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Road to Nowhere by Monte Hellman CDDJ

Road to Nowhere by Monte Hellman CDDJ

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Published by Monte Hellman

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Categories:Types, Reviews
Published by: Monte Hellman on Jun 05, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Road To Nowhere by Monte Hellman
Article deSiclones le 20 avr 2011 dansA l'affiche|1 commentaire Sortie le 13 avril 2011
His last film was 20 years ago and was titled Silent Night, Deadly Night: Irreversible Coma.At the time, a video store employee contacted Monte Hellman to direct a film from hisscript ... finally, the guy changed his mind and directed Reservoir Dogs himself. Hellmannevertheless appreciated the project enough to agree to act as executive-producer in orderto find the funding. In 2010, the two find themselves at the Mostra of Venice, one is
president and the other the oldest director in the competition. Not ungrateful, theTarantino jury will present a Golden Lion to Hellman for the entire body of his work. Andyet, like the young director at the end of Coppola’s ,
the failure (commercially) fromthe stable of the legendary Roger Corman (Coppola and De Palma / Scorsese ...) seems tobe beginning a second youth.
It’s difficult and inevitably not very necessary to summarize the story of 
 Road To Nowhere
. A blogger has rekindled some interest in an old case which had rocked the peaceful SmokyMoutains of North Carolina a few years earlier. The ingredients were a politician with anarrogant success, a cop at the end of his road, an irresistible Cuban 30 years the junior of theother two, Velma Duran, and the disappearance of $100,000,000. A classic thriller plot, to suchan extent that very soon we will abandon the idea of trying to grasp the ins and outs. Director,Mitchell Haven, and his screenwriter seize investigations of this blogger to draw a film project:Road To Nowhere, which the
 Road To Nowhere
of Monte Hellman recounts during its shootingas well as its preparation.
 Road to Nowhere
– Bande-annonce – 2011
 Road To Nowhere
plays the card of the setting in abyss ... but in a manner so brilliant that itwould be difficult to give you a reference source. Seeking to count the number of dimensionsintertwined between other scams reported, the film in the film with even the right to its own maintitle credits, and its filming, then the projected film and even a few episodes experienced byMonte Hellman , would be insane.1. One could guess it more instinctively than by taking a ticketfrom Mulholland Drive, in
 Road To Nowhere
the viewer is released, right from the start. We canalso find an inverted structure, where Lynch quietly unrolled the glamour aesthetic of wellknown series Z to end up imploding the tale, meanwhile Hellman takes the risk of escapingtrouble from the beginning, where the blasting of the narrative is even more confusing throughhis particular style of long almost stationary takes, nearly-silent and extended in time, proving to be sparing of explanation. But two hours later, a miracle happened and I came out with afascination that time does not stop nourishing for a film that encourages us to seek outside keys; beginning with the sublime poster which follows you right out of the cinema.In the middle of the film, the director obstinately wants no supertar for the distribution, sayingthat the success of a film is 90% dependent on casting. Monte Hellman modifies this in aninterview, saying this also includes the choice of locations and technicians ... anyway, just bychoosing to embody Shannyn Sossamon as Laurel Graham / Velma Duran, one can alreadyconsider the cast as a success. Ubiquitous from beginning to end, even the haunting image of theend credits (and perhaps beyond), the actress carries the film without the need to push in thetrenches with the kind of spectacle becoming customary with directors, and that Watts, Portmanand Gainsbourg had to try in establishing recognition for their talents: neither masturbation nor lesbian experimentation, self-mutilation or hysteria here ... In this case, there is first of all theincarnation of the mystery of Velma Duran, of course, where it is unclear whether she died or 

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