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Troy Davis-World Support

Troy Davis-World Support

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Published by Zenitha Prince

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Published by: Zenitha Prince on Aug 17, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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May 16, 2009 - May 22, 2009, The Washington Afro-American
By Dorothy Rowley
 AFRO Staf Writer 
The tug of war between the District of Columbia City
Council --more specically Council Chairman, VincentGray, -- and public schools Chancellor Michelle Rheeseems to have no end.According to Rhee, 350 teachers stand to lose their jobsnext fall and she blames the situation on the Council, whichshe claims cut millions of needed revenue from her 2010budget.Meanwhile, publishedreports have stated that theiron-willed schools chief expects some 3,000 additionalstudents to enroll in District of Columbia Public Schools(DCPS) next year and that she has yet to prove to Gray thather projection can be etched in stone.Rhee was not immediately available for comment butaccording to DCPS spokeswoman Jennifer Calloway, thesystem has not projected an increase in enrollment but
notes that it is the charter sector that is claiming an increase
of 2,700 students over their October audited enrollment.Calloway said that instead, our estimated enrollment45,054 which DCPS’s Fiscal Year 2010 budget is based on,is actually 2,129 less than the current number of students
MAY 23, 2009 - MAY 29, 2009
Volume 117 No. 41www.aro.com75 CENTS
Sharpton and Gingrich: Unholy Alliance 
Howard UniversityCommencement
Copyright © 2009 by the Aro-American Company
47105 21847
2 3
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    Y    o    u    r    H    i    s    t    o    r    y   •    Y    o    u    r    C    o    m    m    u    n    i    t    y   •    Y    o    u    r    N    e    w    s
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See the AFRO on Channel 9Thursdays at 9:30 a.m.
David Chance Returns with New Album
 A12 A3B3
By Zenitha Prince
Washington BureauChie 
WASHINGTON – The countdown
has begun for Troy
Davis—again.The Georgia deathrow inmate escapedexecution three times.But, since his 30-day
stay of execution
expired Saturday,
another appointment
with death may be fastapproaching.“I don’t knowof anybody who has gone throughthree execution dates,” said JaredFeuer, southern regional director of Amnesty International, USA, who isafliated with Davis’ case. “What Ithink is amazing is he talks about hiscase being bigger than him. He talksabout his faith, his purpose, that hiscase may be used to stop the death
penalty—that has been what has
kept him.”That faith is based on Davis’long-held contention that he is
innocent of the crime for which he
was convicted, theAugust 1989 murderof police ofcer MarkAllen MacPhail at
a Burger King in
Savannah, Ga.
The fact that no
weapon was foundand that seven of 
nine witnessesagainst Davis have
since recanted their
others also said one
of the remaining two
is actually the killer—supports Davis’ claim,supporters said.But the courts have refused tohear the inmate’s arguments for
granting habeas corpus—relief from
unlawful imprisonment—based onprocedural laws.The 1996 Antiterrorism andEffective Death Penalty Act—among other things—limits federal judges
relief if,
By Dorothy Rowley
 AFRO Staf Writer 
Ward 6 business owner WarrenEasley is not opposed to clearing theAnacostia River of environmentalthreatening debris, but he has a problemwith the ve cents bag tax currentlyunder consideration by the District of 
Columbia City Council which will help
raise revenue for the cleanup.As far as Easley is concerned, withthings already tight due to the weakenedeconomy, it’s unfair to impose anothertax on citizens. “I own a barbershopand beauty salon and my opposition is
having to charge customers for bags
when they buy [my] products,” Easleysaid. “I’m also concerned about the highpopulation of senior citizens in Ward 6and the impact the tax will have on theirxed income.”The issue, which surrounds theAnacostia River Cleanup and ProtectionAct (ARCPA) of 2009, has alreadybeen approved by two City Councilcommittees. Upon nal approval itwould require taxes on both plastic andpaper bags at grocery and conveniencestores as well as on street vending
businesses such as those that sell hot
foods.With one exception, Ward OneCouncilman Jim Graham, the measurein the past couple years has had 12Council co-sponsors. If approved,the tax fee would reportedly be splitbetween businesses and the District,both of which would use their share tofund the river cleanup.Graham said he’s refrained fromsupport because the bill tacks anunnecessary burden on the District’spoor residents. “I think it’s a worthything to do and once I review the bill inits nal version, I may vote for it,” saidGraham. But, “This requires two votesand the mayor has to sign it and then itleans toward Congress.”Graham said the Council could makeits nal decision by the rst week of June.Its passage would make the ARCPAone of the country’s toughest recyclinglaws while generating as much as $3.6million a year in revenue towards thecleanup and offer free reusable bagsto low income residents and seniorcitizens. In addition, the measurewould decrease the use of plastic bagsby about half during its rst year ineffect.An estimated 5 billion bags endup as windblown litter each year – and they often end up inlandscapes or waterways like
the Anacostia where they
eventually degrade the waterand soil as they break downinto tiny toxic bits, according
Rhee, City Council in Ongoing Tug of War
Projected Enrollment Numbers at Issue
Council Moves Closer toAdopting Bag Tax
Continued on A6 Continued on A6 
Around the World PeopleRally for Troy Davis
By Zenitha Prince
Washington Bureau Chie 
NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. – In a speech meant to rev upthe GOP into attack mode, Republican Party leader MichaelSteele served notice Tuesday that the party would confrontPresident Obama “head-on” despite his popularity.“The honeymoon is over. The two-party system is makinga comeback and that comeback starts today,” Steele declaredbefore a cheering gathering of Republican state leaders.The remarks came days after a Gallup poll showed a smallincrease in the president’s approval rating from 63 percent to66 percent. But those numbers matterlittle, Chairman Steele seemedto suggest. “The president ispersonally popular. Pity thefool who paid for a poll togure that out…. There’sonly one problem.He’s taking us inthe wrong directionand bankrupting ourcountry,” said Steele,who called the president’s
early months a “reign of 
error.”The RepublicanNational Committeechairman said there had beentoo much “handwringing” and areluctance to take on the “Obamaphenomenon” within hisparty. “We’ve seen
strategists writing
memos anddoing briengs
urging that
 Steele to Obama: ‘Honeymoon is Over’ 
Continued on A4
Alred Liggins, the presidento Radio One Inc., poses at thecorporate oces in Lanham,Md., in this 2004 photo. Black radio stations like Radio One areopposing a bill that would orceFM stations to pay artists to playtheir songs.
 AP Photo
 In a speech Tuesday, Republican NationalCommittee Chairman Michael Steele,seen here in this January 2009 fle photo,said he is seeing a GOP comeback andurged the party to attack PresidentObama more directly.
 AP Photo
By Sean Yoes
 AFRO Staf Writer 
Veteran Detroit Rep.John Conyers, (D-Mich.), isamending the controversialPerformance Rights Act (H.R.848) – which many arguewould cripple smaller radio
stations across the country
 – after a restorm of protestheated radio airwaves acrossthe nation.
“As everyone in this room
knows, the PerformanceRights Act is one of my toppriorities this Congress,”said Conyers during a recentJudiciary Committee hearing,which he chairs. “On onehand, I believe that the time
is ripe for establishing some
form of equity for recording
Conyers Moderates after ‘Performance Act
Continued on A4
Bolden tops Listto Head NASA 
Holden PledgesSupport for CivilRightsP.G. County Briefs
Continued on A6 
Courtesy Photo
Troy Davis’ stay o execution expiredSaturday.

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