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Published by Aman Bhattarai

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Published by: Aman Bhattarai on Jun 09, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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How important is it to explore alternative forms of energy?
(SA005)According to the world fuel consumption status, about 80 per cent of the world
energythat we use comes from the fossil fuels, which are the non-renewable energy sources. And withthe ever increasing demand for energy from all around the globe, this usage of the fossil fuelshas also been increasing at a rocketing rate of 2.3 per cent per annum. With such figurespersisting, fossil fuels, i.e. coal, natural gas and mineral oil, will eventually run out. On the otherhand, due to the air pollution resulting from the use of these fuels, respiratory problems, andglobal warming have also risen. In this context, the alternative forms of energy, which are alsothe renewable energy sources, seem to be the only and best option.Studies show that if the present consumption rate persists, the whole explored andunexplored oil reserves will exhaust by the year 2070. As a result of this fuel crisis, humans willsuffer unprecedented social, economic, and political unrest. But thanks to alternative energysources, the bio gas, nuclear energy, wind energy, tidal energy and geo thermal energy, that
they are renewable, meaning they are not likely to get exhausted even if their continuousconsumption is done. So, the first advantage about using alternative energy forms is that,unlike fossil fuels, we do not have to worry if they might get exhausted.Second advantage is the environment friendly nature of the alternative forms of energy.Except the radio active wastes produced in nuclear fission, all the alternative forms of energydo not create pollution. So, in the context where due the air pollution caused by the smokeemitted from the vehicles and industries that combust the fossil fuels, that the cases of bronchitis, lung cancer, etc, and the threat of global warming are increasing, the alternativeenergy sources are capable of making for our environment, a much needed promise.There are other advantages of exploring alternative forms of energy too. One suchadvantage is that employment opportunities are created for many people. This is worth a lot inthe present era where not only in the third-world nations like Nepal, but also in the industriallyadvanced countries such as Spain and the US, there are many jobless people. Otherinfrastructures of development such as electricity, transport, etc will automatically be availablein the sites where the exploration is done. Furthermore, the sites can also be a potential touristattraction. This is especially beneficial for countries like Nepal where the exploration of theplaces has always been a problem in developing the tourism industry. Besides, a nation canalways earn money by exporting the energy that it has explored.Each of the alternative forms of energy has its own advantages over the non-renewableenergy sources. Bio gas, for example, burns without smoke and has a high caloric value. Theraw materials needed to establish a bio gas plant are easily available and inexpensive, and the
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