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Al Selden Leif - Pagan - Oils - List of Magickal Oils and How to Use Them

Al Selden Leif - Pagan - Oils - List of Magickal Oils and How to Use Them

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Published by LuschersUnderworld

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Published by: LuschersUnderworld on Sep 17, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The following is a list of magickal oils and how to use them magickally:
Acacia- Used as a holy oil, to anoint altars, incense burners & candlesAlmond- Said to attract money & good fortune when added to incenseAllspice- Rubbed on the feet & chest, this is to add strength to one's will power Ambergris- Very popular as a protection against evil & ill luck Ambrosia- said to turn a shy or timid lover into an aggresive tiger Angelica- A peace oil. Said to attract friends & popularityAnise- To increase clairvoyant abilitiesApple- Rub on the body to attract peace of mind ,contentment & happinessApricot- used by both sexes as a love oil to heighten passion & bind lovers together Aster- A quieting oil which soothes ruffled felings & calmes tensionsAvocado- According to legend, this will bring one happiness, wealth & long lifeAzalea- Wear to magnetize others to youBanana- To excite great passion in another Bay- If used on the body, it is said to purify the soulBayberry- Brings money to the pockets and blessings to the homeBenzoin- Add to any incense to heighten it's effectiveness & for cleansing & purifyingBergamot- wear on the palm of each hand to protect from all harmBlackberry- Apply to all seals, talismans, charms & candles for good luck Blue Bonnet- A gamblers favorite to bring luck Calamus- To get another to do your bidding, rub some on your palms & touch the personCamphor- Add to controlling incenses to bring quick power to themCarnation- Used for gambling luck Cedar- Anoint a Seal of Long Life to protect you from misery & misfortuneChamomile- Worn by the daring to incite sexual feelings & attract attentionCherry- Add to the bath to cause one to be cheerful & good humouredChocolate- An enticing oil designed to soften the hearts of foesChrysanthmum- To increase ones strengthCinnamon- Used for good luck, money-drawing, fast action & loveCitronella- Attracts friends to the home & customers to a place of businessCivit- Rub on the hands for protection & apply beneath the breasts as a love drawing perfumeClove- Acts as an aphrodisiac when applied to the base of the neck and on the thighsClover- Place on a lover or spouses pilllow to ensure faithfulnessCoconut- Anoint on a fast luck candle for luck in a hurryCoffee- Has healing properties whe added to the bath water Cucumber- Takes away rowdiness & unruliness when rubbed on anyone acting "ugly"Cypress- Brings calm & tranquility in stubborn cases. Used by parents of willful childrenDill- A crossing oil that is believed to cause great distress if rubbed on a personDogwood- Rub on the outside of doorknobs so that evil will not be able to enter Eucalyptus- Believed to be a strong healing oilEvergreen- Used by ladies to stimulate a man or by men as a nature-builder Frangipani- An attraction oil, can cause others to tell you their secretsFrankincense- A sacred oil for anointing objects & to bring many blessingsGardenia- A protective oil which will stop other from creating strife in your life
Geranium- Said to act as a hex breaker ,good when used with a "Blockbuster" candleGinger- Adds spice to one's relationship when applied behind the ears & kneesGrape- This oil is used for gaining popularity & for money drawingHeather- Anoint your purse or wallet with this daily so you will never be without moneyHeliotrope- Protects you from physical harm & at the same time,attracts wealthHemlock- Used to arouse jealousy between peopleHibiscus- Anoint the temples to draw wisdom & better concentrationHollyberry- For women who wish to be treated royally by their loversHoney- Is recognized as having seductive ,enticing qualitiesHoneysuckle- Anoint on the temples before a test to help you passHyacinth- Attracts love & luck when used in the bath water dailyHyssop- A holy oil, dress all candles with this before you use them & add to bath water Iris-Reputed to make the wearer very attractive ,good oil to use when going dancingJasmine- A powerful love oil, used to bind someone to youJuniper- Worn to aquire wishes, honors & gloryLavendar- To promote peace in the home, add to mop water & to stop gossipLeather- Worn to draw friendship & helps to heal the sick when applied & Psalm 146readLemon- Used by healers to in aid in calling the spirits, also for protection of the homeLemongrass- Said to be very soothing & quieting to the nervesLilac- Anoint the back of the neck to improve the memory & draw health & long lifeLily- A quieting agent, used on the forehead of someone who is emotionally upsetLime- Add 3 drops to controlling incense & burn once a week to keep your mate faithful& loyalLotus- Worn by women to make a man lose with his moneyMagnolia- Recommended as an aid in psychic development when applied to the headMelon- Arouses passions, adds strength, energy & virility in menMimosa- said to bring dreams & coming events to you when used on the body prior tosleepMistletoe- For attracting customers, developing business when used in in your place of  businessMorning Glory- Used to protect you when traveling & in the home when sprinklesMusk- A love oil whose scent is used to arouse ones passion & heighten sexual pleasureMyrrh- A powerful guard against any evil directed toward oneMyrtle- Attract love, Money & good fortune Narcissus- Used for peaceful sleep and to ward off nightmares when dabbed on your  pillow Nutmeg-Used for removing a jinx from someone, add to bathwater. Also used for luck drawingOrange- a highly magnetic oil used to bring on a proposal of marriageOrchid- Aids memory, helps one to focus their thoughts on the job or problem at handsOrris- One of the most potent of love oils. Is thought to work where all others have failedPapaya- Promotes the good things in life, comfort, good health & friendship etc..Passion Flower- Used for tranquility & peace of mind, soothes the nervesPatchouli- Regarded as an aphrodisiac with magickal powersPeach- Apply to yourself or sprinkle in the home to bring quiet and tranquility to your life

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