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Published by anhdinc

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Published by: anhdinc on Sep 11, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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F wking hadand tgth, stayingcittd and laningfast th succssful waysf cunity ganizing,ths tn Nw Yksw cntly clatd.Thy’ th 2011gaduating class f CNL’scunity ganizingappnticship pga.
Fatu: p 3Js p 5Gants: p 9
July 19, 2011Vol. XXXVI No. 15
CNL cont’d on p3
JULY 19, 2011 voLUme xxxvI, NUmber 15
The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has launched the EmergencyHomeowners’ Loan Program (EHLP) to assist homeowners who are at least 90 days lateon their mortgage, and unemployed or working fewer hours because of the economy or amedical condition with monthly mortgage payments up to $50,000.
Don’t miss this opportunity!
The deadline To apply is July 22, 2011.
Tm Rg ott Gt h wt yrMrtgg!
 You may beeligible forup to $50,000in mortgageassistance.
For more information about the Emergency Homeowners’ Loan Programfrom the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development:
Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation
(718) 647-8100
JULY 19, 2011 voLUme xxxvI, NUmber 15
on Wdnsday, July 6th, ANHD and NYICclatd Nhiah by, Lili Saln, JssicaNiza, vincnt mayga, rzina Adul, Lizrh, mithu maniuzzaan, Jssica Pinda,miia “Patti” Ts and Cala muziDani as th scnd “gaduating class” f th Cnt f Nighhd Ladship’scunity ganizing appnticship pga.Ths tn Nw Yks w acknwldgdand hnd f thi had wk (1700 husf appd wk quid f succssfulcpltin f th pga), f thi cllctiand indiidual psanc and f thi indiidual citnt t pgssi cunitychang thugh cunity ganizing and lcalladship dlpnt.Wking at tn ganizatins lcatd thughut
New York City, the apprentices made signicant
cntiutins t ganizing and adcacycapaigns within th Kan, Put rican,bangladshi, Dinican, Afican-Aicanand th cunitis n issus includingth stngthning and nwal f piing ntgulatins, gtting Nw Yk Stat t pt utf th fdal Scu Cunitis pga,pdaty quity, ank accuntaility, cunityland us and dlpnt, and affdalhusing. 
More specically, apprentices Vincente Mayorga,
rzina Adul, Liz C e. rh, Cala muziDani and mithu maniuzzaan wkd nth gund in cunitis in Quns duingth tn nth t which gan n Spt 1, 2011 and ndd n Jun 30th f this ya.Siilaly, Nhiah by, Lili Saln, JssicaNiza, Jssica Pinda and miia PaticiaTs cncntatd thi wk in cunitisin bklyn, th bn and manhattan. Snf th tn appntics w taind y thi ganizatins as FT ganizs.ANHD’s rcgnitin and Awad Cnyf th tn Appntics fllwd thacknwldgnt and clatin f thi accplishnts y Pulic Allis f Nw Yk,th Cnt’s patn n th appnticship,duing PA’s fal gaduatin n Jun 30th.In additin t th Cnt’s tn appntics, PAgaduatd an additinal 38 ging ladsand ganizs aking th 2011 gaduatingclass, PA’s lagst  h in NY as wll asnatinwid.en as th scnd cycl f th Cnt’scunity ganizing appnticship pgawindd dwn, th applicatin pcss f itsnt cycl d up and d fwad. onSpt 1, 2012, th nt gup f futucunity ganizs and lads will gin thi tn nth t.T lan  aut th Cnt f NighhdLadship and its cpnnt pgas isitCNL’s wsit (still und cnstuctin) at www.anhd.g/cnlnyc  ail CNL Dict Hct St at Hct.S@anhd.g .
cnl honors ten leaders

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