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Cim Charter Draft

Cim Charter Draft

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Published by Subhrabhanu Panda

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Published by: Subhrabhanu Panda on Jun 10, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Clinicians in Management
Charter of Rights and Responsibilities For hospital Managers and Consultants 
July 2004
Draft Document for Consultation Purposes
In 1998 the Department of Health and Children launched the Clinicians inManagement Initiative (CIM) which was designed to heighten the involvement of key health professionals in the planning and management of services. Therationale for this was primarily about improving the quality of clinical service bymoving decision making closer to the point of service delivery. A centralcomponent is to create and maintain effective working partnerships betweenclinicians and managers
Though notable progress under the initiative has beenmade in a number of hospitals the CIM experience has been very varied. Fiveyears on from the launch of CIM, full clinician involvement in decision-makingand in the management of resources is not yet the norm across the healthservice.In 2003 a small and informal discussion group of hospital managers andconsultants was convened, by the Office for Health Management, in an effort toprogress the initiative. The discussion group has focused on the goal of increasing cooperation between doctors and managers at both hospital andnational decision making levels. This will involve building a framework foreffective working partnerships between clinicians and managers designed todeliver the goal of achieving meaningful involvement of clinicians inmanagement. All agree that his is going to take time and it is probably wise tostart small and progress slowly at a pace the parties are comfortable with.Consultants and senior managers are the key players. Others have much tocontribute, much to gain and not a lot to lose.During the past year the group has met on a number of occasions and hasdevised a draft charter of rights and responsibilities for Consultants, Managersand Clinical Directors. This document is intended to set out the principles onwhich understanding between clinicians and managers can develop and grow ina spirit of genuine partnership. We now consider it to be a consultationdocument and we are inviting clinicians and managers throughout the system toconsider the charter, reflect on the spirit as well as the letter of it and let us havethe benefit of their views.
Hospital Consultants
Clinical autonomy, i.e. the right to makedecisions about the treatment of my patientswithout consulting anyone
Ongoing Continuing Professional Developmentto ensure my clinical practice continues to besafe and effective
Meet with other consultants/clinicians as partof my contracted working week 
Make a case for my perceived view of theresources needed to safely and effectivelytreat patients under my care
Management information on the allocationand utilisation of resources to allow me tomake my case
 Access the Hospital Management and theBoard of the hospital – via an agreed process
Make my views known to the medicalrepresentative on the Management Teamand/or the Board of Management
 Advocate for patients under my care
Treat private patients within agreedhospital/national norms and guidelines
Be supported in my management of HumanResources and Financial Resources
Influence national policy
I have the responsibility to:
Ensure my clinical practice is safe andeffective
Take account of the impact of my clinicaldecisions on others, both other clinicians andtheir patients
Contribute to the Clinical Audit process
Contribute to the development of safehospital systems
Participate in hospital planning and decisionmaking
Organise my clinical practice to enable me toparticipate in hospital decision making withoutunduly impacting on hospital finances, level of service or patient care
In making public statements, consider theimpact of my actions on the standing of myhospital in the system
Practice safely and ethically as a clinicianthrough participation in the Medical CouncilCompetence Assurance Scheme
 Act within agreed Service Plan provisions
Take account of the multi-disciplinary natureof care and to respect the contributions of other disciplines to patient care
Take responsibility for the supervision andeducation of the NCHDs under my aegis.Promote safe clinical practice and becognisant of the budgetary implications of their practice
Communicate with patients and familiesrespectfully and fully and ensure my teamdoes also
Contribute to the hospital’s ClinicalGovernance system
Maintain effective two-way communicationsystems with GPs
Communicate as appropriate with PublicHealth services, Mental Health services andCommunity Care services including thePrimary Care Team.

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