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USF Going Green Movement: Sustainability Final Draft

USF Going Green Movement: Sustainability Final Draft

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Published by Sean Gleason

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Published by: Sean Gleason on Jun 24, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Team GreenBulls
Melodie Austin-LeadResearcher,InterviewerSecondary Compiler,Editor
Sean Gleason-LeadPresenter, SecondaryResearcher, Compiler
Kesla Rene
LeadEditor, Compiler,Secondary Researcher
Sustainability is a top priority at the University of SouthFlorida. We know this because USF is making many effortsto reduce our carbon footprint by recycling, finding ways toreduce greenhouse gases andby getting students and thecommunity involved.When it comes to recycling theuniversity is taking a progres-sive stance. Transportationoptions for staff and studentsare in place to reduce green-house gasses. The Universityof South Florida with Sustain-a-Bull gets students involvedand they are working with other organization to reduce en-ergy usage within the community.
Professional WritingProfessor Francis TobienneUniversity of South FloridaDepartment of Foreign Languages,Literature and Writing140 Seventh Ave SouthSt. Petersburg, FL 33701What is Sustainabil-3Campus SustainabilityPrograms4University Commit-ment7Local and Global Sus-tainability Programs13Interview Question 17Global Current Events 18New Ideas to Strength-en Sustainability21
Inside this issue:
USF’s Involvement in the Going
Green Movement
 USF Going Green  Mo ve men t: Sus taina bi li ty 
June 24 2011Team GreenBulls
Photo courtesyofUSF website
Photo courtesy of USF website
Table of Contents
3 Executive Summary4 Introduction: What is Sustainability?5 Campus Sustainability Programs
 American College & University Pres-idents
Climate Commitment(ACUPCC) 
National Wildlife Federal
CampusEcology Program
Sustainability Tracking, Assessment& Rating System (STARS)
I Have A Dream…
USF earns
“GOLD” rating 
2011 Report Card
Sustainable Endowments Institute
 College Sustainability Report Card8 University Commitment
The University of South Florida’s
implemented strategic goals
The creation of the Office of Sustain-ability
 Academics - Master the GlobalWorld
Preparing Scientists to EnhanceGlobal Sustainability
The Curriculum-33 semester hours
Building Design11 Current Efforts
Campus Design
Recycling14 Local and Global Sustainability
The New Patel School of Global Sus-tainability
Sustainability Champions Program
Sustainability Mentors Program
Sustainability Fellows Program
Sustainability Scholars Program
Mentors (2011)16 Notable Faculty
EPA's Sustainable Design Compe-tition Winner - University of South Florida18 Interview Questions19 Global Current Events
Engineers Without Borders
Problems in Paradise20
USF’s Future Plans to Strengthen
Flex House21 Other Continuing efforts22 New Ideas to Strengthen Sustaina-bility
Home Sustainability AssessmentCourse
Ocean Power24 Conclusion25 Works Cited26 Annotated Bibliography
Executive Summary
USF’s Sustainability Initiative begun in January of 2007 in efforts to address howto ―green‖ the university and to initiate manifold sustainability movement on the
USF campus. The University of South Florida created an Office of Sustainability,focusing on reducing waste, recycling and reusing materials. The University is em-ploying new efforts in finding new sources of clean energy, increasing energy effi-ciency, and diminishing life-cycle impacts and consumption of greenhouse gas pro-ducing materials. This is done through the development and implementation of programs, policies, and other courses of action. The integration of academics withthe concern for global sustainability on the USF campus has brought a need forthe Patel School of Global Sustainability. The school is one of the main centers of information for students, faculty, and staff for on-campus environmental activities.These initiatives by the University of South Florida have a great impact on the en-vironment and the community, via the Universities capacity in leading significantglobal movements.This white paper focuses on the going green and sustainability efforts of the Uni-versity of South Florida, Tampa. Although USF has made significant progress inthe areas of recycling, energy efficiency, campus and building design, is thisenough?We will begin our paper by providing various definitions of sustainability and byintroduction various sustainability programs. This will be followed by the Univer-
sity of South Florida’s basis for their involvement in this growing green movement,the university’s achievements, and their current efforts of building and campus
design, energy, and recycling.
Our paper will then focus on local and global sustainability, the University’s facul-
ty involvement, and interview answers from faculty. This will lead into the final
portion of the paper showing what the University’s plans are for their part in glob-
al sustainability and future ideas.

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