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RRI Summer Newsletter 2011

RRI Summer Newsletter 2011

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Published by Terence Ooi
RRI Summer Newsletter 2011
RRI Summer Newsletter 2011

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Published by: Terence Ooi on Aug 05, 2011
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Volume 7, Issue 3
ooking around the room at the smiling aces and hearing thelaughter echoing rom dierent parts o the building, one couldn’thelp but be reminded o a amily reunion. This was the atmosphereo the rst Advanced National Training Camp (ANTC) in Siberia andFar Eastern Russia held April 28–May 1, 2011. It was evident that eachperson belonged and was accepted by everyone else—good-naturedteasing and play mingled with hard work and problem solving. Withthe evident spirit o mutual love and respect, it was hard to believe thatthese 18 commanders came rom 11 separate outposts in nine dierentregions spread out over ve time zones.A team rom the United States, led by Tom Frith (North Carolina District), helpedus conduct this rst ANTC. We not onlyexperienced the camp, but were trainedto sta the next one ourselves.It seemed that Satan tried everything to stop this camp rom takingplace. A United States team member was bitten by a brown reclusespider a couple o weeks beore the trip, and a second team memberhad to be hospitalized or most o the camp due to a bad staph inectionin his leg. On top o that, two eet o snow ell during the rst night o camp and throughout most o the second day, breaking power linesand making outdoorclasses next toimpossible. But dueto great teamwork,we were able togenerate our ownpower, keep theboiler stoked or warmth, and adapt to the teaching conditions. To tell the truth, we never missed a beat, and everyone returnedhome ull o joy and excitement about what the uture holds!
First Advanced National TrainingCamp in Siberia and Far East Russia
by Kirk and Karla Ford, Eurasia Royal Rangers Missionaries
For a video of the camp, either paste or type the following link into your browser:
by Commander Reuben Ponniah
“What an amazing camp it’s been!”
Many o us will look back at the our days spent together in the third Royal RangersMalaysia Central District Powwow with ond memories, and we’llremember the good times in the coming years. The last Powwowwas almost ve years ago, so this camp was much anticipated,and many rangers were thrilled at the prospect o experiencingthe traditions, uniqueness, and lie-changing experiences thePowwow was guaranteed to oer.With a total o 350 rangers, leaders, and visitors, the scene wasset or a antastic camp in the Malaysian summer. We chose thesame campground that hosted one o our previous Powwows—open elds, lush green orests, cooling streams, and blue skiesgreeted the rangers as they arrived by the busloads.
Fancy pitching your tent in the rain?
Well, that was exact-ly what happened on a very wet rst day. The rain was a pleas-ant welcome, and it certainly helped cool the surroundings andmade tent pitching a little bit more un and challenging.Even as nightdescended uponus, the campsiteturned into a madhatter’s party, withrangers paradingtheir most uniqueand creative head-gear or the Powwow Council Fire. Hats o to the rangers ormaking it a un-lled night by parading their colorul and quirkyheadgear! Throughout the day various challenges and games were orga-nized or both group and individual competitions. The our maingroups in the camp (Red Axe, Yellow Spear, White Shield, and BlueSword) certainly did their part to add color and competition withvictory chants and songs, parading o colors and armory, battlemoments, display o machismo, and bruising encounters. In theend, the war was won by White Shield. To quote the words o theirleader,
“Defense is the best form of attack!”
During the aternoons campers had opportunities toparticipate in individual physical challenges, traditionalgames and crats, bamboo rating (and mud walking i you elloverboard), fying ox, surng, and learning the tricks o the tradeat the Frontiersman Camping Fellowship (FCF) trading post!For speed lovers and tree-dwellers, there was even a wheelbarrowrace and rope-climbing challenge! Speaking o memorablemoments, who could orget the Love Your Banana game and thePowwow Court o Justice!Amidst the various activities the outdoor night rallies remainthe highlight o the camp, and or many, it was a special experi-ence. Surrounded by nature, insects buzzing and the moon andstars glowing above, the silence o the night was broken by thesound o rangers o all ages worshipping and praising God in uni-son, in awe o His creation and power. Our camp speakers—Rev.Davidson, Pastor Mike Kuna, and Commander Terence—deliveredGod’s Word with conviction and power to the various age groups.We thank the Lord or the 24 people who accepted Jesus Christ astheir personal Savior and or the many rangers who rededicatedtheir lives back to God. The theme o the camp, Invictus, echoedthroughout the night rallies.
Our challenge as Christians afterthe camp is to live as overcomers—victorious, undefeatable,and unconquerable in today’s modern society.
Being part o the Powwow camp committee has been such ablessed and rewarding experience—giving rangers the opportu-nities to express themselves through outdoor activities and skills,learn about teamwork, allow God to touch their lives, and mostimportantly, to move orward together as one in Royal Rangersministry.Keep a lookout or the ‘BIG CAMP’ happening next year—
Camporama 2012!
We hope to see you there! God bless.
2011 Royal Rangers International Council Meeting
he eighth annual Royal Rangers International (RRI) Council meeting convened April 26–28,2011, at Camp Eagle Rock, Missouri. For the rst time since 2007, all ve RRI regionsand the United States were represented by delegates. The RRI director and the regionalcoordinators each presented reports on the growth and state o the Royal Ranger ministry in theirrespective parts o the world, refecting another year o substantial expansion into new territories.The council members reviewed the progress o translation projects, discussed methods ordeveloping and enhancing leadership, and explored possible revisions to the global curriculum.Special consideration was given to the plans or the Royal Rangers tieth anniversary celebrationin 2012 and the RRI Global Leaders Encounter in Springeld, Missouri, which will host RoyalRanger leaders and church leaders rom every part o the world. The council members also touredthe acilities o Evangel University, where this global gathering will take place. The next RRI Councilis scheduled or April 2012.
 Delegates from Ghana, Togo, Nigeria, Kenya, Malawi, South Africa, Finland and USA assembled for Africa Summit III near  Accra, Ghana, May 10 – 12, 2011.
 Rev Gibbons prays for Africa regional leaders. A Ghanaian Royal Rangers drum and drill team performedduring the 2011 Africa Summit.
Observations from the Africa Summit 
by David Jenkins

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