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TECH621 Social Internet Syllabus Fall2011

TECH621 Social Internet Syllabus Fall2011

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Published by Mihaela Vorvoreanu

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Published by: Mihaela Vorvoreanu on Aug 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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TECH 621
Research Focus: The Social Internet
Fallpage 1 of 7
Course meets:
Thursday 6-8:50 pm, Knoy B019Professor:
Dr. Mihaela Vorvoreanu
 Office: Knoy 317Email: mihaela@purdue.eduOffice hours: WTh 3:00-4:00 pm; by appointment
Information about the course will be available on:
ourse blog: http://prprofmv.wordpress.com/
Emails from professorPlease make sure you monitor all three continuously throughout the semester!
Course description:
621 simulates an interdisciplinary think tank environment where students identifyresearch questions and examine the impact of social media and social networkingtechnologies on various aspects of society, business, culture, communication, webexperience, and interface design.The course integrates immersion in social media with consideration of severaltheoretical perspectives from diverse fields. Students complete an original researchproject customized to fit individual or team interests. The course encourages theoreticaland methodological diversity.
Course objectives:
Upon completing this course, students will be able to:1.
onduct independent research with and about social media on topics of theirown interest;2.
Recognize the defining principles of social media;3.
Recognize the changes effected by social media in some major aspects of cultureand society, as well as their own area of interest;4.
Identify major trends in social media research;5.
reate social media solutions and apply them to their own area of interest.
Course readings:
Readings will be posted on Blackboard (Bb) the week before each class.It is your responsibility to check Blackboard, do the readings, take notes, and beprepared to discuss the readings in class.
TECH 621
Research Focus: The Social Internet
Fallpage 2 of 7
If this course succeeds, it will be unlike any course you've ever taken. That is because wewill do our best to live & practice the principles of social media, which are quitedifferent than those of traditional education. For example:
Traditional Education Social Media
top-down distributedbehind (fire)walls opencompetitive collaborativeteacher = authority, "fountain" of knowledgeteacher = facilitator,guidestudents = passive students = activeI see my role as facilitating the learning and research process, as a guide, communityorganizer, and coach. I expect you to teach me and each other at least as much as I willteach you.We will try to make decisions together in this course. I urge you to take charge of yourmind, your learning, your future. Be involved.
ontribute. Express your opinion.Disagree with me. Do it nicely, politely, and constructively, but be active.
This course philosophy works if we all abide by the following principles:1.
We are honest with each other; we don't try to cheat, game, take advantage of others (students or teacher).2.
We are nice, constructive, polite, and professional.3.
We make an honest effort to learn, to create knowledge together, and to share itamong members of the class and beyond.There is one sure way of ruining the course experience for everybody else, and evenpossibly failing the course: violating principle 1 above.Dishonesty, under any form (plagiarism, lying about attendance, deadlines, etc.) will notbe tolerated. It will lead to being reported to the Dean of Students, failing theassignment, and possibly failing the course.We can deal with any problem, and we canhelp each other, as long as we are honest.
Please take some time to familiarize yourself with campus emergency procedures,available at:http://www.itap.purdue.edu/tlt/faculty/. 
TECH 621
Research Focus: The Social Internet
Fallpage 3 of 7If you havent done so already, please consider signing up for the campus text messageemergency notification system at:http://www.purdue.edu/securepurdue/. In the event of a major campus emergency, course requirements, deadlines and gradingpercentages are subject to changes that may be necessitated by a revised semestercalendar or other circumstances beyond the instructors control.
ere are ways to getinformation about changes in this course:
ourse blog:http://prprofmv.wordpress.com 
Email (Mihaela@purdue.edu)
Social Media Immersion
 To really get social media, you need to be engaged with it, not only read about it.Therefore, social media immersion is a key part of this course.Social media immersion means creating daily habits of social media use, and being anactive and engaged participant in social media. Similar to studying abroad, you dont getmuch out of the experience if you dont get out of your hotel room.
ere are my expectations for
social media immersion:
Reading blogs(10 points)
 Identify blogs that write about social media topics(social media blogs such as Mashable and Read/Write Web are a must) andfollow them regularly. Subscribe to them by email or RSS feed reader. Blogs willhelp you stay informed about the newest trends and ideas. Reading blogs is notenough: You need to document what you read and let me know about it, so youcan receive your points. There are two good ways to let me know youre activelyreading blogs: 1) Writing brief blog posts on your own blog about somethinginteresting you just read; 2) Tweeting links to interesting blog posts youve justread. For both options, make it clear W
Y you are recommending the link  whyis it interesting?
Commenting on blogs(5 points) 
omment on posts that you read.
omment onclass mates posts and the professors posts to start with, but comment also onother professional blogs you read. Make sure you archive your comments so Ican review them.
reate a page on your blog where you post links to eachcomment you made. Make sure to link to the permalink of the comment, or if that is not available, to the permalink of the post you commented on.

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