmotorcycle,NorthDakotalawrequiresthatyouhaveinyourpossessionaClassMpermitorlicense.Driving without the Class M permit or license will result in a $20 fine and a four pointassessment on your driving record.Fourteen-andfifteen-year-old motorcycleoperatorsmayonly operatemotor-cycles with a 250 cc engine or less.Operators and passengers under the age of 18 must wear a safety helmet thatmeetsU.S.DepartmentofTransportationstandards.Iftheoperatorisrequiredtowearahelmet,thenanypassenger,regardlessofage,mustalsowearahelmet.
Applying for a Class M License or Permit
 Applications for an operator’s license or permit are made with the Drivers Li-cense and Testing office in your area.
PROOF OF IDENTIFICATION IS REQUIRED.OriginalapplicantswhodonothaveavalidNorthDakotaoperatorslicensemust present proof of current name and date of birth. Out-of-state permits,licenses,andIDcardswillnotbeacceptedasproofofnameanddateofbirth.Proof of North Dakota residence address may also be required. Acceptableforms of identification are:-- U.S.BirthCertificate(statecertified;Government-issued:includesU.S.territories).-- Valid U.S. Passport.-- U.S.Government-issuedConsularReportofBirthAbroad.CertificateorFS 240 (seal required).-- Valid Foreign Passport with an I-94 card or an I-551 stamp.-- U.S. Active Duty/Retiree/Reservist Military ID Card.-- U.S.CourtOrder containing thelegalnameand dateof birth (Courtsealrequired).Divorcedecreeandmarriagecertificatearenotacceptableforproof of date of birth.-- North Dakota state issued permit, license, or ID card.-- The following Immigration documents (unexpired):I-551 Resident Alien or Permanent Resident CardI-688 Temporary Resident Identification Card

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